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I am writing this addition of my blog because...

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I am writing this addition of my blog because this addition of the Canucks is BORING ME OUT OF MY COTTON PICKING MIND! Every game it's the same thing. Play it safe, dump and chase, wave your stick at your opponent and maybe he'll cough up the puck.When did the NHL become the No Hit League? There seems to be no intensity in our game at all. WOULD SOMEBODY PLEASE HIT SOMEBODY! The brand of hockey the Canucks are producing,at the moment is enough to put one into a coma! Did we not learn from last years playoffs that playing nice don't work. Old saying become old sayings because there is something to them. The one that comes to mind when I watch the Canucks is, "Nice Guys Finish Last" Mike I think it is time for a shake up. I don't think we need to blow up the team but a well placed kick in the pants does seem to be in order.

Go Canucks Go!.

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I thought this blog was about math, but there's nothing about "addition" here at all.

I assume you meant "edition"

Nicely done though. It's rare that someone is able to use the same word, incorrectly, twice in the same sentence.



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I agree with you and with the poster above. It's "edition"! Although, I would like to see the Canucks become a tougher team to play against , especially for the playoffs.


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