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  2. King Heffy

    opting out

    What a horrible guy for staying home to take care of his wife and kids. He is literally not required to give any reason as per the deal, so there's nothing to be soft or hard about.
  3. Not enough. Dumba is ok but far from elite. I'd be ok with him if we also got their first rounder this year. I'm really hoping JB's eyeing Braden Schneider. Kid is a beast of a defender with more offense to tap into.Just the guy we need. 6'3",, 210 lbs, hits like a freight train, and has a great knack for knowing when to throw his weight around and not take penalties or take himself out of position.
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  5. Looks like a true story
  6. grandmaster

    opting out

    Found out people talking about Harmonic’s daughter having respiratory issues as for reason for opting out. He doesn’t have to be near his family during all this and when he is done he can quarantine himself and get tested before coming home! He is letting his team down big time. This is a job and he gets paid well to do it. NHL is being soft on these sort of situations (player health issues, I get, but not this).
  7. If the Canucks trade Boeser, its definitely not for a smaller left handed forward. Miller, Petey, Horvat, Pearson, Ferland, Roussell, Eriksson, Baertschi with Hoglander and Podkolzin on the way Boeser, Toffoli, Virtanen, Gaudette, Sutter, Macewan, Lind? If Boeser is to be moved, it should be for a position of weakness. BB for a stud RHD the same age or younger than Brock.
  8. Destined for FILE 13...
  9. Habs select Joakim Eklund @apollo
  10. I got Nikola (Vecto IQ at that time) at 31 and sold at 70 and just margin traded a few times, although I missed the last big run from 40-55 this past week. I really like Nikola and I truly think its got a lot going for it, not only with the trucks and semis, but their whole business plan backed by known names in management. The fact that Tesla fanboys and Elon are going crazy in bashing the stock, he must feel threatened by their product. Its just tough to hold on since you'll end up buying and reselling the stock again because the Badger reveal isn't coming out till December and you can't just trust stocks running on just pure hype. Im hoping to get in though again low 40s or cheaper, theres going to be huge runs and dips until something comes out of the factory. If you guys want a flyer, I know everyone here usually looks at nasdaq and tsx but (very good food inc.) might be worth a look. Plant based food company thats got a lot of growth, just got publicly traded a few months ago. Might be worth putting a small position (read up on it though!), they are in 50 thriftys stores so far and in July 15th this week will be rolling out to 1200 Sobeys grocery stores and some Saveon and Buy low stores
  11. Florida selects Oliver Wahlstrom via list. Islanders select Jakob Lauko via list. Philadelphia selects Alexander Zhabreyev via list. @thejazz97
  12. To Montreal: 2018 Columbus 2nd 2018 Columbus 3rd To Florida: 2018 Boston 2nd
  13. Bet they would for White!(he's owed 25 mill) We throw in a contract like Baer or Benn, to benefit on immediate cap space. Melnyk grins like Cheech
  14. I've seen(& made a few) variations of Ottawa deals. Then after all our key personnel are signed, I've considered using those Ottawa assets to pursue Risto, Pulock or some other sizeable, Righty D. If you hold 5 or 6 mill of open space this fall, I'm guessing a prepared GM will receive some ludicrously sweet deals, from teams desperate to create cap. It'll be a great time to have everything locked in/kosher, then wait in the weeds(with space).
  15. Yeah thats assuming theres no injuries, and we all know injuries happen all the time in camp, and during season. Teams would rather overpay slightly for a veteran than having a player thats too early in his development playing. It takes 1 injury in the d-corps for a team to start scrambling. Hes got 1 more season (next off season he's UFA), so that should attract some teams. Benn can actually play compared to the Gudbransons, the Pouliots, and Zbisa's of the world
  16. I would too but were not getting that deal.. after paying LEs 3 mill bonus he only has 5 mill left over 2 years. 1 mill next year and 4 mill the following year .So Melnyk might do that but . But they won't give us Brown.. Just nyi 1st and a 2nd for Boes and Lui I'd be pretty happy. I'M hoping lui takes the bonus and retires. JB has to tell him retire because we won't play you anymore and you'll be sitting or waived to AHL if comets play next season.. I think lui understands the situation. I think he takes his 3mill bonus and goes back to Sweden
  17. Say .... I just assumed Goldy was in Russia or went back to Russia after he signed / announced his KHL deal for next year, but I've seen him in several of the video clips backing the "re-start" of Training Camp 2.0 (July 2020) stories. Just old stock video footage from Training Camp 2019-20 or is he here as part of the Utica call-ups for the "Play-ins 2020"???
  18. gurn

    opting out " NEW YORK — Yankees closer Aroldis Chapman has tested positive for the coronavirus and is experiencing mild symptoms. New York manager Aaron Boone said Saturday that Chapman “overall is doing well” but “will not be here for the foreseeable future.” The AL East champions are scheduled to start the virus-delayed season on July 23 at Washington."
  19. We only need to dump enough cap to sign Tanev, Marky and hopefully Toffoli. Don't see a need to dump that much cap. That is too much of a rebuilding move which just doesn't seem like it's the direction we are heading in. I'd almost rather sell a 1st for a team to take LE as it would resolve pretty much all of our issues, plus maximize our team. This is something Ottawa may be interested in as well though.
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