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  1. Downtown Vancouver celebrates the Canucks advancing to the NHL's Stanley Cup Final! This 48 Hour Traveller Trip Clip gives you a taste of the party on packed Granville Street after the Canucks defeated the San Jose Sharks! We want the Cup!

    Vancouver is the place to be over the next couple of weeks as they battle for the glory of winning the Stanley Cup! The last time Vancouver had a chance at the cup was 17 years ago against the New York Rangers and this year the fans are screaming – We Want the Cup! More about this post at:

  2. After a couple seasons of constant chatter about relocation and expansion/contraction, the real meat in this matter comes forth. Instead of debating the pros and cons about the support in a city and if it is big enough to hold onto the club long-term, the city of Seattle becomes a player.

    I've long thought the Emerald City should have another team that could participate for Lord Stanley's chalice. The only real hang-up is the lack of an arena. There are plans in place tenatively for a venue called te Emerald City Center which looks extravagant.

    The history is there and of course Vancouver fans would love the natural rivalry. See my complete thoughts on the matter here:

    The 15th largest urban market (23rd largest city) is in a vaccuum right now with a lack of the NBA and I've seen some proposals to include both the NBA and NHL in a new building. Not only that, but Bill Daly came out yesterday at the Western Conference Final Game #5 and stated that the NHL has been in contact with someone from Seattle.

    This is a good, solid turn for franchises in the NHL - and it is not even close to happening as of yet.

    Robin Keith Thompson / 25 May 2011

  3. A more aesthetically-pleasing (i.e. shots, shots, shots, shots, and goals, goals, goals goals) means some major updates to the Playoff Stats Pack compared to after the first round and the second round.

    Below are the updated numbers through the first three rounds of the playoffs. And of course, don't forget to read my Tale of the Tape Game Notes on the front page of on every game day and be sure to watch out for my Tale of the Tape Series Preview against either the Bruins or Lightning as soon as it becomes available.

    You can also find me on Twitter @daniel_fung or drop me a line at

    Canucks record when...

    Any defencemen scores: 7-3

    Without Mikael Samuelsson in lineup: 6-1

    Without Sami Salo in lineup: 3-1

    Without Cody Hodgson in lineup: 3-3

    Without Raffi Torres in lineup: 2-0

    Without Andrew Alberts in lineup: 10-5

    Without Keith Ballard in lineup: 5-4

    Without Aaron Rome in lineup: 5-2

    Without Tanner Glass in lineup: 1-1

    Without Victor Oreskovich in lineup: 3-2

    Without Christian Ehrhoff in lineup: 2-0

    When Chris Higgins scores: 4-0

    When Jannik Hansen scores: 2-0

    When Daniel Sedin scores: 4-2

    When Alex Edler scores: 2-0

    When Christian Ehrhoff scores: 2-0

    When Mikael Samuelsson scores: 1-0

    When Sami Salo scores: 1-1

    When Alex Burrows scores: 3-3

    When Kevin Bieksa scores: 3-2

    When Ryan Kesler scores: 4-1

    When Henrik Sedin scores: 2-0

    When Raffi Torres scores: 1-1

    When Mason Raymond scores: 1-0

    When Maxim Lapierre scores: 2-0

    When Aaron Rome scores: 1-0

    When Dan Hamhuis scores: 0-1

    Scores two-or-more power play goals: 3-2

    Surrender two-or-more power play goals: 2-3

    Don't allow a 1st period goal: 7-1 (Only loss Game 2 NSH)

    Don't allow a 2nd period goal: 7-2 (Losses in Game 2 NSH & Game 3 SJS)

    Don't allow a 3rd period goal: 5-1 (Only loss Game 5 CHI)

    Have a 2-goal lead at any point in game: 6-0

    Have a 3-goal lead at any point in game: 2-0

    Have a 4-or-more goal lead at any point in game: 2-0

    Score a goal in all three regulation periods: 3-0

    Allow a goal in all three regulation periods: 0-3

    Hold a third period lead: 11-2 (Losses in Game 6 CHI & Game 2 NSH)

    Surrender a shorthanded goal: 2-1

    Don't allow a power play goal: 7-3

    Score a shorthanded goal: 0-1

    When getting more PP chances than opponent: 3-1

    When getting fewer PP chances than opponent: 4-5

    When getting equal PP chances as opponent: 5-0

    Canucks list of third period goal scorers...

