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Is The Slump Over For The Vancouver Canucks?

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Imagine what they are feeling right now. Booth. Luongo. The Sedin's.

The pressure cooker of the playoffs fast approaching. We are just 22 games away from a time when every game means the world and every save makes your heart gently murmur against the back of your chest.

The look of despair on the ice as a 3-1 goal in the third sinks the spirit for a moment. Your workplace becomes a flutter with Oiler and Flames and Leafs fans looking at you like your team is going to be a failure again. Because we don't have a cup. And we will always be the team that got as close as you can get without actually winning it.

How are we compared to the players on the team?

We hold our heads high because we are smug like our team and we know it. But we lay in shame because we still don't have that holy grail all the other idiots who cheer for or play for the wrong team keep reminding us about.

We love Ottawa because they remind us that we aren't the only team without a golden trophy in Canada. And Winnipeg is a few years away from that, but how would you feel if the Jets got it before we did?

The only thing we can brag about are the Lions. And as much as I love the CFL, it is a bunch of guys that couldn't make the NFL.

So as we count down the remainder of the regular season hockey games, listening to Rick Ball on the Team or Shorty on Sportsnet; we find ourselves slowly, and ever so painfully counting our days to the playoffs where each puck drop will finally mean something again.

And we wonder if this funk that they were in was just a blip on the radar. That maybe this slump is a direct cause of the fact that they want the playoffs again so bad they can't focus on today. So let's muster our way through the next month and hope we don't get Chicago in the first round.

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