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Predicting final standings and playoffs

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ken kaniff



1.Chicago BlackHawks

2.Anaheim Ducks

3.Vancouver Canucks

4.LA Kings

5. Minnesota Wild

6.San Jose Sharks

7.St.Louis Blues

8.Detroit RedWings


9.Phoenix Coyotes

10.Columbus BlueJackets

11.Edmonton Oilers

12.Nashville Predators

13.Dallas Stars

14.Calgary Flames

15. Colorado Avalanche

West Playoffs

1.Chicago vs 8.Detroit : Chicago in 6-Better team more depth

2.Anaheim vs 7.St.Louis: St.Louis in 7-Good defensive system can shut down the ducks

3.Vancouver vs 6.San Jose: Vancouver in 6- Niemi is good, defense isn't.

4.LA vs 5.Minnesota: LA in 5- LA is more physical and better defensively

1.Chicago vs 7. St.Louis: Chicago in 6-Better team overall. goaltending is the only questionable part

3.Vancouver vs 4.LA: LA in 7-Our team will still get bullied in the playoffs. LA is a bigger tougher grittier team. If reffing is still like this in the playoffs, we will loose

1.Chicago vs 4.LA: LA in 7-LA has the better goal tending and are just a team that you need going into the playoffs. their stars are tough and their team wont take any crap from anyone. Sharp, Hossa, Kane all can get bullied and probably wont stand up for themselves. Brown, Carter, Kopitar will stand up for themselves.

East Standings

1.Pittsburgh Penguins

2.Boston Bruins

3.Washington Capitals

4.Montreal Canadiens


6.Toronto Maple Leafs

7.Ottawa Senators

8.Philadelphia Flyers


9.New Jersey Devils


11.Winnipeg Jets

12.Carolina Hurricanes

13.Tampa Bay lightning

14.Buffalo Sabers

15.Florida Panthers

East Playoffs

1.Pittsburgh vs 8.Philadelphia: Pittsburgh in 5-Better team overall, Bryzgalov is going to get lit up

2.Boston vs 7.Ottawa: Boston in 4-the sens have too many injuries and bruins are too tough

3.Washington vs 6.Toronto: Toronto in 7- high scoring series leafs have a better defense.

4.Montreal vs 5.NYR: NYR in 6- Rangers are going to be a force, i can feel it.

1.Pittsburgh vs 6.Toronto: Pittsburgh in 5-they have a far better team when everyone is healthy.

2.Boston vs 5.NYR: NYR in 7-NYR can match the bruins physically and have a great goalie better then rask

1.Pittsburgh vs 5.NYR: NYR in 7-great offense vs good offense, good defense vs good defense. great goal tending vs good goal tending. the rangers win on the back of king Henrik



game 1- LA wins 2-1

game 2-NYR win 3-1

game 3-NYR win 3-2 OT2

game 4-LA wins 4-2

game 5-NYR win 1-0 OT

game 6-NYR win 3-1


-both teams are very similar. but the rangers have a team that can match the kings physicality, defense, offense and goaltending. I have a feeling diving will be called often in the playoffs and the Kings will loose because of it. LA is a damn good team when they get into their groove but the Rangers are finally put together in the right places and they are going to go on a role in the playoffs and win it all.

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