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Early This Morning The Canucks Biggest Fan Entered Heaven...

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Early this morning the canucks Biggest Fan entered Heaven. My mother and I have been Season ticket holders since 1976.My mother was the biggest Canucks fan ever. She and my father originally got season tickets with the Vancouver blazer's of the WHA in 1975 and when the Blazer's left town in 1976 we got season tickets with the canucks.Their original seats were just below the organist at the pacific Coliseum. I sat in section X Row WC (Wheel Chair) In case I haven't mentioned it before I am a paraplegic. Anyway, In those early days we were all quite healthy and over the next four years we missed attending less canuck games than Jim Robson. In 1980 my father passed away and then we were two. For the next several years I sat in my same seat and my mother moved down to the lower red near center ice behind the players benchs and for several years sat beside Ryan Walters mother. when the team moved to GM Place(now Roger's Arena I moved in section 311 A and she move onto the 100 level. Then a few years ago when she could no longer use the stairs she moved up to section 311 A next to me.

:canucks:Over the past several year my mother had ever increasing health problems but nothing not pneumonia high fever bad weather or anything else could keep her from coming out and watching her canucks. It is so sad to me that she passed just when there is so much hope that this year will be the canucks year. If anyone In the canucks organization happens to read this I would like you to print it off and post it in the Canucks Dressing room.

Bye Mum ,the Canucks biggest fan and Go Canucks Go!:canucks:

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RIP... Hope the Canucks can win this one for the true Canucks fans we've lost over 40 years.

Earlier this year my dad had a major heart attack and was in the hospital for weeks, unsure if he'd come out. A lot of times during those weeks I would think, "I wish he could last so he can see the Canucks win the cup before he goes."

Weird, I know, but some things you know would mean a lot to some people...

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Sorry to hear of your loss.

A good family friend just passed away this last week who was also a truly dedicated fan. At her memorial service, her Canuck's jerseys were proudly displayed for all to see. The priest spoke of her love of the Nucks as did her family during the Eulogy.

My dad (now 85) has been a Canuck's fan since they entered the league. He has lived in Kelowna since the war and until recent health problems atteneded everty Bucakroo, Packer and Rockets game held. He got to watch my brother play junior and the Rockets with the Memorial Cup on home ice in Kelowna. IT would be a dream come true for him to see the Canucsk win the cup.

Hopoefully the boys can get it done for themselves and all their fans past and present.

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My deepest condolences for your loss . I recently lost my dad and he was a huge hockey fan as well . It is tough watching games sometimes . But I know he just like your mom is right there with us lovin`every minute of every play . I raise my glass to you and your loved ones sir .

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Very sorry to hear that. Having been there myself (twice) I can say it does get better.

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