    Daniel Sedin, Kevin Bieksa, & Ryan Kesler: 3 each

    Chris Higgins, Henrik Sedin & Alex Burrows: 2 each

    Mikael Samuelsson, Aaron Rome, Mason Raymond and Dan Hamhuis: 1 each

    Canucks overall average...(bracketed number denotes average following Round 2)

    Shots on goal per game: 31.2 (31.5)

    Opponent shots on goal per game: 31.6 (29.2)

    Shot attempts blocked per game: 17.8 (17.2)

    Opponent shot attempts blocked per game: 14.5 (12.6)

    Missed shots per game: 12.4 (12)

    Opponent missed shots per game: 10.4 (9.8)

    Hits per game: 33.1 (33.5)

    Opponent hits per game: 28.6 (28.8)

    Giveaways per game: 7.2 (6.8)

    Opponent giveaways per game: 8.4 (7.9)

    Takeaways per game: 9.4 (9.5)

    Opponent takeaways per game: 8.2 (8.7)

    Blocked shots per game: 14.5 (12.6)

    Opponent blocked shots per game: 17.8 (17.2)

    Canucks average at home...(bracketed number denotes average following Round 2)

    Shots on goal per game: 34.1 (33)

    Opponent shots on goal per game: 32.1 (29.3)

    Shot attempts blocked per game: 19.6 (19.1)

    Opponent shot attempts blocked per game: 14.6 (13.4)

    Missed shots per game: 13.8 (12.7)

    Opponent missed shots per game: 10 (10)

    Hits per game: 37.2 (37.3)

    Opponent hits per game: 27.6 (25.4)

    Giveaways per game: 8.4 (8.6)

    Opponent giveaways per game: 5 (5.1)

    Takeaways per game: 12 (12.6)

    Opponent takeaways per game: 7.1 (7.1)

    Blocked shots per game: 14.6 (13.4)

    Opponent blocked shots per game: 19.6 (19.1)

    Canucks average on road...(bracketed number denotes average following Round 2)

    Shots on goal per game: 27.6 (29.7)

    Opponent shots on goal per game: 31 (29.2)

    Shot attempts blocked per game: 15.5 (14.8)

    Opponent shot attempts blocked per game: 14.4 (11.7)

    Missed shots per game: 10.8 (11.2)

    Opponent missed shots per game: 10.9 (9.5)

    Hits per game: 28 (29.2)

    Opponent hits per game: 29.8 (32.7)

    Giveaways per game: 5.8 (4.7)

    Opponent giveaways per game: 12.6 (11.2)

    Takeaways per game: 6.1 (5.8)

    Opponent takeaways per game: 9.6 (10.5)

    Blocked shots per game: 14.4 (11.7)

    Opponent blocked shots per game: 15.5 (14.8)


    Canucks Most - One Period

    Goals: 4 - Game 2 SJS (3rd)

    Goals Allowed: 4 - Game 4 CHI (2nd)

    Shots: 16 - twice (Game 1 NSH 1st; Game 3 NSH 3rd)

    Shots Allowed: 17 - Game 4 SJS (3rd)

    Canucks Fewest - One Period

    Shots: 2 - Game 6 NSH (2nd)

    Shots Allowed: 3 - Game 6 CHI (3rd)

