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  2. [discussion] Value of: Bjugstad

    I think everyone knows that...….we are in the middle of a rebuild...maybe a year or so past the middle, but we certainly should not be trying to move ourselves out of our current position unless it is by having our prospects pull us out. Personally, I think we are 1 or 2 more drafts from that day, then I believe we can add as you suggest, but we need to be in position for 1 more elite center and 1 elite winger. We have to have patience IMO. No, I was not suggesting we sign him, but "IF" we were wanting to get out of the basement, then we should have made noise to do so totally committed. No offense but none of those guys will bring us what we need.....we need a 23/24 year old 1st or 2nd line player as you have rightfully said, one which will be around to help Horvat and Co, as they climb up the rankings, as the others mature. No GM will give you that for a journeyman player....they will give you picks, or B-Prospects, but not elite or near elite players of that age...……... There was a rumor to that effect, which makes you wonder why Tallon wants him back.....does he see value in Gudbranson? I think so...…. We just need to be patient and not start trading assets for the sake of making a trade. Sutter for Bjugstad is a marginal trade at best ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PS...……….I am a "Tanker" because I feel we will not get the assets any other way. Other GM's do not give their good players away intentionally, unless you can make a trade with Edmonton or Ottawa...maybe Montreal, but generally they don't give away Number one Type assets.....and statistically, you just can't build a team if you toil in the middle for 10 years, and signing UFA's long term, is not the best either When we have enough young assets, we will be able to let them all earn their spots, and we will be competitive, we will also at that point be able to swing deals where we are trading a grade A prospect for a grade A prospect with another team, to fill holes....just not yet. So what I do not want to do, is acquire a decent player who may make a small difference, but won't be around for the Cup run, who may affect our ability to acquire the high end prospects which are easier picked in the earlier part of the draft, which we will need to achieve this...….. Please do not get me wrong...…..I hate being at the bottom, and if we move out organically......I am all for it!
  3. Quinn Hughes | D

    I think most people were looking at a RH partner for Hughes. I'd imagine Edler would stay on the left side if he was paired with Hughes, how is Quinn on the right side?
  4. [ Trade ] - Arizona and Columbus

    So you're saying you had this, but you chose not to disclose it first
  5. Happy Birthday, Loui Eriksson!

    Happy Birthday Loui! I thought that he’d have a bounce back season last year and was underwhelmed but I’m willing to give it another try! Come out from under the twins shawdow, muck your way to the crease and bat in a couple dozen. Your destiny awaits as your game regains form!
  6. [Proposal] Trouba for Tanev

    I think if jets were gonna trade trouba at all they woulda done it 2 years ago buuuuuuuuttttt where’s the fun in that?! Well whats wpg gonna want? A roster player for a roster player type deal and maybe shed some cap To wpg: tanev, goldobin, hutton to van: trouba, Perrault
  7. Benning, Goldobin, and a logjam of forwards?

    Nobody does.... However thats just it. Nobody expected Karlsson to do this neither... otherwise there’s not in chance in hell Vegas would have gotten him. We are getting better depth than we probably ever had. We will never have 10 EP caliber waiting... but there is a lot to be optimistic about in that group.
  8. [ Trade ] - Arizona and Columbus

    Just cuz you didn't break this one first Graves for MacInnis?! What is this, the 80's all over again??
  9. Wasn't that the KK Rev guy?
  10. Okanagan horizons are lit up tonight! Just a reminder, don't do stupid $&!# that could start a big fire!!!

    1. Drive-By Body Pierce

      Drive-By Body Pierce

      It's not rocket appliances.

