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  2. He gets a pass from me. He left everything he had out on the ice for this team. That game 7 took so much out of him. I don't want to be a fan who holds grudges like that to our ex players. Im sure he has regrets with how things ended. Vancouver can be his second home if he still wants it. Lets show him some love even if you don't think he deserves it. Its time this market was the bigger person. Also respect to the OP for starting this discussion.
  3. As far as the goalies. JB is going to do what’s right for the team and you worry about that closer to the draft imo. Markstroms gotta be resigned. You don’t let a guy like that go unless somehow “which I seriously doubt” negotiations get out of hand. Maybe you do a deal with Seattle to keep both or you expose Markstrom (should be in his contract) Seems JB has a handle on that on all the recent signings. I’m not worried about it at all but there is going to be a hell of a lot of discussions on here. It’s still a year and a half away lol
  4. Everyone complains about transit but when we had the vote to fund it people voted against it. So....
  5. In a recent interview JB states that Ferland's current injury is not concussion related. This is good news for our concerns about his durability moving forward with concussions. Hopefully it is something that he is able to fully recover from and play his game at the level he likes to as we make a playoff push.
  6. You guys may be forgetting that Joulevi will need to be protected. Otherwise if Olli continues to get better and if I’m Seattle that’s who I’m picking
  7. I live in city right now. It's like a ghost city, everyone is staying at home and not going out. The grocery stores have all been bought out. Seems like everyone is hibernating now.
  8. I think regardless of whether he get inducted in to the ROH, it will not happen in the near future... the wound is still too deep for a lot of fans...
  9. Wow! Yamamoto has been an offensive breath of fresh air, meanwhile Bjorkstrand has two games under his belt since injury, with four goals and two game winners... that said, it has been reported that even more offensive strength is on its way... has the goaltender log jam finally broken?! ...and Tarasenko has started skating... rumblings from deep beyond the gates of Mordor... beware #goaliegate #bigguns
  10. Mathew Tkachuk needs to teach this kid how to turtle if he's going to throw predatory hits
  11. This is a no brainer. It should not even be a question. We have a rail In place, it’s always been there. If the public needs the rail, it was written in law we have the right and the current rail company needs to do the improvements for public transit. We just need the cars for the track and the stations. Also it would run in parts of rural areas which should open land for the future and build housing communities along the track, which is great for planning (the track goes through city Centers).
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  13. Not sure why people find it so hard to believe a 26 year old signed for four more years could command a first. Id be surprised if only one other team dangled a 1st for him. My guess is Vancouvers was the most attractive because of where we’ve finished in the standings the last 4 years.
  14. I don't recall Kesler being told to leave? Agree he was entitled to say yes/no to, what was put in front of him. Thats the point of NTC's etc....
  15. if you havent watched this Documentary about Ginger Baker, its great...
  16. Yes. I watch all the Comets games. He’s getting a touch quicker and less mistake prone. Adjusting to the pace increasingly well. Passings is great but has always been a strength. Still think he’s one full offseason and more ahl games next year. A full year from now I think he’s fully ready as long as he can continue to grow as a skater and not get burned wide.
  17. I think wexit Alberta will form the next government in 2023. “We’ve got people sleeping with axes under their beds, and loaded firearms beside their beds, cause they don’t feel safe,” (UCP Justice Minister Doug Schweitzer) Maybe it’s because everyone knows that firearms are the best tools for personal protection and home defence. WEXIT Alberta believes that you have the right to protect yourself and your loved ones from becoming a victim by carrying a firearm.
  18. Well I started my collection when I was young. Obvious sarcasm. Nah all the good stuff is already on the Alberta side.
  19. You forgot that Miller was a first round pick I think this point is missed by a lot of the people complaining (don't mean you)
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