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What the ____ !?

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What is happening!? AV for Tortorella, and now Schneider for a draft pick. A draft pick!

I know that Horvat can and most likely will bring good to the team. But seriously, it was Schneider and we should have gotten more than a 9th overall pick. Because we need someone now, not in three-five years, now!

I don't have anything against Tortorella, but I don't think he would fit in very well with the Canucks. He is an older fashioned coach that the elite players of our team wouldn't agree with. The Sedins, Kesler, Burrows... etc. who have all developed their own ways/styles will have a hard time agreeing with Tortorella's standards.

But what is left to deal with. Suddenly Edler becomes the Canucks most attractive player ready for a trade.

What is everyone's hopes now regarding what we can get in trades?

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It appears that all of the Canucks signings on free-agent Friday...appear to be more smallish under-achievers. Why? Why? Why?

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salary cap era everyone... get use to it. the canucks don't have 20million to spend on like they did with sundin... wait till next year, if we don't resign the twins or anyone else then we will have 18 mill....

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Mike Gillis is horrendous at making trades! Why would the Canuck ownership allow him to make any trades???????????

Time Gillis is fired!

The fans will have their say this year, and I certainly am not going to buy another ticket until Mike Gillis is fired...

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