  11. The Newer Newer Official WWE/TNA thread.

    No one cares because the WWE is such a clusterf**k, right now. - They have the Universal Champion show up once every 3 months, doing the exact same thing everytime. While the "most prestigious" Championship plays second fiddle. - The storylines has been horrendous and most have been dragged on for way to long. - The Smackdown tag division is super stacked, and yet they still manage to screw it up. - Bringing back the dual PPVs is a terrible idea, with this enormous roster. Extreme Rules had 12 matches; 9 of those matches were under 9 mintues. - The guy they been trying to push for 5 years, has been rejected by the fans every single year. - Almost every single person they have brought up from NXT, has no sense of direction on the main roster. -
  12. [Proposal] Trouba for Tanev

    Thought Dumba was good in the playoofs against the jets. One way or the other we should get a guy whos name ends in "ba"
  13. Nikita Tryamkin | D

    I think it was a collection of things. Family obviously being the big one. I think NHL players not allowed in the olympics gave Tryamkin a glimmer of hope in playing for Russia. The Canucks were still on track to be a bottom feeder team so it’s not like he was gonna miss much in Vancouver. I do think he’ll be back in a year or two.
  14. Happy Birthday, Loui Eriksson!

    If a happy birthday wish to Loui falls in the forest, does Loui hear? Interestingly, I notice that a lot of people on Facebook or online forums talk to imaginary people. Well intentioned, sure. Cray, cray or therapeutic ... not for me to decide. So, yeah ... happy B-day Loui!
  15. [Proposal] Trouba for Tanev

    Good point and question...………..according to Cap Friendly Dumba is still a RFA Maybe Tanev, Granlund, and Goldobin ? or Tanev, Goldobin and a 2020 2nd
  16. Nikita Tryamkin | D

    “We are disappointed Nikita chose to sign in the KHL, but also recognize from what he told us in our exit meetings that this was a family decision first,” Benning said. “He has a chance to be an impact player in the NHL and we offered him a two-year extension. But for now he is home and we will move ahead with building this team with other young players.” If his wife was pregnant like alf says, then it may be as simple as him wanting his child to be born in Russia. That's his prerogative. We don't need a villain in this. Let's hope he returns Tryamkinly.
  17. Battles at camp

    Someone will get injured in camp and free up one spot.
  18. Today
  19. Nikita Tryamkin | D

    So you are saying that instead he should throw his wife under the bus?
  20. Oracle predicts we win the Cup this season or next

    I got to that universe at BC Place in 1994, Pink Floyd, second show, Division Bell Tour ...
  21. Nikita Tryamkin | D

    Zepp, after everything that has been said or done here.. tell me you aren’t happier to have the rights to a young Hockey Player with the potential that Tryamkin brings, over a Coach who was seemingly spinning his wheels. ? its all history now,. and I personally look forward to the future this Team has, with a player like Tryamkin on it, than not. 260 - 6’8” with wheels, than can throw a Benn, Jenner, or Brower like a rag doll.. a bit of a gamble, but really a great pick for JB at that point in the draft.
  22. Fox News spreading RNC aligned propaganda for decades has had the desired effect: a new generation of the weaponized ignorant have been raised to be full-rage angry at often fabricated or blown out of proportion scandals, just like the generation before them. Thank &^@# idiots like those at Rebel Media didn't get their cable TV wishes granted or we'd be a little more susceptible to the same level of societal retardation up here.
  23. I've debated taking him in previous rounds because of it. He, Kostin and Veleno were at the top of my prospects list, so with the other 2 gone I finally took the risk.
  24. Oracle predicts we win the Cup this season or next

    Well if you believe in string theory.... in some universe the Canucks win every year... out of all the possibilities there is always one with the Canucks winning. win the lottery this coming year and I’ll be happy enough ...
  25. Benning, Goldobin, and a logjam of forwards?

    well yah sort of.. both were depth players on better teams than van, especially WK in CBJ, they finished 4th in the league before the expansion.. also both were coming off career years, in particular JM who potted 30g and 51 points. in fact I was surprised they exposed him. point being, middling depth players on one team are not equal to those on another. van has a glut of mediocrity that is slowly being replaced with promise.. nobody is interested in our depth players from last year. I think if we protected a full roster and let the rest go to highest bidder, we'd hear nothing but crickets and the occasional tumbleweed.. on that note, I'm not sure why gaunce was protected over sbisa.. I mean in 3 years time neither will likely be part of the team anyway, but in the meantime we're always hurting for nhl caliber defense.. but I digress..
  26. Nikita Tryamkin | D

    So he throws the org under the bus to avoid that convo? I think he said what he thought
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