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Goal Song

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DJ Dave


Hey guys.

So tonight (vs. Nashville) we're going to fly a new attempt at a goal song.

Over the past almost 2 seasons, we've been using "Electric Worry" by Clutch. This song certainly is original (we're the only pro sports team using it) and it was met with some initial mixed feelings, yet has caught on rather well.

That said, and as I said back when we started playing it, it is good, but perhaps not the BE ALL AND END ALL of goal songs.

So keep your ears peeled tonight, and let me know what you think.





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I thought it was awesome! I see the general concensus around Canucks fans is that they love it and want it to stay!

Thanks DJ Dave

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Bang bang bang can vamanos vamanos!

Gold on the Ceiling is much better than that previous embarrassment for a goal song. (My faves will always be Song 2 by Blur, Rock'n Roll Part 2 by Gary Glitter and Doop).I like this goal song though. Nice beat to it. Please, never ever go back to Electric Worry.

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