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  2. Fair enough points, but here are my thoughts: 1) I think it depends on HOW and WHY we’d be signing both Gardiner and Myers. If we look at from the perspective that both Gardiner and Myers can be VERY GOOD 2nd pairing dmen that could fill in on a first pairing Incase of injuries, then I think we’d be sorely disappointed. HOWEVER - if we look at their signings as a protection against injuries to the D, along with guaranteeing that the Canucks would have five to six defensemen that would be good enough to fill in one the top 4 Incase of injuries, then I think a double signing of Gardiner and Myers would be terrific. A major weakness of the Canucks since 2014, has been their severe drop off in depth and talent on the D after the top 2-3 guys. Hence - the Canucks would often free fall if they had 1-2 key injuries to their D......and these 1-2 key injuries were often to Edler and Tanev due to them being overworked. I propose the following: Edler-Stecher Hughes-Tanev Gardiner-Myers Sautner-Schenn with balanced ice-time. No one defenseman is over-exerted, and everyone stays healthy. Sautner and Schenn not only draw-in when there are injuries, but also draw-in to the line-up at times to give some defensemen “maintenance days.” The biggest reason why the Canucks have missed the playoffs these past few years has been because of injuries (and subsequent lack of depth) to the defense. A double signing of Gardiner and Myers would help solve that. Gardiner is no Erik Karlsson, but he does specialize in moving the puck up ice. He’s also a guy that could our 2nd PP until. Myers would obviously bring some toughness and physicality to the back-end. Last but not least, the Canucks could finally start trading from their new found strength. Hutton could be moved for a draft pick, while guys like Edler and Tanev could be moved once guys like Juolevi, Woo, and Tryamkin are ready to step into the line-up (or returning to the line-up). The only difference now, is that the Canucks wouldn’t have to worry about severely hampering the team with a Tanev trade. They would have enough depth to support such a move.
  3. Stars carry their momentum after defeating the Predators. Stars in 5.
  4. Some of the takes in this thread are just ridiculous regarding Caufield. Like the fact that he has double the goals than he has assists is a giant red flag..Hello? Seriously? It's almost like it's because he scores at such an insane rate!! The guy does nothing but score goals. Scores more goals than games he plays. And using a top pick one of the most important things to look for is their two way play? What?? Are the Devils going to draft Hughes because oh man he's this great two way player? Jesus. That take is so bad. No, you use a top pick on a high end forward for for their offensive potential (and overall potential.) If they're a good two player that's a bonus. If Jim Benning was thinking that we would not have Petey. On another note regarding Broberg, the fact that there's a lot of question marks about his hockey IQ takes him off the table for me. Thrown far off the table. You can't teach hockey IQ, and if there's any question marks that's not a risk you can afford to take. You have to hit on top 10 picks when you get them.
  5. Good points. Would it be worth it on our end to target Nylander? He’s someone that can play both RW and C, and who knows how he would have produced has he started the season.
  6. Just look at our organization depth... it's our forwards and our defense. After watching these playoffs and how fast the hockey is, I realized how poor our team really was and how hard guys like Bo, Pettersson, and Boeser carry this squad. I don't think it's a coincidence that Edler has a huge bounce back year the same year that Pettersson arrived. I think if he had a proper 1st LW he would have put up a lot more points than he did. Depth with where I think they would be on a contending team Massive roster holes to fill if this team is going to contend. 1st Pettersson Boeser 2nd Horvat 3rd Baertschi Pearson Roussel Leivo 4th Virtanen Eriksson Gaudette Beagle Granlund Extra Motte Schaller Sutter AHL Goldobin Spooner We need 3 more top 6 players to either step up or get picked up via UFA to truly contend... On a lot of teams, Virtanen would still be on an AHL contract "getting good" in the A, Gaudette would've been down there too, developing. #1 #2 Edler #3 Stetcher Hughes #4/5 Tanev #5/6 Hutton #7/8 Biega AHL Pouliot Insert some UFAs into this roster and take away some of the bad contracts and take a look at what you have. Panarin Pettersson Boeser Baertschi Horvat Simmonds Pearson Hayes Leivo Virtanen Beagle Roussel Sutter Motte Edler Karlsson Hughes Stetcher Hutton Tanev Biega It's all a pipe dream, I know... but it shows how far off we are from contending, those are some glaring holes... and when they get injured it gets even worse. XXXXXX Pettersson Boeser Baertschi Horvat XXXXX Pearson XXXXX Leivo Virtanen Beagle Roussel Sutter Motte Edler XXXXXX Hughes Stetcher Hutton Tanev Biega
  7. Injury history is pretty much the deal breaker for me. I was not impressed with his weak perimeter game when he first got here. But has grown on me. He does have hands, and is a high end playmaker. He does have chemistry with Bo. And showed some with Elias too. But those damned head injuries. Before his last hiatus he looked so good. He played hard on the puck and was scoring from the right areas. Playing the right way. Sadly he is at this point likely one more headshot away from retirement. We should probably be looking past Sven for this reason. I actually won't be surprised when he retires this offseason to prevent any more injury. I won't be surprised if he doesn't either. He knows we are on the verge of something here, and that he can be a part of it.
