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Why can't people just be fans of their own teams?

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Real Canucks fans aren't saying things like "our player is better than their player". What we are saying is this team is the best overall "team" this year. That is, they are not individuals they are a team. They don't care about individual awards - they care about what their team does. They don't hand out "player of the game" awards - as all of them together are better than one. I find it hilarious how the haters were going on and on about the Canucks individual efforts (last few seasons) and here they are 1 win away from a Cup Championship and now the haters are saying things like "Luongo won't win the Vezina" or "no Canucks deserves the Con Smythe". Talk about turnaround - first they say individual awards mean nothing (Art Ross / Hart Sedin, etc...) now you seem to say they are the cats meow? I'm am sure glad that I am a fan of the Canucks and not a hater of another team. Go Canucks Go!

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Well said :) This is a team sport and our team is clearly one of the best this season. This group has persevered through mountains of negativity from the fans , media and the NHL itself . The respect in the room has spilled over onto the ice for the past few years and the desire this group has is beautiful to watch . I will not lie I have developed a very bad taste in my mouth for the Bruins , but what did I expect ? A Tea party between our 2 teams lol. This has been a battle and tonight will be no exception.




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