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  2. Mafia has gotta have one of the highest college/university educated populations per capita for a game. Advertise this game to all. Few highschool dropouts enrolled in our program!
  3. I don't know what the heck he might have been, "Start gathering in groups and have lots of social contact", for all I know. But I do like how intensely he said it and how thick his neck looks. Those two things bode well for his future as a Canuck!
  4. What, are you forcing me into retirement after? I might have some free time once this semester's over in a couple weeks, but I'm not promising anything.
  5. That is what I thought. You have no qualifications.
  6. Does a contrarian mean you don't believe anything but yet you believe everything?
  7. Voted Tanti...great to see he's finally getting the recognition he deserves here, and nominating Sundstrom again.
  8. If I am a contrarian in relation to mainstream media and the gov't then I will definitely take that title. If someone comes on here and says 20% of the world is going to die (been posted) or 2 million in the US alone (been posted) than nobody says boo. If someone takes their reference from more recent outbreaks then they are flamed to death. In media and from the gov't we get mostly two pieces of info - number of new infections and deaths. There are numerous problems that data collectors have pointed out. First, it it widely reported that the tests can be inaccurate not to mention that the testing procedures are not properly followed. My relative who is in fact a doctor in greater Vancouver has pointed this out. Not mention other experts. Is this too hard to believe? In BC where there hasn't been an explosion I am guessing that the testing is more reliable than in places like NY where health care people are in short supply and just do not have the time to do the tests properly. Globally, it has been widely pointed out that the testing is all over the place. Some places do not even use a test but just go by judgement (this was reported on the CBC). In terms of testing what we see here in Japan is only people who are sick and meet the guidelines are able to take the test. This each day is reported and at the moment it is increasing. But the only thing we can accurately say is that more people who are sick are getting tested, and from this group that test positive the numbers are going up. But we are not told how many of those sick people tested negative. And there is no random testing here so there is no sample from the general population. BC's testing is probably similar to Japan - only the sick who meet the requirements, perhaps I am wrong. See attachment below that shows what random testing in the US is revealing. Not what people think. Next, what about fatalities.? Again this is being pointed out by the experts that one has to be very careful about attributing death in places like Italy, Spain and NY to the corona. A the moment if you go to the hospital in NY because of some emergency condition in most cases you are automatically tested for the Cov-19. If you die then the fatality is recorded as a corona fatality regardless. Numerous academics have pointed this out - dying with Corona and dying cause of corona are very different things. Remember the overwhelming majority of fatalities involve people with at least 2 chronic diseases. Doctors in those outlier contexts do not have the time to verify actual cause of death, but if you have corona then it is called a corona death. A doctor in the US said the other day that in the ICU's they are seeing a lot of heart attacks, but they do not know what role the corona 19 played in the deaths. Was it stress from being in the ICU, was it some other virus or a combination with the 19 - they just don't know and again do not have the time to verifiy, but it is still recorded as a corona fatality. In Japan and BC because the numbers are low you would think that verification is quite accurate. In italy, academics/experts have said they are wary of the numbers and understand why they are not to be trusted. Not the number of deaths just how many can be attributed to the corona 19. Accurate verification of deaths is least of their concerns. 3000 health care workers contracted the virus in N italy. Lastly, people seem to think that Italy, Spain and NY are what is in store for everyone. Loannidis of Stanford Uni has explained very clearly why Italy is an outlier. I will not get into the details except to say context is extremely important. BC is not Italy, Spain nor NY. However, what doesn't make the nightly news is that officials in other countries (e.g. Swiss) believe that when it is all said and done for them that this virus will 'express' a slight increase in yearly virus fatalities. They use the word express because of the difficulty of determining 'direct cause' of death with this virus or any virus especially when it is the already sick mostly dying. Hard to hear by Loannidis as said that many of the deaths in the hard hit parts of Italy were not going to live long regardless. I have numerous good friends here in Japan who are medical doctors, their view for Japan when it is all said and done is the same - it will be a bump of some kind. At the moment Japan has 85 confirmed deaths from the virus. The virus has been active here since January. SARs in 2002 disappeared by the end of May. It came back in the fall. None of this means people should be running around like nothing is happening. I have no friends or friends of friends who have been tested and found positive. But I do have well over a dozen friends in Canada who have had to layoff people, or have been laid off. And many many many more who are treading water. I live next to Tokyo which is seeing a rise (see above) my children are going back to public school from Tuesday. Will see how long that lasts. I think I have presented a fair explanation of my position without trashing talking so please keep that in mind. This is how I see things based on what I have learned.
