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  2. the republicans do Trumps bidding - whats not clear about that? We do have a functioning senate, what are you talking about?
  3. Good points, the spirit of the rule to not prevent a scoring chance is supported by the referees' discretion makes it a fair rule because it prevents players from faking an injury to stop a scoring chance.
  4. it gives me the warm and fuzzies when the right spits its vote. Buddy's actually going with "Wexit" too he's not only promoting the utter stupidity of Brexit, he's channeling some Trump too: "We are going to build our pipeline and Quebec is going to pay for it."
  5. But that is not what you said. Like Trump the Senate is elected and answerable to their constituencies. The idea that the Americans have a functioning Senate contrary to our own should really piss off Canadians but does not.
  6. Nah, I only meant that they might agree to the change in scenery
  7. the republican senate of today picks who Trump wants, thats the current process.
  8. They tend to do that...glom on/off rather than be subjective with a larger sample size. Time to change the PC kumbaya we're all in this together crap. NO. Us versus them and if you try to grade my team I want the pros not just the cons listed. Labeling isn't really fair - any time someone puts out something negative it gets immediately shifted into "homer" drawer. There's a flipside to that. Here's the fact of the matter: talking heads and bloggers have to: talk and blog. They need content but it doesn't mean they're always "experts" on their subjects. Especially early on, with a team relatively "new". Takes time to fully develop into a team and I feel that before we're assessed by these Joes and Dicks out there, they gather enough material and a sample size before they decide we're this or that. We're at the quarter pole mark...if you assessed race horses at that stage and ripped up your ticket, you could be in for a surprise.
  9. Look at football (soccer)... whenever there's the slightest issue, players go down and expect the game to be stopped. Frustrating to see an advantage taken away, only for the injured player to make a miraculously recovery in a flash. Its up to the refs to stop the game, not the players...
  10. Which is why so many of us are confused that he rarely, if ever, sees the ice during overtime..
  11. Just realized that to make the room here I need to send a guy to IR which I can do this morning: C2X, it is in your mail...thank you.
  12. I feel like people would be decrying the Calvert incident just a slight bit less if it hadn't led to a goal 10 seconds later. That is the purpose of the rule, I figure. Try and prevent players from faking injuries to get whistles in pressure situations. The refs messed up this time. Such a situation happens rarely (I mean this specific type of play, not the refs messing up in general, that's every damn game). Usually when a guy gets a puck to the head they are pretty on top of it. Perhaps the refs were staring off into who knows where and missed it. Maybe it was just a judgment call based on the score and time of game. They are only human. I don't find the Zadorov incident completely comparable. He got back up, got in the play, and the Predators only scored when he was on the bench.
  13. The Canucks have often been praised by talking heads and bloggers this season. Time to change the notorious victimhood culture and persecution complex embraced within forum.
  14. To my knowledge the President does not hand pick Supreme Court justices. There is a process.
  15. Strength of schedule was also discussed last season by media - the Canucks had one of the toughest schedule and had lost several players early on. They were nearly always on the road to start the season. Edmonton has also had a fairly easy schedule and that has also been pointed out.
  16. I agree the coach should not be blamed for everything. But scoring the tying goals were both long sequences. Coaches role was which 6 players went out and at what point was goalie pulled. So he played a role. But he played a much more important and directly related role in the fact that OT lasted onl 27 seconds. I feel a green is still learning and needs to remember to coach to win. Not tie. His satisfaction with a point against StL spoke volumes. Agree?
  17. I agree, but does Green think about the current game, or the next one?
  18. The ocean? Really? I know BC can be mild in comparison to the rest of Canada but it's still November!
  19. Granted. It's now all about rings and the individual ego. We NBA now. I wish for the collapse of capitalism and democratic society.
  20. Wexit party to run federal and provincial candidates across Western Canada
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