    Canucks Most - One Game

    Goals: 7 - Game 2 SJS

    Goals Allowed: 7 - Game 4 CHI

    Shots: 47 - Game 3 NSH

    Shots Allowed: 56 - Game 5 SJS

    Penalty Mins.: 61 - Game 4 CHI

    Penalty Mins, Opp.: 53 - Game 2 SJS

    Canucks Fewest - One Game

    Goals: 0 - Game 5 CHI

    Goals Allowed: 0 - twice

    Shots: 13 - Game 4 SJS

    Shots Allowed: 20 - Game 1 NSH

    Penalty Mins.: 4 (three times) - Game 2 CHI, Game 7 CHI & Game 1 SJS

    Penalty Mins, Opp.: 2 (twice) - Game 2 NSH & Game 5 SJS

    Canucks Largest - One Game

    Margin of victory: 4 - Game 2 SJS

    Margin of defeat: 5 (twice) - Game 4 CHI & Game 5 CHI

    Individual Most - One Game

    Goals: 2 (six times) - Daniel Sedin (Game 2 CHI), Alex Burrows (Game 7 CHI), Ryan Kesler (Game 3 NSH), Ryan Kesler (Game 5 NSH), Daniel Sedin (Game 2 SJS), Sami Salo (Game 4 SJS)

    Goals Allowed: 2 (seven times) - Ben Smith (Game 2 CHI), Patrick Sharp (Game 4 CHI), Duncan Keith (Game 5 CHI), Marian Hossa (Game 5 CHI), David Legwand (Game 5 NSH), Joel Ward (Game 5 NSH), Patrick Marleau (Game 3 SJS)

    Assists: 4 - Henrik Sedin (Game 4 SJS)

    Assists Allowed: 3 (twice) - Dave Bolland (Game 4 CHI), Joe Thornton (Game 3 SJS)

    Points: 4 - Henrik Sedin (Game 4 SJS)

    Points Allowed: 4 (twice) - Dave Bolland (Game 4 CHI), Duncan Keith (Game 5 CHI)

    Saves: 54 - Roberto Luongo (Game 5 SJS)

    Saves, Opponent: 44 - Pekka Rinne (Game 3 NSH)

  4. Here is a little video we made in honour of autism awareness, Canucks Autism Network, and the Vancouver canucks. Go Canucks Go!

  5. Wet Coast Sports
    Latest Entry

    torres-hitx-large1.jpgThe Vancouver Canucks’ success in achieving their first 3rd round appearance of the Stanley Cup Playoffs since 1994 is largely due to Ryan Kesler’s “Superman” impersonation – and lesser contributions from the usual cast of characters the like of Higgins – Ehrhoff – and Luongo.

    Ryan Kesler rkesler17nash-300x179.jpg will be receiving the attention of the best of the San Jose’s defence pairings Boyle and Murray. Boyle leads all NHL defensemen with 11 points in the playoffs and Murray leads everyone with 51 hits and is third with 34 blocked shots.

    The team’s ability to show the stuff they are made of and reach the limited dance card for the Finals will be largely dependent upon how much the bit parts are played by the third and fourth lines … and the third pairing of their defence.

    I am not suggesting the San Jose defence will eliminate RK17′s effectiveness – just potentially limit it.

    The impact that Henrik and Daniel have on the series is a pivotal area of course – but so can be said for that of Joe Thornton; Patrick Marleau and Devin Setoguchi … and it is sensible to believe over the series there will be some balance between the two lines.

    Where the real swing of advantage will occur in this last stepping stone before the Stanley Cup Finals, will happen in the total of third and fourth line contributions. Can Raffi Torres cause turnovers? Can Maxim Lappiere continue to play solid defence and win face-offs? In the absence of Michael Samuelsson – will Jeff Tambellini be able to generate any offence?

    Conversely, will the sub-par performance of Joe Pavelski to-date continue? His stats over the past 13 games played of 5 goals and 2 assists with a plus 7 rating are not horrid … but warrant his current assignment to a third line spot.jimmy-howard-red-wings-joe-pavelski-sharks-300x240.jpg

    There will be several areas to watch in the deciding on the winner of the Western Conference. The less obvious play of the bit players will be a large factor in the winner’s formula.

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    Derek Boogaard, the Canadian born from Saskatoon, professional Hockeyplayer, 28 year old, well known as the "Boogeyman", considered the second most intimidating player in NHL, died on May13. 2011. The reason of his death is not yet known. He had been apparantly suffering from concussion-like symptoms.

    Derek was found dead in his apartment in Minneapolis by a family memberjust a week before his 29th birthday.

    Boogaard, played the tough guy role on the ice, and he was also called "The mountie". He was involved in many fights during his career. The enforcer, who was always standing up for his team mates with his fists and dirty hits, will not be remember as such. Boogaard had a soft side and he was involve in an extensive charity work as NHL player. He will be missed as a kind and good hearted person.

