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  2. Recent epic beards - Phil Kessel grew a pretty great one - before him Mike Commodore treated fans to a full ginger beard with a crazy hair do to match...Clark Gillies might be the grandfather of all of this given it was the NYI dynasty that started all of this and his were fearsome... best one ever is probably Lanny McDonalds in 89... Hope Shea Weber makes it to game six or seven of the final one day - his beards are final worthy and he’s never made it to the third round.
  3. Welp, if PL, BK, J23 and Qwags are all town, they're full blown retards. I can see a case for baiting from PL and Kuri which would be a good play, and would point towards BK, J23, Qwags all being in the mix as solid scum candidates. Anyways
  4. Vote Lucky. Don't like the cut of his jib.
  5. That is absolute garbage. Hey, if we "win" a shot at the #1 every year by missing the playoffs into perpetuity, we could be winners every season! Why stop at this seasons draft? I seriously cannot understand how any Canuck fan, any hockey fan for that matter, could even enjoy watching a game with that in the back of their mind
  6. People don’t fight by me anymore, you just get riddled with bullets.
  7. Masvidal is going to get what he wants. He gets the money he wanted but its a short notice title fight on an island.
  8. Canucks let Mitchell walk because he had a concussion the season prior to him hitting UFA and we weren't confident that he would return to form after missing nearly half of the season. He didn't really bounce back the following season either and not until the year after. So yes he did help LA on their cup run, but it hard to argue that he was "stud" when we let him go. Ballard was acquired on draft day, so not sure how the cap was a worry at that time. I think we did make a panic move because our intention was to make Hamhuis an offer, but Philly had acquired his rights and we didn't know if he would even hit UFA. So with that unknown and likely already telling Mitchell we are letting him walk already, we wanted to ensure that we had LD covered. Beauchemin was acquired for Lupul, Gardiner and a 4th in February of 2011. Gardiner was a 20 year old prospect who was coming of college with a PPG season (younger dman with top 4 potential is worth more than Grabner IMO) and Lupul was a middle 6 player that had 50+ point seasons under his belt (whereas Bernier was only a 30 point guy at best and was really decent bottom 6 player). I would say this trade is very close in value to what we gave up. Let's keep in mind as well that Beauchemin was a 30 year old at the time of the trade and Ballard was 27. Ian White was a RD. We had Ehrhoff, Salo and Bieksa on the right side I believe. Don't know if either of these players were available when we wanted to make a deal. But yes unfortunately AV didn't want to play him for whatever reason. Pretty much all of his teammates called him a good team guy though. I don't see why anyone would put any blame on him for costing us a championship though. So as I've said earlier, it was an insurance move if we didn't lock up Hamhuis, albeit a panicked one IMO. But that is likely the cost of potentially a top 4 dman. And we weren't going to pass up on Hamhuis when he was still available. Also as mentioned, moving a couple of forwards allowed us to add key pieces to the forward group that were integral for our run. It was a 25th overall pick, so it was a low percentage 1st rounder anyway and the pick never panned out plus given Gillis' drafting, it may have not made much of a difference either. Ballard at least gave us games during an incredible season and playoff run (including some nice highlight hip checks).
  9. You bet. Coffey is a hair ball too. Playoff beards are a cool tradition - hope that the next generations keep it up ... love the rookies doing their best Jonny Depp whisker baby face impressions - and later on growing legit ones if given the chance.
  10. This is the face you see on the plaque at the front of the FHHOF! This guy has to be the originator. Of course inside the hall there would have to be a bronze statue of Eddie Shack twirling his handlebar moustache.
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  12. You’re comparing apples and oranges. 35+ contracts and cap circumvention back diving contracts have NOTHING to do with each other.
  13. Virtanen's brain will never catch up to his talent. Ever since Junior he has had a tough time with smart choices. Would not have drafted him in 2014, 5 or 6 better choices. Border line power forward, Jim was looking for a difference maker Jake is not it.
  14. the weird thing about that trade, looking back now is that all of the players are still young enough to play in the league. Ballard is the oldster at 37, while Howden is 28. Ballard finished in 2014 Oreskovich in 2012 Grabs is still in the NHL Bernier last scored in 2015-16 but played a few games in 2018, still toiling in the minors Howden is in the KHL but played in 2017 It all seems so long ago, yet most players are still around, somewhere
  15. Nah, this guy was a real piece of work, pro life badge carrier type. So long ago now though, like 10 years, I’ve been on this forum for 20, so I’ve seen a lot of people come and go.
  16. GREAT THINGS BREWING IN TORONTO 2016-17 was a building year for the young Toronto Maple Leafs. New GM Caboose elected to make very few moves to the roster he inherited, simply trimming some of the fat from the roster and bringing in veteran forward Scott Hartnell. Despite the lack of activity, the Leafs, lead by their young guns Auston Matthews and Mitch Marner, came within just one point of a playoff spot in the tight Eastern Conference. It became clear that defence was a big concern for the young Leafs, and GM Caboose acted fast on draft day. Star winger William Nylander was sent to the rival New York Islanders in exchange for right-shot defender Ryan Pulock in a move that puzzled many in the hockey community. The premium price was likely due to a dearth of top 4 right defenceman throughout the league, and with the surplus of star forwards the Leafs were forced to make this move. Toronto also added young defenceman Nate Schmidt, who was underutilised on a stacked Capitals team. Schmidt is expected to feature alongside Nikita Zaitsev in a revamped Leafs top 4. Jake Gardiner will play in a reduced role, and feature as a powerplay specialist. With the 14th overall pick, Toronto selected centerman Lias Andersson, who they expect to be a big bodied middle 6 center for them in the coming years. With Matthews, Kadri, and now Andersson down the middle the Leafs C core should be set for years to come. Toronto also picked up Center Fabian Zetterlund, who many agree is an outside shot to be an NHL mainstay, but possesses some high end skill. Going into the season, the Leafs expect their lineup to feature 4 rookie forwards in Andreas Johnsson, Kasperi Kapanen, Connor Brown, and Zach Hyman. Kapanen and Johnsson are expected to feature in the top 6, while Brown and Hyman will ply their trade further down the lineup. All in all, it is expected to be an exciting year for the young Leafs, who are sure to be stronger this season. 2016-17 Team Awards: 2017-18 Toronto Maple Leafs Andreas Johnsson - Auston Matthews - Mitch Marner James Van Riemsdyk - Nazem Kadri - Kasperi Kapanen Scott Hartnell - Tyler Bozak - Zach Hyman Matt Martin - Peter Holland - Connor Brown Morgan Rielly - Ryan Pulock Nate Schmidt - Nikita Zaitsev Jake Gardiner - Roman Polak Frederik Andersen Jhonas Enroth
  17. there is a whole lot of "if" in that statement Counting on Willie in 2010 is like counting on Ferland right now If Ferland was our 1-2 LW that is a really big "if" for our chances. Willie was not really ready to return until 2011 season. He played 57 games in 2010-11 but did not return to his old self until the next season, Ballard played 65 games for us in 2010-11. Also moving Stone Cold Steve and Grabner gave us room to sign Manny, Tambellini and Raffi Likewise we are overstocked with forwards right now, Bernier and Grabs may have prevented some of the signings that worked out for us in 2010-11 If we could package Loui, Virt/Ferland and a 1st for a middling D man we might make that trade today, this time it allows us to sign Toffoli, Marky and Tanev Its kind of funny to say a deal made before July 1, the summer before we win the Pres trophy is a terrible deal
  18. Geeno? Pretty sure the Duke announced that he was did Ambulocetus, who has really been missed.
  19. Are there any teams that are vacant or any GMs not too active willing to give up their squad? I was having a good time in EKL but the league has since shut down. Looking to get into another CDC league
  20. I really wish we can all just agree winning Lafreniere or getting much needed playoff experience is a win-win instead of needlessly going back and forth about what’s best. 

