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  2. Virtanen with Beagle would be intriguing to see what gives there.
  3. Long Contracts and Cap Space

    I have literally no complaints whatsoever about Gillis using limiting clauses - they are the cost of doing business with veterans - and in most cases, they enabled the team to secure some 'hometown' or contender discounts. Gillis did what was necessary to contend, and assembled the pieces to win - he was simply one game short, and had very little luck, particularly where health was concerned. Complaining about him - or Benning - is just too video/fantasy GM for me. But carry on.
  4. My goodness, Patterson lost his pacifier. When did he think his biased and useless opinion mattered? Green has every right to keep the roster decisions to himself and the team until he's good and ready to share it. This little turd was upset because he wasn't able to tweet or blog about it, and therefore lost out on numerous clicks. Eat (expletive deleted), Patterson. Everyone knows you're full of it already.
  5. Long Contracts and Cap Space

    4 eggs to make a 3 egg omelet.
  6. Tyler Motte | #64 | C/W

    I could see Motte outplay his competition for 4RW. Schaller, Beagle, Motte would be a GREAT 4th line IMO. But with the waiver status I think he's likely first call up for an injury there until other moves are made. Gaunce and Archibald would be hard pressed to earn spare (13/14F) slots at this point given the competition and # of bodies ahead of them. Barring an all-world camp from either, they're Utica bound IMO.
  7. They announced the new ad spots a couple of weeks ago. I'm not thrilled about it but at least they aren't going full Euro and covering the jerseys in ads.
  8. unless there's some kind of overpayment frenzy at the TDL thats probably right.
  9. Let's get this train going baby!!! The optimism train is a rolling!! EP40 is in the house!
  10. Long Contracts and Cap Space

    Well one thing for Gillis his only NMC's were for future hall of famers.

    and additionally, those are the mid to lower range cap, and moderate to short term deals - complementary players - that do not really hurt you in free agency, certainly not as much as chasing the bigger fish on the market that are the far greater risks.
  12. That might be optimistic. I fully expect the likes of MDZ, Gagner, Nilsson, one of Hutton/Pouliot maybe Granlund to be shopped before/at the TDL but most of those guys don't likely return 'high picks'. Edler could, but he'd also have to waive his NTC which is far from a given. In an ideal world, he gets moved for futures and re-signs in the summer but people need to accept that he may just re-sign as the most likely outcome... Tanev's not likely moved until NEXT TDL and Sutter then or more likely, the year following.
  13. imo the best option for Gaudette is to be on that line with Roussel and Sutter. AG can learn to take faceoffs in more sheltered opportunities and that line should get some scoring chances too.
  14. Tyler Motte | #64 | C/W

    Unless Motte gives management no other choice, I can't see him making the team out of camp due to his waiver exemption. Even if Motte really impresses, I could see management moving him to Utica first and then trying to trade someone like Granlund, Leipsic or Gagner to make room for Motte.
  15. Yesterday the Canucks announced their 2018-19 branding/marketing slogan of "We Are Relentless". I really like it, as I think it properly describes how the team will play this year.
  16. September 18: We Are Relentless (2018-19 branding slogan)
  17. First game post Sedins. A new era begins. Go Canucks go!
  18. whats with the ads behind the goal line? did I miss something ?
  19. for sure, but having Sutter and Beagle down the middle sure makes it easier.
  20. Artyom Manukyan | RW

    No points today. 2 SOG and 2 hits over 12+ minutes of icetime. Avangard won 4-3 (SO). Manukyan wasn’t used in the shootout.
  21. And that's where I really like their group - from their coaching = Green to Trent Cull in Utica - to player development = Ryan Johnson and Scott Walker. I think Benning has assembled a very good succession plan
  22. Not much of a mystery either IMO. ___, Horvat, Boeser Baer, Pettersson, ____ Roussel, Sutter, ____ Schaller, Beagle, ____ Spares: ____, ____ If you go with something resembling @Jimmy McGill's top 6 (which is likely close IMO), that doesn't leave a ton of options...
  23. Tyler Motte | #64 | C/W

    Not me. I thought he looked good last year, but he was definitely a bottom 6 ( probably 4th line ) player. I think the team this year is being build around the bottom 6 and Motte just doesn't make it. Gaunce/ Archibald would probably be the depth guys for that group. MacEwen/ Gadjovich later in the season. JB may view him as a wasted asset in Utica.
  24. If they are focusing on her clothes then they probably have nothing of substance that's sticking. That's the political nirvana, when your critics are going after trivial issues rather than actual missteps. I think it's her age and inexperience that makes people think she is incapable of making her own choices. Also the Republicans shouldn't be talking they just had two of their own indicted for campaign finance violations in Hunter and Collins. Dotard came out and then attacked his own AG for messing up "easy wins".
  25. I believe we scored 218 goals last year and allowed 249 and don’t see where we move much off those numbers this year. That’s not terrible as another year with a top 8 pick would not be the worst outcome. The optimism is the sea change in the direction of the team - it feels like after this season we will be on the way back up. The twins retirement, young guys busting their way onto the team and an almost palpable sense that this is the year 2 or 3 vets get moved for high picks has me excited for the first preason game in a long time. Much popcorn will be harmed in the watching of this season.
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