  8. Talk about pick and chose.... While all true, Crosby, Malkin, Toews, Kane, Doughty, Kopitar, Letang, Fleury also all won cups after they were 24. While telling they all were the stars of the team, the Boston connection can definitely be debated. Tim Thomas, Chara and Bergeron were the stars of that team.... What about Ovi winning a cup? Fact is, that while the likely hood of a top 3 pick will be a superstar before his 24th year of age, it takes a lot more than these players to win a cup. Maybe try to see what the average age of the teams, which the players you mentioned played on, are, and you'll get a truer picture... The 'big' contracts you talk about, which ones beside Eriksson is that? They are done in two years and for Eriksson in 3 years? Where's the fire? By the time these contracts are done the new core will be around 26-30 with players like EP, Quinn, Brock + X amount of drafted players ensuring the average age will be around 26 if not less.... Finally... Average players career is only 5 years, but is that in the NHL or in general? Cause the players coming out from the University programmes are often 21-22 years of age before they enter the AHL/NHL...
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  10. Ability to finish IMO is incredibly overrated for a first rounder and isn't what scouts should look for primarily. Hockey player's finishing abilities do not vary too much/as much across the NHL. However, variation in ability to create (skating, still etc...) is much higher. The same goes with 2 way game. I don't care as much if a player isn't a polished 2 way player. High end talent is very much harder to find than ability to play in the defensive zone, which can be acquired. I'm gonna contradict myself here by saying that I actually do like Caufield, whose main attribute is finishing, since it's historically elite and just unfathomable. He scored 80+ goals this year.
  11. i dont think they disrespected the twin they were just mouthy like all guys or player in their age..jamie benn is one hell of a player tough mental and skilled...the blues will try to out work them but the stars will prevail i say in 6
  12. Nasvhille's PP success rate this season was 12.3%, to illustrate how awful this is: Each game is usually 60 minutes long and each powerplay is usually 2 minutes long. If you were on the powerplay the entire game you'd have 60/2 = 30 powerplays. 30 x 0.123 = 3.69 goals per game. Tampa Bay averaged 3.96 goals per game this year.


    Even if Nashville played on the powerplay the whole entire game, you could still expect them to score less goals than TB playing a normal game 5 on 5.

  13. Leivo - Pettersson - Boeser Virtanen - Horvat - Pearson Baertschi - Gaudette - Sutter Motte - Beagle - Eriksson Schaller IR: Roussel (MacEwen) Edler? - Tanev Hutton - Stecher Hughes - Schenn? Biega (Juolevi, Brisebois, Rafferty, Teves)
  14. To illustrate how awful that is. Each game is usually 60 minutes long and each powerplay is usually 2 minutes long. If you were on the powerplay the entire game you'd have 60/2 = 30 powerplays. 30 x 0.123 = 3.69 goals. Tampa Bay averaged 3.96 goals per game this year. Even if Nashville played on the powerplay the whole entire game, you could still expect them to score less goals than TB playing a normal game 5 on 5.
  15. 1. Do you think the Oilers keep their pick? 2. Do you think they will pick another small forward again after taking Kailer Yamamoto with their 1st round pick in 2017?
  16. SNYPERS 7: Jeremy Davis would also prefer Krebs: If he had to choose one player in that range, he would go with Peyton Krebs from the Kootenay Ice, who he does have ranked seventh, ahead of Alex Turcotte, Matthew Boldy, Cole Caufield, Victor Soderstrom and Alex Newhook. “He’s a really interesting player because his team was such garbage and he’s doing quite well at the Under-18s,” he said. “I watched him just the other day. There’s a whole story in itself in trying to scout a player on a bad team versus a player on a good team.”