    The Vancouver Sun release the information that Derek Boogaard ashes will be laid to rest Saturday in Regina Saskatewan. Funeral services will be held at the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Depot.

    June23, 1982 – May 13, 2011 sad.gif

    Placeof birth: Saskatoon, Sask., Canada

    Myprayers go out to Boogard's family, and friends during this very difficult time.

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    Anyone traveling to the HP Pavilion Center for the Nucks? Let's get there early and get fired up while wreaking havoc on the Sharks faithful.

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    Recent Entries Kesler - MoonUnit72

    Made for Mr. Kesler, and all Canuck Fans.

    May you find yet another way to help bring us the Stanley Cup!

    Go Canucks Go!


  6. Thanks for the memories of fast, exciting professional hockey, road trips, monthly meetings, silent auctions, working the tables, Santa Claus parades and after game skates. These are just a few of the things that will make VSKBC members smile when they reflect upon them. This time last season we were very involved with our 24 Relay Team, Marty's Angelz, busy with fundraising activities. Then as summer turned to fall, we eagerly anticipated the start of training camp. At a Sunday after noon’s post game skate (after the UBC exhibition game),we were once again tasked to get hands stamped and ECHL waivers signed. In January, after an afternoon game against Las Vegas, we used the lessons learned from the fall skate to get things done smoother. The ever popular Marty's Fish Pond was manned by VSKBC members during the season ticket holders pickup party. At this event, executive members placed welcome baskets in the team’s dressing room. A small group of us made the annual road trip to Boise, where we would see the Salmon Kings open their season in Idaho. At a game day skate we were invited to watch, many of the players asked us how the drive down was, and thanked us for making the trip. Later in the season, small groups made a flight to Las Vegas and a long winter's drive to Stockton. One nice thing about Boise has been meeting our counterparts in the Idaho Steelheads Booster Club, they are like family, a very hospitable group. On these road trips, having someone with excellent map reading skills is invaluable and our Vice President Pam showed us her prowess in this area. Back home, the team organized a meet and greet with the players at the Canoe Club, where many got autographs and had some interesting conversations with the players. Each game night, two tables would be manned, one on the concourse where the big eye catching Goals That Give rink board was located, and another table near the club seat lounge. The table would display autographed pucks for sale, the tally of the Goals That Give, be the sites for silent auctions, host a kids colouring area, and display interesting information related to the VSKBC. These table shifts were excellent if you liked people watching, and it was fascinating to see the variety of jerseys and hats worn by fans. The past few years, the Booster Club has represented the Salmon Kings organization at the annual Santa Claus Parade. We would have a hockey themed decorated truck, and a few of us would walk alongside the truck; in 2010 without a schedule conflict, the mascot Marty the Marmot joined us. Each Christmas, a silent auction of player made crafts took place. The opportunity to watch this while handing out paints and cleaning brushes was interesting. This Christmas, our 24 Hr Relay Team lost our honourary camper, booster club member, and devoted Salmon Kings fan Keely. Keely you are missed. A silent auction was held near season's end in March when the VSKBC is reinforced by friends and family as the 24 Hour Relay team, Marty's Angelz begins its annual fundraising drive. Our silent auction experience came in handy when we helped to close the one held in late summer at the Royal Victoria Yacht Club to aid the 24 Hour Relay. Being a VSKBC member meant opportunities to meet players at special events, and two of these took place this past season. Firstly an "appy's night" was held at Montana's Cookhouse. Each Salmon King player and VSKBC member was given a bingo sheet where the squares contained questions that you would find answered by asking questions of other members or players. This was a good ice breaker and nicely facilitated conversation. Early in March, a pizza day was held on a Sunday afternoon in the Salmon Kings gym/locker room at SOFMC. Small teams made up of members and players took part in a fun scavenger hunt. A very memorable moment was when the VSKBC president, Jen asked the players and members present to tell us their name, where they were from and a little about themselves. You could tell that all present liked this with all the smiles that shone in the room. As the season carried on into a historic third round playoff series, the VSKBC was ever present, manning the two tables, helping the game staff when asked, and cheering the Victoria Salmon Kings right to the end. Yes, thanks for the memories of Jen's leadership, Pam's smiling calmness, the scheduling wizardry of Louise, Cayla's bears, Linda's laughter, Sean’s sense of humour, Marlisa's hard work behind the scenes, Hunter's dancing, Lori helping with shifts, and all the efforts of all whose collective efforts made the Victoria Salmon Kings Booster Club such a special group. As in life, as one door closes, another often opens; thus our 24 Hour Relay Team, Marty's Anglez will keep many of us busy throughout the year. In closing a chapter of the VSKBC's part in Victoria sports history, let all remember the hard work, camaraderie, and fun that we had. In closing, always remember that truly Victory Goes To The Brave.

