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Realistic Wish List

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The 2011 trade deadline approaches and the Vancouver Canucks are in a unique position that needs to be taken advantage of. Having an opportunity to not only finish first in the league, but the team has made there expectations for Stanley higher than ever based on their performance thus far. Based on that, I think the trade deadline is quite important than fans think because this is the time Gillis should make the final push so we can roll all four lines during the post-season. Kaberle to the Bruins, Versteeg to the Flyers, both these moves tremendously benefit those teams and I love the aggressive nature. Both teams had cap space, unlike the Nux, and I'm not desperate to see a transaction because of other GM's, yet, I'm a fan of actively playing in the market to acquire a player. Throwing away the success of this season would be embarrassing. Lets be honest, there has not been much to complain about this season, let's keep it that way.

A big splash at the deadline means shaking up a roster that has met expectations so far, a strategy Gillis is against. The way we have tested our Defensive Depth is laughable and given the current depleted situation, acquiring another D-man doesn't seem outrageous. If all works well, we could see Salo and Ballard as our bottom 6, a once an in lifetime opportunity. With signs of hope surfacing that the defensive core may be able to lace the skates come playoff time, trade talk has been quelled

So with this in mind, should we expect anything on Feb 28th? Personally, the only hole I can find is a 4th line that has been switching back and forth with Moose prospects and gritty NHL'ers. Gillis has been auditioning several players and continues to do so, meaning the team has not been able to secure that line confidently. A 4th line center would be ideal, it would make us incredibly deep down the middle, and will give us the opportunity to roll all 4 lines, reminiscent of the 2010 champs who had John Madden as their 4th line Center. Is Hodgson ready? Throwing him in the hole during the most anticipated post-season seems a bit rushed; I'd prefer a veteran with some playoff experience and a grinder playing style. Sure he's not the best option, but it's better than throwing one of our rookies in the deep end. Not much cap room to play with either, nevertheless, Gillis has been able to work around obstacles.

Whatever happens, it's been a pleasure watching the team this year and I may be crazy to think we need to acquire a player given our current number one status. The team chemistry seems great and has been a priority for Gillis since day one.

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