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Who's afraid to lose Wellwood?

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Kyle Wellwood doesn't seem to appreciate that the Vancouver Canucks gave him a chance to continue his career in the NHL when even the lowly Toronto Maple Leafs weren't afraid to lose him.

I googled "Kyle Wellwood, Toronto Maple Leafs" out of curiosity - the first comment I read regarding the Canucks taking him off waivers was this:

"he's been injured a lot, he's also lazy. The Canucks can have him."

Maybe a little harsh.

Wellwook had some decent games as a Vancouver Canuck - and his play without the puck seemed to improve. You wouldn't call him the most consistent or passionate player, but he had his moments - and people seemed to accept his low-key personality. The Canucks rewarded him with a $1.2 million dollar contract in his second season and he responded with a 25 point season - not terrible, but not exactly the kind of production that makes an offence-first player indispensible.

Wellwood has had a second second-chance - when the KHL lost interest/weren't afraid to lose him, he had the good fortune of landing himself on another quality team, and should probably be thankful to be with the Sharks.

But it is disappointing that Wellwood would decide to make those petty comments about his former team... and a bit surprising - Wellwood is almost speaking like a stand-up kinda guy - and as good as the Sharks are, they haven't exactly been over-achievers in the playoffs (at least not since the days of Igor Larionov). Wellwood's comments are probably something his current team-mates wish he had not decided to express.

But no hard feelings, Kyle Wellwood - with all due respect, the quality of player the Canucks acquired in Manny Malhotra made the decision a no-brainer. It is a shame that Wellwood won't have to face the former Shark in these playoffs.

It's no wonder Kevin Bieksa responded the way he did - his comment, that the Canucks had been afraid to lose BECAUSE they had the small centre in their lineup, was priceless.

The Canucks will just have to take their chances without him.

After all, there is a little more irony embedded in Wellwood's comments - Wellwood had never played in the playoffs before becoming a Canuck. His former team, the Toronto Maple Leafs, had been afraid to play in the playoffs his entire career.

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