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  2. I believe that puts Rathbone back to a point a game.
  3. Oops, misread the stats, you are correct.
  4. It's a bit of a tough call now, isn't it? At the time of my initial post, Virtanen was looking as low as he ever has. Green had relegated him to the second group and he was apparently showed up to camp a bit out of shape. How things can change in 4 months. As of this moment, it's hard to say. If we're talking Boston or Washington's 1st, I may actually decline. If we're talking a mid 1st it'd still be pretty hard to say no, but my perspective has definitely changed. He has slowed down a little bit as of late, only collecting 3 points in his last 8 games, so we'll see whether or not he's able to put up top 6 production moving forward in the second half of the season, but if he's able to net 20 goals and 40+ points to end the season and close in on 50 points next season that would be pretty awesome. I see him topping off putting up Chris Kreider-esque numbers, which would at least somewhat justify his draft position. But yeah, at this point I'm not moving him unless someone blatantly overpays.
  5. Alf's his supplier. You should talk to Alf! (kidding Alf!)
  6. BN will not do this trade, he does not want to be fired.
  7. Bailey scores to give the Comets 3 -2 lead 20200117_172132.mp4
  8. Well that really sucks, but it will give us the chance to see more of Eliot, another very interesting young defender - and it will also mean we will likely see more of Youlevi on the PP - another thing to which I’m looking forward.
  9. Yeah, it means that at even strength Hughes is on the ice for more goals against than goals for - at this point in his career. Now Hughes has the excuse that he is a rookie often out against the best players that other teams can ice. Another one of the factors considered by most people in evaluating +/- is deployment, I.e. who the player is out against. +/- does not measure special teams contributions, which includes PP - an area where both Hughes and Pouliot make significant contributions. But Pouliot does not have the excuse of inexperience, instead he just sucks at even strength as we found out in Vancouver - even though we tried to protect him by keeping him away from the best players on other teams - again, the factor of deployment. To take any statistic and take it to be meaningful outside of context is a mistake; to dismiss statistics by only regarding them outside of context is also a mistake. Even strength goals for and against considered contextually is meaningful.
  10. Make that two apples for Rathbone with another primary assist on the powerplay:
  11. Juolevi joining the rush ties the game on a great cross ice feed from Boucher
  12. Did you just call me a troll? Also. I live in BC.
  13. 4-1 Canucks. Sharks with more penalties. Eriksson (Empty net)
  14. Boo! Looks like Will’s goal is coming back. Challenge for too many men.
  15. signed in a "tax free" state and probably took home an extra 100 grr.
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