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Am I The Only One Who Noticed The Pittsburgh Connection?

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Am I the only one who noticed that every game we played in the playoffs this year was on the same day as a Pittsburgh game and that our result (in terms of winning or losing, not the final score) was always the same as theirs?

April 11

Pitts - L (4-3)

Van - L (4-2)

April 13

Pitts - L (8-5)

Van - L (4-2)

April 15

Pitts - L (8-4)

Van - L (1-0)

April 18

Pitts - W (10-3)

Van - W (3-1)

April 20

Pitts - W (3-2)

(Vancouver did not play that day.)

April 22

Pitts - L (5-1)

Van - L (2-1)

Of course it doesn't really mean anything. But it is weird.

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Well their are a lot of weird coincidences. Last year's playoffs we won all game 1's. Then we only lost game three in the final two rounds. We lost game 4 in the first and last round of the playoffs. We lost game 5 in the first two rounds. Lost game 6 in the finals and the first round. Not to mention all the coincidences involving games won.


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That's funny, I was actually using Pittsburgh as a metric to keep myself positive. We both went down 3-0, and then bumped up to 3-1. I kept saying "If Pittsburgh can bounce back from their embaressment, we can too. We were playing way better than they were." I thought that we were at least going to bring it up to 4-2 like they did, but I didn't realize that we were just mimicking whatever they did earlier in the day.

Odd coincidence.


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