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  2. I am glad that finally the home game vs. Toronto is at the regular 7 p.m. start time. The Leafs regularly have the times of several western road games (five last year) set earlier for eastern broadcasts, which is an advantage to them (body clocks of players). No other team in North American professional sports gets this preferred treatment. If you think body clock timing is not a factor, ask the Canucks about kicking off an eastern road trip with a matinee game.
  3. But I think Bo hasn't reached his peak yet, so what if he puts up 75 points next season if he could play constantly with Baertschi, Miller or Pearson. With JT Miller potentially being the net front prescene on the PP, this opens up opportunities for Bo to take the spot in the middle between Petey and Brock on the PP. PP-Goals incoming...
  4. Theodore would be really nice but parting ways with juolevi before he has made a single game for the nucks seems a bit odd. I would keep him and hope he will turn out as a solid top 4 Dmen.
  5. our def, was garbage the past couple years..... changes need to be done, and hutton is the one that was chosen
  6. The nylander contract was a baaaad move. Well for toronto anyway
  7. I like the OP. It certainly achieves useful outcomes for both teams. I think we would need to add a pick or prospect to even out the value, but nothing that hits VGK roster next season. I think it might be more likely that VGK trades Reaves elsewhere (better return) and tries to make the deal Stecher (50% retained) for Miller only. Further reasoning... Vegas are sitting at $89m cap which includes Clarkson’s $5.25m. When they place him on LTIR then they reduce to $83.75m cap. Still $2.25m over the cap limit. They have 13 forwards under contract and they have given qualifying offers to Gusev and Nosek, so they potentially will have 15 F on their roster if they can agree deals with both. Despite potentially having 15 F under contract they also have a lack of center depth. They likely also need to resign UFA Bellemare to a cheap 1 year deal or bring up Glass to the big club. Both options will add close to $1m to the total cap hit, and brings them to 16 F. They need to shed forwards! Considering further that they only have 6 D under contract. This means they don’t have excess Dmen to trade in order to reduce cap. Again, they need to shed forwards! Let’s also remember Subban is RFA and has received a qualifying offer, so if they can get a contract agreed this will add a further $1.0-1.5m. Let’s be generous to Vegas and assume $1.0m is agreed. Total cap hit will be $83.75m, plus $1m Bellemare, $1m Nosek, plus $1m Subban = $86.75m Now this is where it gets critical...what is Gusev’s contract? Will he accept a $2-3m bridge deal? Or does he drive for $4-5m? This is critical because it determines whether VGK can afford to keep him, and if they can how many forwards, and which forwards, they need to move. If Gusev accepts say $2.25m deal then total cap hit goes up to $89m. My guess is that VGK will look to shed the $7.5m (to reach $81.5m) by first moving Eakin and Reaves and waiving McKenzie (reduces cap by $7.38m). Why move them? Both have value and should be reasonably easy to move. They would like to keep Reeves for his deterent value but they can’t afford it for that amount. Haula can center the third line when Eakin is gone. You may notice that VGK are potentially very close to $81.5m or a little over, but still only have 6 Dmen. I believe they will look at moving Miller and bringing in at least 2 cheap Dmen with slightly lower cap hit. Stecher with some retained salary is a definite option for VGK in order to achieve this, but there are a lot of moving pieces required first to get it done. They may look at Engelland on a cheap $1.0m deal or bring up Hague to bring their D numbers up to 7. Probably run with a 22 man roster too.
  8. I had fun with threes? for about a week. Think i got into the 20s for level. Got old fast. Either it was laggy for me or my teammate was skipping around, or cherry picking. Dissapointing being the only one playing defense and then setting them up for a breakaway only to “waffleboard” it into the ai goalies pads. Still no idea what waffleboarding is. I think its bad?
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  10. Sabres seem to be desperate to part ways with Ristolainen. Sabres shopping Ristolainen WGR 550: “Nothing much is happening around the league over the last few days. A lot of teams have turned their direction to July 1st. I was told that the #Sabres are shopping Rasmus Ristolainen hard. Nobody told me that he’s asked for a trade, but we’ll see how it turns out.” Now may be time to move Ristolainen Howard Simon of WGR 550: Rasmus Ristolainen is only 24-years old and has 424 NHL games under his belt already. There are plenty of “ifs” surrounding his game and if he should be traded. Ristolainen still has value around the league and with the holes in the Sabres roster – No. 2 and at least one top-six winger – now may be the time to move him. He has three years left on his deal at a $5.4 million cap hit. Getting back to your question Silent Sam: Sabres seek to strengthen their top 6: why not offering Baertschi + Tanev (50% retained) to the sabres?
  11. We definitely gave up a fair bit to get Miller but I think it was the right move and the type of move I wanted to see. This team doesnt need another late first round pick that statistically isnt guaranteed to ever be an impact player, and likely even if it pans out as a impact player isnt one for years to come. What we need is to fill out our top 6 and give the young stars we have now the support to actually make the playoffs. We did that by adding a 26 year old player on a good 4 year contract that has second line offensive output and also is a great fit as far as size, style of play, defensive capability and PP position and production goes. We need good players that can play now, not late first round picks that statistically dont have a good chance of ever becoming as good as Miller. (obviously if this ends up being a lottery pick we sh*t the bed)
  12. Stetcher is definitely one of the leaders of this team. He stays put
  13. lol I thought that with Hughes, we will be possessing the puck a lot more. Edler-Severson will be playing the tougher match ups. Tanev can play easier minutes and hence, less probability of an injury?
  14. We would like to release Andy Andreoff, Chris Terry, Bobby Farnham, and Mat Schmalz Could you also fix Newhook's contract? I think it should be unsigned 2021 instead of 2019! Thanks so much!!
  15. Please, inform me what I slam Grenn and Benning about... Regarding Benning, i don't know how to value the trades he's done and what he started with. So I can't judge him on those areas. I can only judge what I see for myself. What other people say is their opinion based on their knowledge and abilities.
  16. his reputation was severely tarnished. his family faced abuse, and there are a significant percentage of ill informed people who still call him a rapist. him going to jail was never a question. attacks on his personal character and integrity were the issues here
  17. if I were you, I wouldn't worry about oppression I would go see a mental health professional instead to diagnose your underlying issues. one of the tactics of the leftist mobs is to attack a persons character instead of arguments whenever they have nothing logical to say. keep your insecurities to yourself my friend.
  18. That's a lot more plausible, but with only one year left on Clarkson's contract, I'm not sure it adds enough value for Vegas to take the deal unless they really desperately need the cap space.
  19. So wait? You can slam Green, but you state you know little about Benning?
  20. I think some people are under the impression that the correct way to go about rebuilding is to finish last every year until we magically become a contender because reasons. 