    President Note- Thank you to Keith who has done a fantastic job of writing our blog for the past season. Thanks Keith.

  7. Link To Article:

    The first round finale created a long awaited smile in this heated rivarly against the Blackhawks. It was strictly business and we were fortunate enough to witness a game that will be illustrated as one of the highlights of the 2011 season. All of the talk about the Canucks delivering, they almost failed to do so, but that’s what made it very entertaining. In all that misery, out of it was an iconic game. From the high of achieving a 3-0 lead, having Chi come back and being on the cliff of disaster made it one to remember. For those in the younger generation tired of constantly hearing about the vintage Canucks who had their 1994 run, this is your moment that you will share 20 years from now.

    In terms of greatest goals ever scored, the Burrows goal is in the same category as the Bure’s in 1994. Burrows just as easily could have been the one to blame in game seven as he was extremely involved. From scoring the opening goal to taking a bad penalty in overtime, the long-time Canuck fan almost felt that it was a disaster bound to happen. 40 years of misery and only to the Canucks that a game of this magnitude would result in a heartbreaking loss in our own building.

    But fans were able to wake up during a nightmare; for many, Burrows accomplished the unthinkable, allowing the province to exhale a sigh of relief burying the rolling puck top corner. Heading into overtime, understandably any Canuck fan would have believed this was just another chapter in the misery that has been the history of the current hockey club. But wait, they won, they came out on top, they defeated the arch nemeses, Shorthouse passionately emphasized, “they slayed the dragon.”

    As we move forward, we have to forget about the ROUND ONE victory and move on to the Preds. After the first two games, does one have to buy a carton of milk from the market to find a picture of the Sedins because they have gone missing…

    They have to go out there and prove why they are such praised assets in Vancouver. Burrows and the Sedins have to make a U-turn to the regular season and pick up whatever medicine they forgot to remedy their current sickness. The Preds are strong defensively but the Sedins have had this cup of tea before. It comes from everywhere; more shots that hit the net from the point could result in an easy tap in for the Sedins.

    The approaches that work during the regular season are thrown out the window during the playoffs. However, watching the Sedins for multiple years, they can adapt to the opposing defensive structure, but how patient can one be? Maybe it’s the fact that their playing the same team night after night, the Preds are able to formulate multiple ways to shut down the twins because they see them every game during the course of the series. Coach V may have to throw the green men on the ice to get under the Preds skin, whatever works; we need our core players to step up.

    All the focus through two games has been on the goaltenders, rightfully so. Coach V is playing that line juggling card again that seems to confuse the opposition. You could label it panic, or simply label it planning. I’m expecting the Canucks to show resilience and perform the way we are accustomed to. The Preds are no joke and it is no time to panic, but any Canuck fan has the right to let out a little steam before puck drop.

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    Recently Trevor Linden was on Team 1040 and had some helpful and I think carefully thought out observations about the Canucks in series one. The show was aired just prior to game 6 of the Hawks/Canucks series. He had a calming influence on a lot of listeners, but several posters dismissed him out of hand saying things like."Who is Trevor Linden to say this stuff, why are we listening to what he has to say?" "What relevance does he have to this current squad?" and " What right does he have to say what he says, how many playoff rings is he wearing?' "Does he have some magical powers or something?"

    It suddenly occurred to me that there are Canuck supporters on the forums, that were not old enough to remember Trevor back in his hay days, or our magical run to the cup in 1994.

