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  2. Detroit Red Wings @ Vancouver Canucks Jordie Benn Thatcher Demko Thatcher Demko and Brock Boeser
  3. Where are our resident photoshoppers? We need a Gudbranson Butterfly stat!
  4. This is going to be a great test for the boys who must be feeling good after that home stand. I hope they come out fired up to test themselves against the defending champs. Big game for Demko, we are going to get to see what he's got. I won't be watching since I am away for work on nights, still undefeated when I don't watch this year. 4-3 Nucks in OT
  5. Totally off the topic - but I'm still chuckling at imagining Gudbranson as a butterfly.
  6. Yea this organization dont f around when it comes 2 bad character.
  7. Not what you want to hear about a player. He was young and cocky. Maybe he will grow up, maybe not. Probably the right choice to move on if several teammates were rubbed the wrong way.
  8. Excited to hear how the undefeated comets are garbage today
  9. "It is what it is" comment was a bit over blown. But I believe the Sedins werent very impressed with the way McCann and Virtanen were conducting themselves the year they made the team. Andrey Pedan blasted his character and even Ben Huttons mom.
  10. Yeah, it was spoiled & petty. But as per that review, I'm fine with how it worked out. Let them MotherDuckers worry about 6.8 mill(x eternity) for some prima donna who's no longer hip.
  11. Just comparing the two of Pearson and McCann, I'd say McCann might be more valuable based on about equal levels of offense and being significantly younger, but that said, I'd still do the deal in the end since McCann obviously wasn't fitting here. It's also worth noting that I feel like Pearson could take on an internal leadership role as his time in Vancouver rolls on. I don't expect he'll ever wear a letter (given our rising young stars), but as he gets older and becomes a veteran, I can see him being a Sutter-type player for this team in terms of leadership.
  12. I would delve into a tree of the Kesler effect but I would like to mention he handcuffed the team with basically 1 real destination. Hard to get value in that position.
  13. Honesty I have no confident to win this game, but I hate to predict Canucks loss. My final predication 3-2 Van
  14. Are you referring to the " it is what it is" comment or is there more to the story? I don't think Pittsburgh fans are saying he had poor character. Kind of voided your own comment here.
  15. I prefer to see the return received from the Kesler sale. There are so many side pieces that also came & went, making it not so clear. But at the end of the day, Kesler(who's basically done), has equalled, Sutter & Pearson. Say we were to flip these guys(down the road, even with some retention), for 2 2nd's. Then we'd have a chance at prolonging the value of(what originally was) a 2003 1st used on RK17. That's some pretty nice recycling, when green is good. Sort of like how 1988 1st rounder Linden, has ultimately given us Markstrom today. Recycling past gems is smart.
  16. It's on a case-by-case basis I'd say. Sometimes, it's worth just chillin' out and taking the PP, but if a guy seriously crossed the line (a la Matheson), I'd say it's worth negating a PP to send a message. In that particular case, with Stecher, it worked out perfectly, as the ref was gracious to us and simply added 2 mins to both Stecher and Erne's penalties, which meant we still came out on top, but that of course won't always happen and sometimes power plays can be negated. It's not a hard science IMO and should be evaluated by players based on the circumstances.
  17. Today
  18. The Canucks have been good recently against the Blues. All I'm saying is that they are the champs, they deserve respect. I never thought they'd win that last game against Boston last year. Wore them down I guess.
  19. Let's hope he's not TOO good so that we don't need a top 10 pick to get him. Then after we draft him, he blossoms and the Hughes-Hughes pairing dominates the league.
  20. They are allowed to lose to the Stanley Cup Champions. They should lose to the defending champions.
  21. If a GM wants to pay him "marner money" or "McDavid money" go right ahead. Its a cap league. Our marner, or McDavid, is pettersson. Teams gotta eat.
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