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great observations lad. i love the roussel and beagle signings. i don’t worry about the dollar figure or the term. they can both be traded if their skills aren’t helping this team. 

our bottom six are a strong defensive group. 

we have imo 3 top six forwards and several player playing there that may not be the right wingers. 

we have 4 suitable d-men, elder, tanev, hutton and stecher. hughes coming next season and possible juolevi. hurry woo. 

to me the important issue with this team is, they win as a team and lose as a team. they need all types of players, excelling at their jobs to be successful. we are getting closer. 2 top 6 wingers and a rd p.m. d-man. another goalie for times like this. 

thanks for your blogs. i enjoy them all. keep up your insights.


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Thanks Joe...appreciate you taking the time to watch the vlogs and reply here.


I love what you said about winning and losing as a team!

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