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  2. (GDT) Nucks VS Pens in the Burg

    This platter is looking quite Baer, the schi-z seems to be the only thing left. Phooey Louie!
  3. Team identity and team PR slogan ‘Battle’ in question

    You don’t have to make it personal, don’t even know what envoking a meme means but it doesn’t sound nice. I get it you don’t think enforcers have a place in the game, or that they weren’t a deterrent, as I said of course there were still cheap shots back then, Neely was a big one getting his knees taken out by a Samuelson. Here’s a question for you, aside from him what other big star was cheap shotted at all and or injured as a result in the 70-90’s? Cooke was a major rat, ending Savards career and severing Karlsson tendon with a skate stomp (by accident right?). Did you even watch games back then? I agreed that cheap shots still happened, but how often did it happen to star players? Am I delusional for thinking perhaps your not from that generation..the game was better back then, and I fear for what the league might do to it in the future, like taking fighting out all together, as well as dumbing the hitting down to the point games look like an all-star games without the skill.
  4. Nikita Tryamkin | D

    I believe he has always played on the right ( very common in KHL ) and has stated his preference for the right side.
  5. Team identity and team PR slogan ‘Battle’ in question

    Sad that the fan have to give the coach and players the message. Hope they listen or it will be the GM and owners giving a much clearer message by driving them to the airport. Owners want seats filled and EP fills seats. We are so lucky to have a player like him right after the Sedins retire.
  6. Michael Del Zotto | #4 | D

    Until there is an injury (God I hope we stay healthy) or he's traded. Maybe another team gets an injury, and they come calling for MDZ? I wonder if JB could get us a second in the coming draft?
  7. Team identity and team PR slogan ‘Battle’ in question

    like I said, my entire point/post regarded the NHL's handling/discipline. nothing to do with your viewpoint that the Canucks are 'patsies'. I think there's a measure of truth to your point, but it's a different issue entirely than what my post addressed. we are/were talking about two different things. I'm not apologizing. you can apologize now lol.
  8. Matheson hit on Pettersson

    I lost count how many times Tryamkin hit a guy and the player who got hit had the "what the heck was that" look. He simply is an eighteen wheeler on skates. When he was on the ice I couldn't take my eyes off him as when he simply finished checks opposing players looked different than from others hits. Man I miss him.
  9. Calgary sportsnet host pokes fun at EP concussion

    I agree we have different problems here. I hate having to clean my wife's golf clubs in January, because she has an early tee-time. Oh, and the stupid palm trees are in the way of my harbor view! Yup. We have problems too.
  10. Nikita Tryamkin | D

    Gudbranson is a more aggressive defenseman and more likely to fight... but Tryamkin will definitely react if he feels his goalie or team mates are being threatened... we saw that many times. Tryamkin has one big advantage over Gudbranson... he is a better skater. He can wheel up ice and carry the puck much better. He is not much of a finisher, not much of a shot, but if he learns to dish off at the end of a rush, he could be an offensive positive. Gudbranson is a good hitter, no question, but that extra two inches and 45 lbs does make a big difference and I would rate Tryamkin as more effective physically. Personally I would not trade Gudbranson even if Tryamkin returned. The Canucks will need two physical stay at home defensemen to complement the fast skating offensive smurfs who are already on the team or who will be arriving.
  11. (GDT) Nucks VS Pens in the Burg

    Thanks Mr. Towel. It has been a long 16 years. I appreciate your support.
  12. (GDT) Nucks VS Pens in the Burg

    I don't have a good feeling about this one. I really hope the Nucks can show some cohesiveness and keep up with a fast, talented team. Nilson can steal the show!!! Canucks 2 Penguins 1
  13. Nikita Tryamkin | D

    Gudbranson was very consistent last year when he was paired with Edler. Green has gone with a Tanev - Edler pairing this season, negating the possibility of that.
  14. [Waivers} Canadiens De La Rose

    that's odd. he's 22 he signed at 19 He's played ony 29 NHL games. but his birthdate is the day before the Dec 31st cutoff so I guess technically this is his 4th year? looks like I guessed wrong. sucks for the Habs.
  15. not really, Martin/ Stetcher, how is that different from Sestito/Nolan? Martin/ Guber, how is that different from Domi/Probert? the league does want it both ways, Bruins break Raymond's back, give Rome the longest penalty ever in a cup final Handed both games to the Cali teams, handcuff Gudbranson. (talking about it was Guber's mistake) But the Canucks keep playing into their hand. THey need a |Pat Quinn at the top and Bobby Clarke on the ice. And stop apologising!!
  16. Nikita Tryamkin | D

