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OK, so maybe I was wrong...

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OK so maybe I was wrong...maybe the canucks do have enough to go all the way...then again... OK I admit the team has been deluged with injuries,especially on the back end and have still found ways to win. However, it is still regular season and as we all know the checking gets much tighter in the playoffs. Can the canucks battle through tighter checking. Having had watched the Canucks against the HABS the answer would be no. Granted we are pretty banged up on the back end right now but even so we should be able to fight through the tight checking. As I see it what we need to do this is two fold more team speed. and to teach the speed demons on the team how to effectively beat an opponent one on one without getting tied up. For example in the case of Mason Raymond, instead of having him constantly trying to beat guys to the puck on dump ins why not tell him to let them get there first and then take the puck away from them. In this way he can go after the puck and not get tide up by the opposing player because no matter how big your opponent is he can't hit you if you are behind him!

Also, why is it that he constantly tries to take the outside route when trying to beat a check along the boards. Why do we never try to bank the puck off the side boards to beat the checker then skate to the inside to retrieve the puck off the carom. This kind of play would play to the abilities of a player like Mason Raymond who is a great skater but is not going to win many battles of strength. Bottom line do what brought you here. Keep those afterburner's blazing.

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