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DJ Dave



Shaking the tree - Peter Gabriel

Winter wonderland - brian setzer orchestra

Love will tear us apart - joy division

Run rudolph run - jimmy buffett

(I know) I'm losing you - Rod Stewart

Antibodies - poni hoax


Pulic service announcement - Jay Z

Power - Kanye West

Like a G6 - far east movement

All I do is win - DJ Khaled

Won't back down - eminem ft. Pink


Mtv mashup - 50 cent vs. Bee gees

Knights of cydonia - muse

Streets - U2 (player entrance)

Blood is pumping - voodoo and serrano

1st period

Joker & the thief - wolfmother

I like it - Enrique Iglesias

Cadence to arms - dropkick murphys

Dj got us falling in love - Usher

She does - locksley

Last night - the strokes

Hard times in the land of plenty - omar and the howlers

Forget you - Cee Lo

Kill devil falls - Phish

SandM - Rhianna

Drowned - The Who

Trespaser - simon and hill

Master of puppets - metallica

Goal song - Holiday - Green Day (EDIT) (1-0)

1st int

Portions for foxes - rilo kiley

Connected - stereo MC's

The game has changed - daft punk

Walkie talkie man - stereogram

Kernkraft 400 - Zombie Nation

2nd period

Mach 5 - presidents of the United States

Evacuate the dancefloor - Cascada

Shattered - rolling stones

So what - pink

Hate to say I told you so - the hives (1-1)

Rudoplh - dean martin

Goal song - Holiday - Green Day (EDIT) (2-1)

Catch a wave - The Beach Boys

Sheena is a punk rocker - The Ramones

Dynamite - taio cruz

Too much time on my hands - Styx

Shut it down - pitbull

Boom boom pow - Black Eyed Peas

2nd int

California gurls - katy perry

Boogie woogie santa claus - brian setzer orchestra

Uprising - Muse

Somebody told me - the killers

The launch - DJ Jean

3rd period

Empire state of mind - Jay Z

We r who we r - Kee$ha

James bond 2003 - Paul Oakenfold

Right round - Flo Rida

One step beyond - Madness

You wreck me - tom Petty (2-2)

Bawitdaba - Kid rock

The pretender - Foo fighters

Club can't handle me - Flo Rida

Burn it to the ground - nickelback

I don't feel like dancing - Scissor Sisters

Sandstorm - Darude

Put your hands up - Daft Punk

Fire burning - Sean Kingston

Sweet escape - Gwen Stefani

Rock and roll train - AC/DC

End reg

Contender - Hans Zimmer

Let me clear my throat - funkmaster flex


Lose youself - Eminem

Leave your hat on - Joe Cocker (YES KESLER!!!!)****

Goal song


Mary's boy child - Boney M

***Song of the night - You can leave your hat on - Joe Cocker - played to celebrate Kes's 1st CAREER HAT-TRICK! You are better than Santa Claus Kes!!!

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