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  2. Yeah there's something about the 700 game mark that really says Canuck for life to me. And that's the mark where everyone that has surpassed it is in the rafters or the ROH. Tanev would probably already be there if he wasn't made out of thread and glass and duct tape... And he overlaps a pretty strong field of defensemen... Edler the whole time, late career Salo, Bieksa, Ehrhoff, Hamhuis... The same thing kind of hurts the 1994 guys. It was a great lineup of Babych, Brown, Murzyn, Diduck, Lumme, etc. That's five guys right there from one year that could receive votes for the top 50 and all kind of group together and cancel each other out a bit. I think Jeff Brown was actually more skilled than Lumme, but he was only here briefly and he was a scurvy dog. Murzyn and Diduck were our low-scoring dependable Tanevs. Babych was a charismatic old warhorse and still the only Canucks d-man with a hat trick in 50 years.
  3. he/she is a lot more accurate and closer to the facts than most of the flamers on here. Most of the nuanced information from leading experts is not making mainstream media nor gov't pressers for obvious reasons.
  4. Agreed. Also need @Time Lord @HashtagNucks @ilduce39 @JohnLocke and @penis enlargement pills
  5. We need your services this game. One last time for the boys.
  6. It actually feels very weird for me to say this, but I think Tanev is getting nominations too early too. I have him much higher than you (mid 30s), but not around 25-30 where a nomination now would suggest. It's particularly weird, because I feel I'm one of the biggest Tanev fans out there and feel he's often far too underrated for what he brings. That said, he's not quite up to the games played of some of our other legends yet. If we re-sign him and he pushes beyond 600 or even 700 games, he'll be getting quite high up there, but for now, I don't have him as high as it seems some others do. That said, I do have all those defensemen you mentioned below Tanev (mostly due to the longevity difference); however McCarthy is literally right behind him on my list.
  7. I like it, but does the math still work out adding in the 50% Sutter retained, plus Luongo and Spooner's money as well as buried money for Baertschi? It seems like it adds up too high
  8. There is no correlation between not wearing a mask and killing people and wearing a mask and not killing people. And you’d be a fool and a Communist to believe otherwise. It’s like saying this mask works only at 90% capacity might as well not wear one. Can’t believe that’s even a debate.
  9. LA also gave up a large sum of cash and took on a couple of players (not sure if for salary reasons) which may have been integral in the trade as well. It's interesting because we acquired Jimmy Carson, Martin Gelinas and one of those first round picks in Martin Rucinsky later on. Without Stojanov, we don't have the WCE era (of course this meant acquiring Bertuzzi as well when Linden got traded due to the Messier signing). Sure is nice to dream of Gretzky here, but it would be interesting to see what the butterfly effect that would've caused and if it would've led to a Cup indeed which makes all the now known future moot to get the elusive Cup for this franchise.
  10. Compliance buyout: Eriksson Trade: Sutter with 50% cap retained to for a 4th round pick Re-sign: Toffoli $6Mx5 Markstrom $5.5Mx4 Tanev $4.5Mx3 Virtanen $2.5Mx2 Gaudette $2Mx2 Leivo $2Mx2 Remaining cap: $249,295 Miller - Pettersson - Boeser Pearson - Horvat - Toffoli Höglander - Gaudette - Virtanen Ferland - Beagle - Leivo Roussel/MacEwen Edler - Myers Hughes - Tanev Benn - Rafferty Juolevi Markstrom Demko With this scenario I was only allowed to re-sign our players which in the long run, is ok. That is a dynamite forward group. I wasn’t sure what’s gonna happen with Ferland so I just left him in. Which would kind of hurt because that means Motte would have to go.
  11. You have to be a troll. You just have to be. Either that or you make money off of Trump being in office. This drug was being tested before Trump even mentioned it, but you seem to want to give Trump all the credit. Next thing you know, you'll be telling us coffee's actually called covfefe because Trump pointed out we've been saying it wrong all along.
  12. And back to Podkolzin... Vasily is helping old people in Saint Petersburg during this coronavirus pandemic by delivering ordered food to their homes:
  13. Miller-Petey-Boeser Pearson-Horvat-Toffoli(5.5x4) Ferland-Gaudette-Virtanen Motte-Beagle-MacEwen Edler-Rafferty Hughes-Tryamkin Juolevi-Myers Benn Marky Demko Trade Roussel Dont resign Tanev
  14. He's not on the trade history because we (unfortunately) signed him as a UFA rather than trading for him. As for the Brackett issue, seems pessimistic to think we will replace him (if at all) with the wrong piece. We could just as simply find a suitable replacement and all will be well (or we retain him with the same result). Comparing this to the Messier situation is like believing we will replace Brackett with a watermelon (with the watermelon having a more positive net effect than Messier).
  16. Waiting on @inane for more sims
  17. I think naively maybe that the Canucks will do the right thing.
  18. Toffoli had one 30 goal season and 2 others in the twenties. As Ray Ferraro would say " That makes him a twenty goal scorer that had one really good year".
  19. This is my opinion but, if it's a discussion that's just going to stress people out more at this time, it's probably not worth having right now. What we need to do is reflect on things after the fact. Not now, but later. Right now: focus on fighting this thing. Later on: focus on future prevention. (EDIT: I was going to add in something else but that would have added a whoooooooole different can of worms potentially lol)
  20. Cheechoo tied for the league lead in goals and points
  21. That's too bad. If the arena ever opens again, next time you're there take a look up at the rafters and the Ring of Honour, where Snepsts is looking back at you. Every banner has a story behind it. The 1981-82 ones are there almost entirely because of King Richard. The 1974-75 banner is also there almost entirely because of one guy.
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