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  2. I dont think it is, they playing LA in Saltlake City I believe the schedule says, will probably just be a stream up
  3. Its not like he looks lost out there, much like Jake does. Pod is doing all the right things to set himself up for success! Driving to the net, being strong on the puck, getting quality chances (shots, although in a slump rn). The points WILL COME. He looks great and is developing even though some games he might not play much. But in the most recent highlights I watched, he was out there with 6 mins and 2 mins left in the game. Thats a sign the coach is coming around. Much like we saw with Virtanen, didn't play huge minutes but worked his way up to where he was out there late in games, no matter the score. He reminds me of Hansen right now, he's a honey badger out there right now but seems to have stone hands. Not worried tho he's to gifted not to score, Pod will find his way!
  4. No, it's not, because we if we go with the 'game mechanic' theory then all of us can be scum for one reason or another. Trustfalls allow us to see who can't be mafia instead. It's basically laying out our PoE. @DarthMelvin @Alain Vigneault @falcon45ca give me the best reason you can think of for the other four players left being town.
  5. Does anyone know if tomrrow's game is on TV? I'm not seeing it on the Telus guide. I don't care if it's the preseason. I just sat through a 100 loss season for Jays. I need this.
  6. VAN or MTL. Would like to play in CAN. But if not SJS,ARI,VGK,FLA,TB,DAL, NYR, WASH
  7. oh I know lol 82 team had a good mix of skill and grit ,, we gave the islanders a good scare in the 1st game until Harold and the pass to bossy
  8. sedins didnt show promise in their careers until 5 yrs in petey got almost a point a game his first yr in 4-5 yrs hes gonna own the art ross multiple times
  9. Ferlund -Petterson -Miller Pearson - Bo- Boes Baert - Sutter - Virt Leivo -Beagle - Motte Goldy, Schaller/LE
  10. Who's Noone?? Why's he panicking?? Now I'm really worried!!
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  12. Hey guys, Glad to be apart of your league. My keepers are the following: MacKinnon Seguin Tavares Hall Eichel Landeskog Malkin Hedman Gibson
  13. There is a big difference between kill and lynch.
  14. Lol I thought you were trolling my dude
  15. We should have taken Tkachuk
  16. As of now it's not terribly close. Kesler scored 41 matching up against the other team's best players. He was physical and nasty to play against, and then there's that Nashville series. I think Bo can hit Kesler type numbers one day maybe not too far off, but Kesler was on another level defensively and Bo doesn't hit or get nasty. Just because people turned on him when he left doesn't mean he wasn't called Beast Mode for a reason.
  17. Say whaaaaa? According to CDC he was cancer in the dressing room. I could go either way, but I see more value in centres than wingers.
  18. Opinions will probably vary a bit on whether Eriksson has been outplayed by Gaudette, Motte, Leivo, Goldobin, etc. Gaudette had real scoring chances in the last game, could have had 4 goals, got one if I recall. It would be hard to argue that LE outplayed him that night. And he is a center, very useful position as I'm sure you're aware. Gaudette may not be my best example, as there are good reasons for Gaudette to be put where he can get a lot of ice time for development. Perhaps Motte or Goldobin are better cases for taking that last spot. I'm with Boudrias and some other contributors here who see Loui as no longer in the team's plans. It wasn't just the disaster in the summer: it's last year, it's the new players, it's the need to deal with cap space. The need to get younger players opportunity. If a young player like Motte or Goldobin, or even Gaudette is more or less as good as LE (and would benefit from playing time) then they will take Loui's place. His age, his salary, his style of play, his attitude (as exhibited in the summer) all work against LE. This is beginning to look very very much like the situation we had last year with Gagner. I think you would agree that even if LE plays opening night, his days as a regular on the team are numbered, in particular when Roussel returns. IMO, the most likely outcome is that LE is sent to Utica, he will be the second last cut made. The second most likely outcome is that he starts, like Gagner did last year, but doesn't last more than a few weeks. He'll be waived when Roussel returns. He won't make 6 million in Utica for the rest of his contract: he'll quit. And the cap hit will be eased by a million, money useful for another prospect to get going by April.
  19. I don't know if Jake is immature or if we're just used to the modern day athlete maturing at the a younger age, so our expectations are just higher. Think of how the league has changed over the last 10 years. Crosby, Ovechkin, Toews, McDavid, etc. They all got handed the keys to the kingdom at a younger age. Then we have guys like Bo, Boeser and Petey that are mature beyond their years. So I think Jake, his maturity, committment and understanding of the game are still a work in progress. I mean, he just turned 23. He's physically developed but I think his physical attributes were so superior to his peers that he didn't have to rely on his smarts. So that part of his game (and possibly his life) is still a little underdeveloped. I have faith that 25 year old Jake will be a very valuable player. It's just going to take him time to get there.
  20. Maybe it's the mood in the team. Mc David is a great player, but making him captain so young was perhaps a big mistake.
  21. He'd be better off back playing 20 min a night in a lessor league. He's only 18 needs to play not sit on the bench
  22. The responses you recieved are verging on satirical. Haha. In in other news Podkolzin has been great. I love watching him still play with fire inside. He will learn to finish because he has so much opportunity to with the chances he creates.
  23. Would anyone trade Jake for McCann?
  24. On the flip side, wait til we lose Goldobin or Motte on waivers. Should be fun times around here Side note: JD Burke did an interview on 1040 today. I usually listen to 650 but I like the Halford and Brough show. Anyways, JD was being interviewed and he actually didn't sound that douchey. I follow him on twitter and I just expected him to be a huge D bag but he was actually pretty calm and respectful. But he was arguing that Tyler Motte is a below replacement level player that doesn't make our team or 4th line better. He said we got heavily outshot when Motte was on the ice. Without looking at the stats, my memories of Motte last season were pretty positive, ever since the 1st day of camp. Dude works his ass off and has definitely bought into what Travis is selling. His work ethic is top notch and he scored 9 goals last year in his 1st full season in the NHL. He's still only 24 and he should be even better this year. So I'd say that's a bad take from JD. I think Green has a lot of time for a guy like Tyler Motte.
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