  17. There might be a swedish D available in the later rounds which might be nearly as good as Söderström. His name ist Mattias Norlinder and he was just awarded with the MVP in the U-20 Championships in Sweden. U-20 Championships (JSM) Christoffer Hedlund Columnist Just like in the J18-SM there were several awards handed out to the best J20-players of the 2018/2019-season: Best Goaltender: Jesper Myrenberg (Linköping HC) Best Defenseman: Tobias Björnfot (Djurgårdens IF) Best Forward: Lucas Raymond (Frölunda HC) Playoff MVP: Mattias Norlinder (MODO Hockey) Just like with the J18-awards I thought the picks for the J20-awards were good. The only award that I think there were some real contention for was “Best Goaltender”, there have been many goaltenders with excellent performances this year; August Hedlund (AIK), Erik Portillo (Frölunda HC), Jakob Hellsten (Leksands IF) and Oscar Walldén (Djurgården IF) would have all been good choices besides Myrenberg. In my mind Myrenberg should have received the award last year, the fact that he didn’t might have played a part in this year’s voting. Either way it was a well-deserved award, just like the other three were. I wanted to end this update the same way as I ended the one about J18, to mention some of the players that I think had impressive showings during the JSM-weekend. Mattias Norlinder, MODO Hockey J20, D, 5’11, 179lbs, DOB 04.12.00 Norlider was the most outstanding player at this year’s JSM-weekend and were rightfully awarded with the “Playoff MVP”-award. The first thing that jumps off the page with Norlinder is his skating, he takes smooth strides and when he accelerates to top speed it can look close to effortless. He is very mobile and is excellent at transporting the puck, but he could use his skating a bit more in the offensive zone to find open ice. Norlinder has decent hands and controls the puck very well but doesn’t have an overly flashy playstyle, even though he can puck handle his way past an opponent if he has gathered some speed, instead he often focuses on making the right play and to solve the situation he is in in the best possible way. He has a good shot, both his wrist shot and slap shot are powerful and he is good at finding the net through traffic, but Norlinder’s passing abilities is a notch ahead of his shot. He sees the ice very well and doesn’t hesitate to handle the puck and wait for passing lanes to open up before making a play from the blue line or the boards. He has a strong first pass that is highly accurate and can create a breakaway for a team mate all the from his own zone. Norlinder’s defensive game during the JSM-weekend was close to flawless, he continuously made the correct reads, knew when to use his body to challenge an opponent and when to steer them towards the boards with his stick. Norlinder’s overall smarts includes superb defensive awareness and positional play, and with his strong skating and awareness he can quickly transition quickly from defense to offense if there is a turnover. Norlinder was not drafted in last year’s draft but with the season and progression he has had this year he can surly expect to hear his name called during this year’s draft.
  18. I’d do it. Doubt car does.. im also going to guess that the Canucks are going to give Travis and Jake until he is 24 or whatever he said he could get the best out of him. also Woo would be the perfect partner for Q in terms of skill set and ability. As long as he continues to trend upwards
  19. I’d be interested in seeing a line of Pearson - Horvat - Callahan seems chippy, responsible and Grundy that could put up points. but I’d only do that if we can put together a skilled scoring 3rd line and has nothing to do suter, granlund or shaller that said I think it’ll take more value for Vancouver to take 5.8m contract for a matter of 13 spots on the others... unless marky or demo gets moved we’re not picking up another goalie... detroit... doesn’t seem like an yzerman type of move especially in his first year of stepping in.
  20. Actually... He does. And he goes in and pins guys along the wall that are two times his size. I've been impressed with what he's willing to do, just as I wrote last year on Elias Pettersson's physical aggressiveness when he was a super lightweight. I see that fearlessness in Caufield, and a pretty well-rounded game. Pretty creative too with his puck movement and cycling. Now, if Krebs is available I'd rather have him. I feel like Pettersson and Boeser could use a similar guy but left shot over there on LW. Krebs might not be as good as Caufield will be, but he's a guy who would be able to make plays on their wing and finish on the odd occasion. We saw how limiting the right shot guy on that line was with Virtanen there. Yikes. Then again that miiight be because Virtanen's kind of... umm... dumb. But whatever.
  21. good mix is hard to obtain but you have your core and they better be good not perfect but the character skill and toughness in them dont need to tom wilson tough you need brad marchand tough but discipline...avalnche good mix calls stars good mix and the islanders and blue jackets.....all of the remains playoff teams have good balance of key has one of the best but i think they will get knocked out due to the players not executing...islanders jackets will come out of the east..the west dallas or the blues will make it to finals...
  22. Here is the guy with the massive upside. Moritz Seider, RHD / 6’4 183lbs / 04-06-01 / DEL Mobile right-shot defender with good instincts and a projectable frame. A little rough around the edges, but that doesn’t hide his massive upside. An athletic piece of clay just waiting to be moulded into a work of art.
  23. Ya I agree with your assessments monies maybe the idea that tanev and Edler are top pairing guys. still shows there a lot of positions to fill of this team wants to get close to being competitive though
  24. Using a high 1st round pick for a pure finisher, even it's Caufield is a bit risky. Using a high 1st round pick for a forward I would expect to get the following : 1. strong 2 way game 2. ability to finish 3. ability to generate offense (passing, hockey sense) Does Caufield bring a solid 2 way game and the ability to generate offense to the table?
  25. Marleau has a NMC and marner/matthews both are glued to the guy. he’s been alright points wise throughout his Toronto campaign. I’m doubtful he’s going anywhere.. i thought they shoulda traded Nylander at the start of the season and I still think they should do that to free up cap space and move that 7m towards their abysmal defence..
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