  9. That's overtly simplistic. So we we just bring the world to a halt in a pissing game? And on top of not forecasting how in the world 3M couldn't find more wood to make a mask? It was made in BC, but it's just a mask. So many people making the leap from everyday worker to politician.
  10. What, some doorknob said you could have gatherings ... I don't think so. Go back to Jersey Don.
  11. He's a bit the same as Hughes really, doesn't kill penalties but racks up points on the PP and is a righty. I think we need a more all-round defenceman in our future top-4, Severson would be nice but I'm a bit cautious about his defensive play. We still might have the guy we want in Rafferty or Juolevi anyway. I would do Virt + Stech + Brisebois for DeAngelo if they'd be interested. Going forward, Hughes-Myers and Tryamkin-DeAngelo would be fun to watch.
  12. He's a good puck mover, decent size and uses it well but for some reason he's always had a shocking +/-. Whether that's because he's on a rubbish team, or his defending is actually that bad, I'm not completely sold on Severson the way I was when he broke out. Jake is having a big season and may be turning a corner, I'd give him a bridge contract and see what he can produce in the next 2 seasons before trading him because he may end up being the 20-30 goal scorer we needed from him.
  13. Doctor explains COVID-19 12 Million views since March 23/20
  14. Haha for sure. Once you had double-triple of everyone else it was pretty much game over but you timed your plays well
  15. Today
  16. Cesare Maniago was actually a very respectable goalie. He had six seasons with a top-10 save percentage in the NHL, and four with a top-10 GAA. He just suffered from the Mike Liut / Don Beaupre / Richard Brodeur curse of spending his career on weaker teams. He was old by the time we got was his last two years in the NHL, just like Reinhart. But he showed up to work. He was kind of like what Ryan Miller was in our rebuild, but as evidenced by the MVP awards, was more important to the team.
  17. Any time something greater than us like this happens, there is a struggle to understand before facts become facts. It doesn’t mean everyone else is wrong. It does mean you might not be right.
  18. I used CapFriendly to help
  19. I suppose I can get that and there's very likely a bit of nostalgia there for me. I grew up with Hughson making regular "Great save, Cloutier!" calls. Even though he often cracked under pressure in the playoffs, he had a lot of really incredible highlight reel saves and I think those are too often forgotten. I would have a hard time putting Maniago over Cloutier because he played less than half as much time for the team. Same reason I don't have Paul Reinhart or Jeff Brown very high. Looking at Manaigo's numbers more closely (which I admit I haven't really done before), it seems like he was pretty good in 1976-77 (.894 save percentage was good back then), but struggled a lot more in 1977-78 with an .870 save percentage.
  20. Good game everyone! That was a great turnout for two games! We'll have more games in the near future!
  21. The word was the entirety of your point. If you want to have discussion, be accurate. You are being critical of data for the very same thing: their accuracy. I've been talking about the incompleteness of data before you showed up here. You aren't providing some novel set of information that nobody but you understands/is paying attention to.
  22. I've got it Smith, Markstrom and probably Schneider before Cloutier, and I also have Cesare Maniago before Cloutier. Cesare was Canucks MVP twice in the 70s when he was basically left there as an unprotected shooter tutor for the league to blast away at. I always felt a little bad for Brendan Morrison, when Canucks management called him something like...a mouse that rode on the back of elephants (Bertuzzi and Naslund) in acquiring his points. But Cloutier really was riding his way to victories on the back of elephants. I don't think he's underrated, at least not when you consider his body of work including the playoffs. Regular season accomplishments alone, he would be in my top 50. But he starts sliding way the hell down the rankings when you think about the playoff series that should have been won in the WCE years. Just like Brodeur and McLean won series on their own (and Luongo vs. Dallas), Cloutier pretty much lost some series on his own. I like the guy personally. But it was a foregone conclusion when the playoffs started that he was going to crack. I just kind of watched the playoffs back then as a formality. He'd be in my top 70 or something.
  23. This theory isn't holding water in the US
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