    So, this is my response to that:

    Trevor is a classy guy and he was a first rate leader. I remember 1994 very fondly. That rag tag squad of over-achievers were never expected to make the playoffs that year, let alone take it to game seven in the final round against the mighty New York Rangers.

    They were not nearly as skillful as our present day team, but they had a ton of character, desire, and an uncanny ability to raise there A game, and play far above their station.

    Anyway, Trevor Linden practically carried that team on his back. We called him Captain clutch back then, because he always came through at the crucial moment. He was a terrific two-way player with a scoring touch and an aura of humility and decency about him that endears him to everyone around him.

    He lead by stellar example, but I am certain, based on this( team 1040) feature, and what i've seen, of him, over the years, that he lead equally well through inspiration and the imparting of sage and timely advise.

    He was never just an average Joe hockey player, he's a hard worker and a student of the game, who never stopped striving to improve himself and his teammates. He was, and I think, still is the one true "Captain Canuck".

    Oh and no, those '94 Canucks didn't bring home the cup, but following in the example of their intrepid leader, Trevor Linden, they have inspired all future generations to reach for the highest pinnacle, and they brought us closer than we'd ever been before or since,

    Until now that is.................


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    Wow, blackhawks have so many bangwagoner fans!!, I went on their site to post a couple of comments on how we are an amazing team and we did win!!.. (i mean come on, if they won they would of never let us hear the end of it, so i had to show them, whos boss) and some sour blackhawks fan reports me as spammer, cuz i wrote: CANUCKS RULES!! GO CANUCKS GO!! WE WON WE WON!! AHHAHAHA!!

    sorry im such an enthusiastic fan and wanted to share my spirits around =D

    i mean they won the cup last year, so why is it such a huge deal to them that they lost round 1 to us?!

    i mean it means more to us is so many ways and levels , winning that game 7,

    And it was not a lucky goal, it was a GOOD goal.

    And they are calling us, canucks fan, angry drunk heads..

    wow like, whos the one going around fingering the manager?! (them) geez, we, vancouver-eens, are to nice and friendly to be bangwagoners!!

    if i see a blackhawks fan on the streets, i swear to god ill show them a thing or two not to mess with us, we may be nice but we will not be taken granted for!!


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    Its Our Time

    Its our time to win this, Go Canucks

    Were gonna out play them to get to the cup

    Ryan Kesler our penalty killer,

    Bieska and Hamhuis that lines a winner

    The Sedins they score with flare and grace

    Torres and Glass dont give them any space

    Luongo in goal keeps our game alive

    Burrows and Higgins put the nail to the grind

    Edler and Ehrhoff always ready for the play

    Hansen and Raymond steal the puck away

    Oreskovich and Glass bring the game to the line

    Rome and Ballard keep them from scoring in time

    La Pierre and Samuelsson shut em out in Power Play

    Salo and Schneider give their all if needed that day

    He shoots he scores the announcer will say

    We win this game and fight a new day

    We love you Canucks you've done so well plus more

    We all proud to cheer "this is what we live for"

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    Dear Canucks - thank you for winning todays game which will start in two hours.

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    Canucks will stand up and fight for what is rightfully there's know matter what the calling may be.may the Canucks god be with you all.....................................♥♥♥♥.Best of luck my team♥♥♥♥

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    It's game seven today, and as everybody anxiously anticipates puck drop, we found this great video by DeltaCanuckianGaming on Youtube to get you seriously pumped up.

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    In every game the Canucks play, I'm sure they play their hearts out and remember that someone, up there, will guide and help them all the way.

    Here's another string of edits made by me and my friend (smilingfromtheclouds).

    Text are lyrics from the song Someone's Watching Over Me by Hilary Duff.

    Photos are not mine though.

    I hope you like them! :D

    P.S. The lyrics are perfect for some players, despite the weird combination of hockey and an emo song, check out burr's and luc's most especially.
















