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CCC - Clay's Canucks Commentary for February 13, 2011: An Outsider’s Perspective

I was curious to get an “outsider’s perspective” as to how well the Vancouver Canucks are playing right now. So this CCC features special guest John Angotti: a singer/songwriter from Memphis, Tennessee.

John is a big sports fan, but has only been to one NHL game live (a Pittsburgh Penguin game back in the day). So I took him to the Canucks-Flames game this past Saturday night to get his opinion on our team.

You’ll see that John was quite excited and had plenty to say about the Canucks. Hear his expertise and analysis on:

-our powerplay

-Roberto Luongo

-our hitting (or lack thereof)

-the national anthem

-the crowd

You’ll quickly see that of the 5 topics listed above, John seems very interested in one of them above else. And this strategy, according to John, is the key to a successful Canuck playoff run.

Music is "Hockey Night in Canada" recorded by Naturally 7 on their CD "VocalPlay." (www.naturallyseven.com)



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