    1. peaches5


      The only losing scenario is they do the play in round and then cancel the the playoffs.


      and we win the play in round.

  21. Just watched some Drysdale highlights and I'm just thinking about how him and Hughes would look together on our backend. He really kind of reminds me of Quinn in the way he skates and hes a right shot with a bigger frame. Is there any scenario that could see us getting this guy? Possible trades? Would Podkolzin be enough and if not what should we add if anything at all? Miller Petersson Boeser Hoglander Horvat Virtanen Lind Gaudette XXXXXX XXXXXX McEwen XXXXXX Hughes Tryamkin Juolevi Drysdale XXXXXX Woo Demko
  22. He got Tim Dunigan-ized by Templeton Peck.
  23. No surprise given his dad was the great Mike Wallace. Strong journalism sure runs in the family. A bright diamond among a cesspool.
  24. I believe that was the whole reason for the video. This was Jake going on camera dunking on a KHLer for insulting his friends. Its just the kind of stupid thing young people are taught is "cool" on social media. I don't see this as an issue of 'intelligence' like some are making it out to be, I think its just immaturity. I just hope he grows out of faster than the team gets tired of him.
  25. Yeah I think I mentioned it earlier but Babych would just quit with the playoff beard after a week or so and just go with the mustache. I don't know if it was the wind drag or just out of modesty, but the guy basically had a legit beard by game four or five. This is Dave after forgetting to shave for one day in the middle of the season. Paul Coffey was actually a decent dark horse candidate when he decided it was time to throw down. Those defensemen don't play around when it comes to this kind of thing.
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