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  2. Yep, because assuming Hughes plays as we expect he’s going to command top dollar when he re-signs in three years. Petey is going to get PAID we know that. You have Bo at $6 and Boeser in between Bo and Petey. If Demko arrives he’ll get paid. We will have issues if we get another really high end player keeping the crew together long term. Burke said it best recently, he said a change has happened in the NHL where RFA kids on their second contract are now commanding UFA dollars. You used to be able to bridge and now that’s gone. This is causing havoc with a team’s window and cap. The landscape has changed and I don’t think we want to Toronto’s “2 year window”. Media in Toronto has already said they HAVE to go for it this year because next year they are screwed.
  3. NewbieCanuckFan

    Vancouver - Flames trade proposal

    Schaller > Harvey the Hound. (that's all who the Flames will offer for that player).
  4. WeneedLumme

    Jake Virtanen | #18 | RW

    Correct. Jake, like many players, is likely to take a healthy scratch as a slap in the face/insult. To which he tends to respond well. As he did when the media was all over him for his World Junior performance a couple of years ago.
  5. Zfetch

    [Mafia] Hyperspace

    Having said that, in the suspenseful fashion that I so sparingly use, Unvote;Vote Otherwise
  6. NewbieCanuckFan

    Venezuelan Presidency Dispute, 2019

    He smoke a joint with them and they'd all hold hands and sing:

    Bo Horvat | #53 | C

    Considering Bo's winger deployment has been literally spare parts, he has done a hell of a job. JB needs to get Bo some help on his wings.
  8. Zfetch

    [Mafia] Hyperspace

    Very valid points MR but you said you check mafia very often. Wouldn't you have checked and commented before 11pm uk time? I feel like you also got a lot of excuses going this game.
  9. Doubt Tea

    Venezuelan Presidency Dispute, 2019

    this is why we need the wall
  10. Wilbur

    [Report] Oilers fire GM Peter Chiarelli

    Yes, the ceiling may be lower but nothing JB has given up has been unforgivable. Baertschi, Granlund, and Gudbranson are all playing roles on this team and fill important organizational depth. Without Baertschi maybe the Canucks rush Boeser and he's not the same player? Yeah, some like Pedan and Clendenning didn't work out at all but neither do all draft picks. Not to say that getting 'developed' prospects is the answer but it's good to be open to get players in many ways.
  11. WalkWithElias40

    Vancouver - Flames trade proposal

    too old for the trade.. he aged dramatically...
  12. NewbieCanuckFan

    Donald J. Trump, 45th US President of the United States

    or "I invented the internet" or more to home "John Turner's 'I had no choice but to rubber stamp appointments'
  13. Violator

    Rate The Last Movie You Saw - 2

    Just watch logan lucky directed by soderbergh.Feels like the spiritual sucessor to the oceans series.
  14. Thanks Alf I was getting a little worried. I have seen this team go through so much I am just looking for a well rounded team. Looking at past versions of this team, the most entertaining and successful were in the 90's. I really thought that the more talented we became, the more success we would have. This has not come to fruition. So many years of one and out or two and out during the playoffs. Why the lack of success with such talent on this team? The 2011 team had so much talent I was thinking to myself, how can we lose? Well......we lost. The one common denominator I seen over the years? you work hard for 60 minutes, you usually win and if you don't win, well at least the fans were entertained. Another thing, Super talented players tend to take the odd night off. Petey? He is a whole new breed which I wish we had 22 more of.
  15. Monteeun

