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Thunderstruck out of luck

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Have faith Canucks fans.

The Canucks are a team of Champions.

All Champions have faced adversity - when they do, there are always people looking for someone to blame or pick on - don't bother listening to those people... they are only projecting insecurities.

There are some people jumping off the bandwagon and onto Luongo's back - Luongo is a great goalie who has had his share of bouts of bad luck, but he can take it, and will bounce back and backstop the Canucks to the Cup.

Likewise where the Sedins are concerned - hating the Sedins (or other players, or the other team) is senseless - try liking yourself as an alternative.

Tim Thomas is a great goalie and he may even do a little "yoga"; but is he ready to face karma?

Postpone the parade for another year, or two...

Boston enjoyed a ridiculous amount of luck (and favourable officiating) in the last two games that made them appear to be way better than they actually are.

Luck has a way of not lasting.

It is like the weather.

And there is a weather change warning for the Boston area. What comes after the Lightning and the 'Thunderstruck'? Severe disappointment. Temperatures are cooling off significantly for Friday onwards. Heavy precipitation is on the way. Umbrellas may or may not be necessary but crying towels are highly recommended. Expect high expectations to add to the outpour.

But getting upset about the weather is futile.

Vancouver power outages are infrequent and result in surges that you have no idea how to contain.

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Well said! The Canucks ARE a team of champions. AND Luongo is a GREAT GOALIE!We know you can do it Roberto!

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