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From The Penthouse To The Outhouse

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Here we go again,"From the penthouse to the outhouse",and the truth be told, nobody gives a dam." Oh you do? Then why,pray tell do you keep filling the building to capacity as the team ascends further and further down the standings? If you are really serious about wanting a Stanley cup winner in this town then show it in the only way the powers that be understand. Just stay home.

Yes, it's true we were one win away from winning the Cup last year but one win away is not winning the cup. If you're going to finish second you might as well finish last. Actually, finishing last would be a good thing for this team in the long run and its something we have never done in our 41 yr. history.

Who do you get when you finish last...usually a player you can build your team around. But no here we languish in the middle of the pack again. We will probably get in the playoffs again we might even go a few rounds ,but if we do actually get to the final again and push comes to shove I'm sure it will end in the same results as 1982, 1994 and 2011. Now all together now..."We're number two!".


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"If you're going to finish second you might as well finish last."

That's stupid. It was a good run, provided much entertainment, and made the team a lot of money. Sure, not winning the last game sucked, but to say that Edmonton in effect accomplished more is lunacy.

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