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  2. [Signing] Maple Leafs sign John Tavares

    i agree - that was my point.. go reread my post i am not convinced the laffs have a core dman i asked what he did in the playoffs and if you watched him you cite regular season stats the real stars show up and elevate their play in the playoffis regular season good stats simply means he plays well in the regular season i really could make the same comments and raise the same concerns about matthews but he is a longer and better track record i accept he is core and his playoff performance was out of step for his talents
  3. Rate Last TV Show You Saw

    North of 60(1992-1998) 8.5/10 CBC's answer to Northern Exposure this series started in 1992. I always watched this show here and there but now I am pvr'ing all the episodes and watching it in it's entirety. Don't know why I like this show so much but I do, I also watched Northern Exposure back in the day as well. At the time my grandparents lived on Pender Island and these shows remind me of that isolated small town with one general store feel. The best part about this show was the shout out to White Rock! Yes season's 1 and 2 lead character hails from White Rock in the show, I was shocked when he said he grew up in White Rock.
  4. I thought that I correctly tagged my article.

    I copied I the site tags to my article.

    Is that not how you want create a new article?

    I need to be a computer savant to post an article?

  5. well that took what? only a few posts regarding the incident and focus on victims to devolve into a debate about guns so tiring really can't we have a day or 2 moratorium on this issue and simply show some respect and leave some time for the victims
  6. MS13 has a presence in BC, same with the Norteno's. Been noticing MS face tatoos and Norteno tags around Victoria
  7. CDCGML 2018-19

    *Likely to slide FWIW (SHL bound probably) to whoever's updating team sheets.
  8. NHL 19 Thread

    Got to play 19 last week. 40 ping is going to feel a lot better this year than in 18. Obviously the lower the ping the better, but 40+ shouldn't feel nearly as slow and delayed as 18. I have high hopes that 19 is the first game of this gen that finally really gets it right gameplay wise.
  9. [Signing] Maple Leafs sign John Tavares

    23 yrs old with 52 pts, 21:35 ice time. 47.9 ozone starts, 51.6 corsi Leads their powerplay, kills more penatlies than Gardiner. If he's not part of their young core, then they have no core defensemen, period.
  10. Brandon Carlo @Boeserific
  11. You can almost count on that. That said, I don't quite agree, I feel like there are a LOT of teams in the west that will be much better next year. CGY, SJS, STL, COL will continue to rise, I think we'll see Edmonton back in the playoffs... I don't expect us to be bottom 5, but bottom 10 is more than likely imo.
  12. Elite Prospects new Duo Article

    I believe an all rookie line of Dahlen / Gaudette / EP would end up giving us 2....yes two first lines by xmas.... There isn't a checking line in the NHL that could handle those 3 put together and given a couple months to gel... Instead of that I know we are more likely to see EP with Erikkson and Sutter or Gagner or Beagle.....sigh..... I just hope it's not a case of both Green and Benning being high end prospects that didn't fully take off in the NHL....putting there failings on the shoulder's of these soon to be superstars...
  13. Yeah they were my '2nd team' back in the day of Sakic, Roy, Forsberg etc, so I've got a soft spot. Forsberg's probably my favourite player of all time. Elite skill and battled like a mother-$#@%. Guy could not have been fun to play against. Warrior.
  14. Trump said to be telling associates of a 4.8% GDP print for Q2 - report Fox report from Charlie Gasparino The advance reading on Q2 GDP is due on July 27 and the current consensus is for 4.2%. Gasparino is a reliable reporter. It's going to look really bad for the White House is Trump is leaking economic data. To my mind, this would be one of the worst things that Trump is accused of. Leaking market moving data days before it's released is inexcusable.!/trump-said-to-be-telling-associates-of-a-48-gdp-print-for-q2-report-20180723 ***************************** Well he's done it before with positive employment data. Should be noted this is quarterly GDP, not yearly. The Previous administrations high water mark for quarterly GDP was 5.7%
  15. Veterans Speak Out Against The Militarization Of Sports

    Except for remembrance day, memorial day, various pre game warm ups, every gimmick outdoor game, every single game on cbc where they trot out war veterans to wave to the crowd with giant flags projected on to the ice I respect what these men and women do for our free world and all that stuff but I don't need to be reminded every single time I turn the tv on. The NHL is just as guilty as the MLB and NFL I'm just not a huge fan of mixing military with pro sports
  16. CDCGML 2018-19

    *Edited Eagles forwards with recent signings.
  17. CDCGML 2018-19

    SIGNING: The Colorado Avalanche have signed forward Paul Bittner to a three-year entry-level contract. Paul Bittner: 3 years, $ 2.25 million dollar contract ( $ 7,000.00 per season ).
  18. Creating a Story 1 word at a time

  19. [Signing] Maple Leafs sign John Tavares

    you are convinced? did i miss something then in his recent playoff performance? he might get there . he is not there yet
  20. If juolevi isnt in your top 4 dont @ me bro. So underrated by some of yall.
  21. Antoine Roussel | #21 | LW

    Don't really think he was brought here for 'production' reasons, so I a not worried about the dip in stats.
  22. confessions

    I tan naked and friggin love it.
  23. calm down people iran is in putin's pocket putin will simply contact trump and tell him he is not alowed to engage iran in more then just a war of words we all know who is really in control here
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