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eradicating complete negativity

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The Canuck-ticon,
(single) All he did was bash the team the whole game, he must be a Canuck-ticon.
(plural) If you don't cheer at the game the Canuck-ticons have won.


The Canuck-ticons are only able to express negative comments about the Canucks, and will only ever seem to be content with the complete annihilation of everything Canuck.


Canuck-ticons are a sad species, they are unable to enjoy or compliment anything Canuck. They are the "fans" that can see no future for the Canucks as a positive one. Every year the team must be blown up, if another team fails it is allowable to have such excuses as injuries or officiating, but not when it comes to the Canucks for a Canuck-ticon, defense sucks, every other team has better players, players are just paid too much, had a bad year?, trade him, fire him, what they should have done..., and the only way to win is to get rid of everybody for the first overall pick! (it is so simple, for the formula see Edmonton). That's how you win a Stanley Cup.


Is there any way to get a Canuck-ticon to change sides? Must it always be dark and destruction, or will they always stay with us, in the same manor. Is there a way to tricking them into becoming Edmon-ticons (exciting times over there, with plenty of seats on the band wagon soon to be filled)!


Interested on your thoughts... should be Good... (I don't think they can see positive words)

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