    Vancouver - Flames trade proposal

    Where's the 18 year old Sam Bennett?
  16. Monteeun

    Vancouver - Flames trade proposal

    Make it a first and the Canucks might consider it
  17. WalkWithElias40

    Vancouver - Flames trade proposal

    I got an even better one... TO CALGARY: Tim Schaller TO VANCOUVER: johnny gradreau and Monahan
  18. CALGARY FLAMES TRADE BAIT D - Roman Josi 4M Caphit (For two more seasons) 234 Pool Points Rundown: Top defensemen on a top contender that will go deep into the playoffs for years to come. We all know how good he is, so there doesn't need to be much said. He's 28 and in the prime years of his career, and is producing great numbers. He is signed to arguably the best contract in FL relative to his production output. Not very often a defensemen of this caliber is available for trade, let alone at this caphit and production rate. Return: Top Young NHLers/Top Prospects/Top Draft Picks. Prices vary depending on pieces involved in discussion. -- F - Wayne Simmonds 3.975M Caphit (UFA) 187 Pool Points Rundown: Will likely be traded IRL to a contender, but even if not, is still one of the more valuable wingers under FL's scoring system. Has shown he can be a perennial 50-60 point winger who racks up PIMs as well. Would be a huge add to a playoff team, or bubble team looking to give their lineup a jolt. Has a LNTC, so if interested, PM me and I can let you know if you are on his list. Return: Young NHLers/Prospects/Draft Picks. Prices vary depending on pieces involved in discussion. -- D - Justin Schultz 6M Caphit (For four more seasons) 23 Pool Points (Hurt) Rundown: Was off to a good start before getting hurt. Will be back on the ice soon, taking that next step of recovery from his injury. Has rejuvenated his career in Pittsburgh, who is looking like they could play a few playoff rounds this spring. Could retain money if needed. Return: Average Prospects/Draft Picks. Prices vary depending on pieces involved in discussion. -- D - Marco Scandella 4M Caphit (For three more seasons) 86 Pool Points Rundown: On a team in the hunt for the playoffs. Decent defensemen. Return: Draft Pick(s) -- F - Eric Fehr 0.975K (UFA) 27 Pool Points Rundown: On a potential playoff team. Cheap depth. Return: Late draft pick -- F - Drake Caggiula 1.2M (RFA) 90 Pool Points Rundown: Cheap depth forward who can reach up to 20 points a season. Not expecting much for a return. Return: Draft Pick

    Woman in vegetative state for 14 years gives birth

    Probably. I've never actually watched either, but I've seen video of the guys reacting like they've won the lottery when they hear "You are not the father".
  20. I got a better one: To Flames - Tim Schaller To Canucks - 3rd round pick. See. It's better.
  21. RonMexico

    Vancouver - Flames trade proposal

    Why would the Flamers do this?
  22. Master Radishes

    [Mafia] Hyperspace

    I'm laid low by sickness and have zero energy for anything, so let's keep this brief. As far as I can tell I'm being forwarded as a lynch based on playing differently than normal. Zfetch's reason was about my 'presence' or whatever. I mean, there's not much I can argue there. I think it's somewhat wrong - I've been just as active this game (barring this current round) as last - but whatever. Matter of opinion. But anyone with any sort of brain who has actually read this game will see I'm TP. I scumhunt, I've had about a 50% success rate (lest we forget my insistence on milk and TL), and honestly, these mafia kills don't look like mine anyway - I would never target my bae BW. And if I really need to top it all off, well, I'll pop in for the last half hour or so before nightfall and say what needs to be said if needed. I've not had a chance to re-read anything today, but I think it should be obviously by how quiet the game has gotten that we should be looking at at least one slanker, if not two. I've had suspicions of otherwise from the beginning, although I found her frustration yesterday seeming genuine. Doubt Tea is honestly pretty suspect as well, and I think we let him get away with some scummy posts a bit too easily based on his meta. Bassi has had a decent enough appearance but nowhere near enough to clear his name. It's a strange game. The only player I'd actually be surprised to see flip scum is Zfetch. He's playing like his TP self, and if he's powerwolfing he bloody deserves it. (I also have reason to suspect falcon's innocence, based on a particular post, but that's not a guarantee.) Vote otherwise. But I'm willing to be convinced on DT, bassi, or even AV. That wasn't brief. I guess I rarely am.
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