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    Dave Bolland (a PLUS 5) has exploited the fact that the Sedin Twins (a MUNIS 11) can't/won't play defense. Bolland has turned this series around and has exposed the Canucks for being the paper tiger that they are. Where are you Sedin twins???? Can't you handle a little pressure? Now on top of this, can someone please get Lou to a shrink to figure out his multiple personalities? What the heck was he doing in the locker room, and not supporting his team on the bench??

    And finally, if Torres is so tough, why does he run away from John Scott?

    I'm just saying....EH?

  8. In March-April1981, before I was graduating my Swedish Forest Engineer education, my class had to make a14 days long international forestry study trip. Part of may class decide to visit Canada. Landed ed in Calgary, the 27th of March, day before my birthday, next 5 days with bus through Banff, north to Hinton and Edmonton. Thursday night the 2nd of April, we ended in Vancouver BC. Friday night the 3rd of April, we all went to see the Vancouver Canucks play the regular final home game against the local rival Edmonton Oilers. Wayne Gretzky was making his 2nd season for Oilers, and Thomas Gradin and Lars Lindgren was Swedes playing in the Canucks. Oilers won that game comfortably with 7-2.

    Our forestry studies was on hold over that weekend, and on Sunday, we all rented a couple of cars, to make a short day trip into mainland USA. We ended up in Bellingham WA, and for an hour or so we ate a lunch at a Mexican fast food place, Taco Bell or maybe it was Del Taco, I can't recall that name now....Bellingham WA was my very first experience of an US city.

    Monday Morning we entered the Ferry from Tsawwassen to Nanaimo Vancouver Island. After spending the day in Victoria at the University, we met our hosts for a 5 day school bus journey around the south part of the island. At night we left Victoria, it was getting dark, and when going through the Sooke area, I could see some lights across the sound, and I was in awe about that fact I could see the United States across the water. From the travel map, I learned that the lights was from the city of Port Angeles WA.

    After Bellingham WA, Port Angeles WA was my second city experience of USA. Honolulu was next weekend to become my 3 US city experience.

    After "divorcing" my ex 1999, I by a coincident online, I met my current wife Tess. When I started dating her online, I learned she was born in Bellingham WA, and raised in Port Angeles WA.

    So far this would be enough to make an amazing story, but there is more to come.

  9. Uploaded by request. Thanks for watching. Please leave helpful comments and anything that you would like to see better. Msg me at anytime on here or on twitter: @canuckconnected and I'll be happy to make a video to any player or song. Thanks Again

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    Okay, so here I sit....Monday AM, and completely giddy out of my mind, knowing the our beloved Canucks are up 3-0 against the Hawks. It is so frusturating for me being a true Nucklehead south of the border. Hard to share the excitement that many of you are talking about over the water cooler today.........I can't help but to think of some of your "workday" discussions up there..... But, here I sit, a wife who dosen't like or love the game (and the sad thing is she is Canuck by birth), a son....who tolerates it....but who lives eats and dies football, hoop, and baseball.....and 2 daughters...1 who golfs (loves it when the Nucks get bumped, so I then can hit the links) and 1 who is a track star......So as you can see, nobody even here to share the joy that I feel.....Worse even, I get to work and nobody cares or the typical "that's not a real sport" answer from the "guys." So here I sit dejected and ALONE, so I turn to the boards and I thought I would write about this run to the Stanley Cup from an everyday Americans point of view. I am going to do my best to keep up everyday, but please forgive if I don't. So to all of you diehards out there......I am not a bandwagon fan, I am a diehard, ever since the run in '82.....I LOVE CANUCK HOCKEY! and I do BELIEVE...that WE ARE ALL CANUCKS, EVEN IF THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE DOSEN'T STATE THAT I AM!!!!!! Hoping to have my daughter wait a little longer than normal before we hit the links this year!!!!

    An American Canuck!!!!!

  10. The staff here at Weekend Predictions have been itching to pick some games ever since the bowl season ended in college football. But I'm sure Western Canada isn't in the mood to read updates on how spring practices are going, nor do they care about the spread in Saturday's G-Day Game (Red Team wins, but take Black Team and the points. At least the practices are outnumbering the arrests this spring....way to go, Richt!) And since the NFL seems hell-bent on not playing games this fall, we need to pass the time somehow. The local hockey team has checked out, and the NBA's Hawks look to be joining them shortly (Take the Magic to finish off the flight-less Hawks in 5 games.)

