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Take A Deep Breath And Think

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For the life of me I don't understand the idiots in this town.Have any of you fools looked at Lous carrer stats.He has an ove 92% save avg in his career.Many of those years in florida where he faced 50 shots per game and still recorded 6-8 shutouts per year. Goalies have bad days but the Canucks defence is highly over rated in terms of defensive talent it is mostly offence. Feed Cory to the wolves like the complacent Canucks have Luongo.Take a look at the scoring chances we give up vs shots on goal ratio.Before you chase the best goalie we've ever had out of town just think how you will feel and bitch and moan if he's gone and we are left with Cory Schneider who has had one 25 game good season and Eddie lack when we could still have a guy who craves to play 75 games per year but has been harnessed back because of fatigue.Really folks it's a team game not a one man show.You idiots know nothing about TEAM and goaltending. You can't judge a goalie soley on a playoff run where the coach changes goalies to shake up a complacent team that bailed because it's physically weak and hasn't the stuff to get there not Lous fault he has single handedly won us more games than we deserved and it wasn't solid team play that got us the Presidents trophy this year it was Lou keeping us under 2 goals per game from the big Boston victory on. Think about it.

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Totally agree!!! If we trade Lu it would be the biggest mistake!!!!!!!!


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