    Yes and he will cause people to back up a bit along the boards like Burns or Byfuglien does - nobody wants to get absolutely pasted on the boards by a dude trending north of 240 lbs. So what. Thats just one small aspect of defensive play. Don't forget, he is a LHD and plays the left side mostly. Yes, he can play the right side and he was doing a decent job for us as 3-RD, sort of like when Pouilot has his 'better days playing the off-side' but he will have to do helluva lot more on the right side to legitimately challenge a 2-RD who's job is to be a good, sandpaper defensive-d: a job he does remarkably well on his good days. A consistent Guddy would be a value to a playoff contender team. He doesn't have the right set-up to be a super-consistent D in Vancouver, predominantly because defensive Ds like Guddy thrive on chemistry, which is built over long periods of time and Vancouver hasn't had a gelled D-pair except the occasional Tanev-Edler pairing, since our cup-run days.
  17. (GDT) Nucks VS Pens in the Burg

    Guadette going to be the spark we need to play without EP for these couple games GO CANUCKS GO!
  18. (GDT) Nucks VS Pens in the Burg

    What kind of group?
  19. Injury Report: 2018/19 Canucks

    The rest bit is about the concussions and making sure he has no lingering side effects. This could be a win win solution. Get a look at Gaudette while Elias is out. Plus Elias gets a little time to add some strength in the gym. It doesn't need to be a whole month it could be 2 weeks if his concussion symptoms are not that bad. With Demko he had a concussion and is still not cleared yet the Canucks put him on a plane right away. I just don't want them to feel pressure in playing him at all even though he is there meal ticket to being close to relevant in the NHL this season. Only the Canucks know how bad Demko and Petersson are right now. The fact they are not giving any updates on either concerns me a little.
  20. (GDT) Nucks VS Pens in the Burg

    I would enjoy that very much but it seems most of the latent rage will be sitting at home staring at the TV. I don't know if you've heard but on the ice it's all about composure. It's a composed group. So composed.
  21. Nikita Tryamkin | D

    Overall, Gudbranson is a more aggressive defenseman. Tryamkin just seems meaner because he has 3 inches and 45 pounds on Gudbranson.
  22. Matheson hit on Pettersson

    How many times have you seen the whistles put away? Or a team dominating so bad they call a penalty against the flow and change the momentum? Yeh sometimes I just laugh, but sometimes it frustrates the %^^(EE@ out of me.
  23. (GDT) Nucks VS Pens in the Burg

    While I do agree with this, Canucks have had a good history of making a minor league goalie look like a Vezina finalist. Just like you said, I hope we light em up like fireworks on Halloween or a Christmas tree.
  24. Olli Juolevi | D

    well said. I'd also like to point out that if even 1 of our round 3-7 prospects turn out to progress on the same trajectory as a fringe NHL-er, aka Biega for eg, its not worth trading them- especially if they are not 'hype associated round 1 or round 2 busts'. They won't fetch an upgrade of a return. Briesbois will not fetch more than a low round3 player or pick. Which means we are likely to end up with another Briesbois in round3 - someone who is picked 75th or less in their class year, is doing just fine, if they can be a meat and potatoes 'ready to fill in NHL for 15-20 games players'. A solid, long term contender needs these types to plug holes as well over the course of the season. We don't want a scenario of the late 2000s, when we had LITERALLY NOBODY who could play 15-20 games a season that was a call-up, except for Aaron Rome. Briesbois is trending towards an Aaron Rome-esque trajectory - in his peak, in another 2-3 years, he will be a regular call-up guy who can 'Biega' it. Great. If he grabs his chances well and happens to be in a high profile contender team when he does, like Rome did, he may even carve out a bottom pairing NHL steady gig for himself. Also great. Why trade this now, makes no sense.
  25. The thrill is gone, baby..

    1. Tortorella's Rant

      Tortorella's Rant

      our IT office is a blues office. And the thrill is gone..

  26. Place the blame where it belongs: Travis Green

    Agreed on the 650 morning show. Listening to those three try to bark over each other about stupid crap is PAINFUL. I generally listen to the update, the guest and then change the station. I'm not sure what's so difficult about putting together a competent morning show with out idiots screaming over each other but holy hell...
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