    The last playoff game played saw the oddest victory celebration in Stanley Cup history: One player celebrating, 40 other team personnel unsure what was going on, 18,000+ orange-clad fans Philadelphia fans silented (a historical first), and a referee wearing a headset. Shortly after the Cup parade, Chicago sent half their roster to the rest of the NHL, cementing the NHL's new campaign slogan: If you can't beat them, wait until their cap capacity forces them to dismantle!

    There's one team the Canucks wanted to face, and there's one team the Canucks want no part of. They just happen to wear the same sweaters. For Vancouver, this series will be more mental than it will be physical. Chicago's got their number....they've eliminated the Canucks the last two seasons, and split the season series this year. So hard to get a read on this's one that Vancouver probably should win easily, but likely will give them all sorts of trouble. (And, for what it's worth, the Blackhawks were 3rd-best in goal differential, which suggests that they had some puck un-luck during the year.) Chicago won't be overwelmed like the Kings were last year. This is no ordinary 8th-seeded team. And if the Canucks fall behind in the series, the ghosts of the past two postseasons will only haunt them more.

    Be very nervous, Vancouver. All the pressure's on the Canucks. They'll get through, but only by the skin of their teeth. Canucks win in seven.

    Sharks vs. Kings: This would be such a fun series to watch if Los Angeles were at full power. Justin Williams is out, but he's always injured. Losing Kopitar is huge, because this was their chance to earn a top seed for the playoffs. Instead, they play a San Jose team that's been the hottest team since Valentine's Day, at least in terms of games played through regulation. (The Sharks are my pick to win the Cup, by the way.) Sharks cruise in five.

    Red Wings vs. Jets Coyotes: Funny how the team with revenue problems got to draw one of the teams that has a big travelling fanbase again. Haven't seen too many Coyotes games, but they don't seem to be as god as they were last year. Heard they had attendance problems, though. Wonder if the Mayflower trucks know where Arena's at? The Red Wings were the last team to play the Winnipeg Jets, and they'll be the final team to visit the desert. After maximum revenues for this series have been reached, of course. Red Wings in six.

    Ducks vs. Predators: This is Nashville's best chance to escape the first round, and they're playing the best they've played all season. Unfortantely for them, Anaheim's riding a hot streak, too. The line of Getzlaf-Perry-Ryan is one of the most dominant lines in the NHL, and they'll be getting a healthy dose of Weber and Suter. This will be one of the more entertaining series that no one will talk about, a la Carolina-New Jersey a couple years ago. Nashville finally breaks through. Predators in six.

    Capitals vs. Rangers: The Caps earned the top seed in the East again, but this time through defense. Probably the quietest rise in the standings in recent memory. Remember when Washington lost 8 in a row? The Rangers are all sorts of inconsistent. The shootout victories by Lundqvist saved them this season, as did Carolina choking away to clinch the playoffs on home ice. New York may steal a game, but they'll be done quickly. Capitals in five.

    Flyers vs. Sabres: Buffalo had such a strange season, but they wind up in the playoffs again, just as they usually do. However, they're playing a Flyers team that's probably been the most consistent as any in the East. Tough to go against Philadelphia not reaching the Cup Final. Flyers in 6.

    Bruins vs. Canadiens: Seems like these two teams face each other in the first round every other year. Should be fun for the fans in attendance. Not sure if this will be a fun series to watch on TV. Bruins games are usually a chore to watch, anyway. Hopefully we'll only be subjected to Boston's play for one round. Canadiens in 7.

    Penguins vs. Lightning: It's quick to forget how much young talent the Penguins have, as they'd get lost in the spotlight that lingers over droolin' Sidney Crosby and Malkin. Suprised that they held the ship for the final three months of the season. Tampa Bay's got no shortage of offensive firepower, and still have some players that won the cup for them in 2004. Pittsburgh will be relying heavily on Fleury, whom I'm convinced is overrated, even with his performance in Game 7 at Detroit a couple years ago. Here's his chance to prove his mettle. Lightning in six.

    Lock of the Quarterfinals: Padlock