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  2. Every time I see a post like this, where someone chooses to take rumours and media fabrications as gospel and then dumps crap on a Canucks player based on that ridiculous assumption, I lose a little more respect for that poster. And when the poster whines about the fact that world class elite athletes are paid far more than Joe Lunchbucket (implying that the player should therefore accept whatever offer the team gives them) the poster is just demonstrating that they are living in a fantasy world. I would certainly be interested in seeing any actual facts that indicate the Canucks are being completely fair and reasonable and Brock is being greedy.
  3. I would go with a shorter 4 year deal and then sign Boeser to a six year deal to take him to age 32. We all know not a lot of wingers hold up into their 30’s. At 32 Boeser still has one more long term contract from anyone willing to take a chance on him.
  4. We finally have a good, deep team. Finally excited for a camp and this thread turns into an absolute troll cess pool.......shut it down please.
  5. 100% agree, he is not worth anywhere near 7+ million at this stage of his career fans that think that need to take off the rose coloured glasses. I am in the same boat if he demands that, he has no leverage, let him sit the entire year. Worst case scenario we miss playoffs again (somewhat expected) and we retain our 1st for next draft hopefully another high one.
  6. Haven't heard much of him over this weekend but I do hope he makes Utica. I'm also a ray fan he tells it like it is.
  7. Only Petey and Hughes will be on that situation and both are likely to be franchise level players. I just happen to think Boeser isn't.
  8. How am I throwing someone under the bus? I love Boes, love having him on the team. I just don't feel he's worth that much of the cap. It's nor personal Fredo, it's just business
  9. Wow. Never thought he would sign for so little. Christ, maybe it is realistic that Brock only gets 5.5 on a shorter term deal.
  10. Pretty sure if he did this, instead of saying Hughes is small and can't handle the physical game, people will be all over Virtanen suggesting he should take it easy on our star player and that it's only practice. They will same he has a small brain not knowing the situation and is hurting our future. No matter what happens, people are always on the negative against Jake. I love Jake and think he will be a key figure in our future success, but he deserves better than the treatment he gets here, so in some ways I wish he did get moved so he would be out of the microscope here (a major reason why players don't want to play in Canadian markets). And I know what these same people will say, if they can't handle this market, they shouldn't be here. Well it's quite clear that the microscope is much more focused on him than others, so it's not like the whole team is under the same microscope. There's always a new scapegoat. I'm sure if he flourishes elsewhere, people will jump on their next favourite target in Benning for "letting him go".
  11. He does yup, but next July we could extend him. It is not wise to gift these young kids a burnt year off their contract, it really shouldn't be allowed. We did it for Brock, he played a handful of games, got to see what the NHL was like, fans got a short glimpse of him. Now, after 2 non full years he is an rfa holding out so far wanting a contract the Canucks are unwilling to give him. I hope history doesn't repeat itself with hughes in a couple years
  12. I don't understand why many are so on this. When Jake is in his forties he may carry a few extra pounds like many of us but Green never mentions Physical goals or weight goals, he said goals. Face it, we are all just guessing No need to get nasty about Jake personally. I said it before and I will say it again: the funny thing about reading between the lines is, THERE IS NOTHING THERE!
  13. Boeser sign a similar type deal!? That is probably what he should get for a bridge imo. Good signing for Boston, McAvoy like Werenski can cash in on next deal if they perform well
  14. Bob McKenzie‏Verified account @TSNBobMcKenzie 8m8 minutes ago More Charlie McAvoy has agreed to terms with BOS. Three-year deal, $4.9M AAV. Very similar to Zach Werenski’s three-year, $5M AAV deal with CBJ. McAvoy could make up the $300K difference because his Year 3 salary, and Qualifying Offer base, is $7.3M, $300K more than Werenski’s. 47 replies289 retweets607 likes Reply 47 Retweet 289 Like 607
  15. Not even a factor. WNP has a way worse advantage then most - EDM too both are not glamorous and the weather is bad year round (summers aren’t fun there either). Maybe a few of the US cities are dumps too but I can’t comment as haven’t been to all of them - PHI and PIT maybe but both have quite a bit of history with hockey so .... CALI and NY teams are taxed more then all Canadian cities too - once the jock tax is added properly. Also as far as purchasing power these guys make a lot more once you do the conversion to Canadian dollars. It matters - only Vancouver is as expensive as some of the US cities near the top of the housing market - maybe TO too. MTL and OTT are very reasonable and EDM, WNP cheap to live in. Not that it matters much when attracting UFAs they get tens of millions to work with by then and get way more with their money deals. Being a contender matters a lot as does the size of the contract - WNP is probably one of the tougher markets to sell though, maybe OTT too but they’ve managed to have top teams in the past too.
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  17. I think Pete has 2 more years on his ELC as last year was the first year of his 3 year ELC. He never burned a year like AG or BB. Maybe they should stop making deals where they burn the first year of the ELC's.
  18. These rates aren’t entirely correct as I mentioned in my above post. A few years ago THN ranked the highest to lowest taxed teams taking into all the factors, including the jock tax - which I’m pretty sure isn’t properly illustrated in your model - and the fact that team in the US pay taxes on every game they play there - so only their home games are taxed by their state plus jock tax and the results were a lot different then these. Florida teams were at the top, then Dallas, then the Alberta teams, then Vancouver and the rest of the team in Canada basically west to east -then the bulk of the US teams with CALI and NY at the bottom of the pile. Like I said google NHL player tax calculator and play around a little - there are some available from actual agencies that have all the variables included - and you might be pleasantly surprised that aside from the top four teams we do better (not a big margin but it is better) then a lot of US teams. I do however agree that the top four teams have an unfair advantage .... thing is none of them have won a cup since the cap started either so until it actually makes a difference doubt anyone will do anything about it.
  19. From The Hockey Writers Canucks Weekly: Pettersson, Hughes, Virtanen & More and The Jake Virtanen Saga We all knew something was up when Jake Virtanen was not present in the first two training camp groups. It turns out head coach Travis Green was sending a message. Virtanen once again failed to pass his physical. Despite saying that he worked hard in the offseason, his conditioning was not up to par in Green’s eyes. If Virtanen genuinely wants to improve and become a legitimate NHL player, he has to start putting in the work. With the extra opportunity created by the absence of Boeser, he should be extra motivated. As of now, that does not seem to be the case. Virtanen returned to the main group the next day, so clearly the demotion was a not so subtle message to the 23-year-old. He may have taken it to heart, as he looked much better on the ice compared to the previous day. He still looks like he’s labouring a bit, but improvement is good to see. What many, including myself, have said a few times in this thread. He'll be fine, and a message has been sent, but us fans are still allowed to be disappointed that he didn't meet his goals. Anyways, moving on. I'll be at the game in Calgary tomorrow and will give some thoughts on what I see. Pretty. Effing. Excited. To put it mildly.
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