    1. Ghostsof1915


      But, but, that's the Edmonton way! Look how successful that is!

    2. -AJ-


      This exactly. Unfortunately, it doesn't work that way and we'll likely have to be a fringe playoff team for a year or two before actually becoming a strong team.

  21. Nah, best to just finish last every year until we magically win the division because reasons.
  22. Maybe we could trade Lind and a third for Miller and Clarkson's contract?
  23. Nylander plays hockey at a high level and is paid for it. As the Sedins and Petey. You seem to want more of american football or rugby instead of hockey skulls. With Nylander you don't know where the ceiling is. If he gain some muscles he might get to the absolute top and start fight more in the play offs. As with other creative players that maybe needs a few years to get more grit with their creative skills.
  24. Break a hockey stick in half dark knight style and see who is the last man standing!!
  25. I wouldn't go as far has JV is done, he can still turn it around. I just think that he needs to mold his game to Rousells, just be physical and foremost and let the offense come. I don't recall Rousell trying to skate around defenders, trying wrap arounds every shift. The hits, creates space for Bo, puck finds him, bang, back of the net. Jake is capable of that. People can whine all the want about Goldy, whats fact is our superstar was shining brighter with Goldy on his line. If Goldy's job is just to support Brock and EP, guess what? Thats a role for him on this team. If our franchise player is going, the team is going = wins. If people don't believe me, they should look at the Canucks record before Leivo came aboard
  26. I did the sums previously. Round by round analysis including players selected. See below, I'm not happy with it. Its not that it is an ''anti D'' movement. But we have not drafted in proportion to holes to fill. Im entitled to my opinion.' Skip the manure narrative. Whats manure IMO is believing Rafferty & Teves, guys who were not good enough at 18 to make NCAA teams? Never mind be drafted. Are going to be good enough at 24 to replace an effective drafting policy. They did not make the NCAA till 20. We did not score premium college UFA's. Another Troy Stecher signing & I would be happy. Teves scored 7 points in the NCAA the same year Stecher was a top pair PMD & scored 29 as a National Champ. Raffert is a little better. Who was the third college UFA D this summer BTW?
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