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  2. Admittedly I don't know much about these young guys other than Necas, Bean, Gauthier but I would try to pry a young centerman off of them for Utica next year. A playmaker preferably, maybe Morgan Geekie for Brisebois. Both former 3rd round picks tracking well, Charlotte has some offensive minded d-men with Bean, Carrick and Mckewon, two are right handed. They seem to lack young defensive d men outside of Haydn Fleury so maybe they would be looking to add a defensive minded Brisebois to help out. Carolina is a budget team who appreciates the analytical side of the game, Brisebois could be enticing for them. I see Gaudette more as a winger in the future. Maybe we take a stab at one of Carolinas young centers to help Utica for a year or two and then hopefully come in to play as a third line center when Beagle/Sutter are gone. Carolina is loaded with young talent at both levels and I'm sure there are a lot of eyes on them right now too. We just signed some college d men and have McEneny and Sautner to play strong defensive minutes and Juolevi running the first PP(hopefully). Brisebois is a good kid and a solid prospect but we need to add some skill. Mind you, Boucher, Gaunce and MacEwen are all listed as centers but they don't actually play center full time. We need more centers in the system My main point is that this is a good team to target for a trade, they have a plethora of good young players producing good numbers. I'll throw out a somewhat blind proposal.. Guillaume Brisebois for Morgan Geekie
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  4. I got to play against Benn a few years back. During training camp for our junior B squad our manager was able to organize an exhibition game against a bunch of pros, semi pros and some other miscellaneous junior players who were all in town for a wedding. They were all loser pissed, Benn played defense, he kept dropping his stick and could barely skate. Good times. That was August 2011 before he became an absolute stud, I never went and talked to him afterwards and I never got an autograph. So much regret. The junior team I was playing for used to have the old Dallas Stars themed jerseys, same design and colors but different logo obviously. I had one of the old jerseys in my garage at home, it would of been the perfect thing to get him to sign. Ugh That's my story
  5. My player pool was pretty bad through the first round 11 players each in a 8 team League, I loaded up on Pens. Crosby, Guentzel, Tanger and Murray..all duds. Got pastrnak bergeron and macavoy I don't have the hatred for the bruins anymore, I guess time healed the wounds, although I don't think I would ever pick Marchand. I purposely took Pastrnak over Marchand in reg season and playoff pools. I love Pastrnak as a player, and it's hard not to like bergeron. I have Boston winning the cup over the blues in my bracket. I also have E Kane still, unfortunately we didn't do a banger league so pims don't count :(. Kane had two misconducts in the first round. I took Ellis, Subban and Arvidsson even though I had them eliminated in the first round against Dallas. Stupid decision, I panicked during the draft. Arvidsson went pointless in 6 games, Rocco gramaldi was doing what Viktor should have been doing. Nashville sucks
  6. A Virtanen in the playoffs will do wonders playing on the third line banging the D. Look at what we are seeing in the playoffs this year.
  7. Wtf Wtaf No No. People full on crying in this theater
  8. Good thing the title is all caps or this would be a pointless brain diarrhea thread.
  9. Whats the point of this? Should Dallas get Bozak?
  10. Neither am I. I was just curious for curiosity sake. For example - let’s say that it was the Canucks’ intention to sign one of the following on July 1st: -Panarin -Karlsson -Dzingel. IF the Canucks wanted to add one of the above to the core of Pettersson, Boeser, Horvat, and Hughes, then I’m wondering if a package of [Hutton/Virtanen/10th] lands a young core piece from a cap crunched team to make 6 major core pieces in total (7 if you add Markstrom). -[one of Karlsson/Panarin/Dzingel] -Pettersson -Horvat -Hughes -Boeser -[Hutton/Virtanen/10thOA]
  11. I would take MTS toughness and his scoring. If he was on EPS line.
  12. Already released... It's based on regular season play only and he hadn't played enough to be considered
  13. Two former junior teammate in the BCHL...They both dominated the league and were massive offensive power for the victoria grizzlies..I think if bozak could only get to play with benn on same team one day they could show that chemistry they had years ago...
  14. I don’t believe so, SID.IS.SID.ME.IS.ME would know for sure.
  15. This is very very interesting how high Seider is ranked Bjornfot and Teply sound like good prospects also. Would be awesome to get them with the first second and third round picks
  16. Pears

    NFL thread

    Extremely happy with Jonah Williams at 11.
  17. Edmonton looking to bulk up for playoffs. 1st in play.
  18. Ghostsof1915

    NFL thread

    You know Bruce was his Jeet Kune Do instructor right?
  19. While I agree this won't happen, Botchfords articles for the Canucks have unreal on The Athletic
  20. Baker Street. Good stuff. I actually still have many games f those old records - the vinyl has a warmer sound.
  21. If the Canucks sign him and bring him in after his KHL season ends next year, does he have to clear waivers to play? If so, that could be roadblock to bringing him in at that time.
  22. A Thomas Chabot comparable does sound very enticing I have to admit... Imagine if we had both Hughes and Chabot patrolling our blue line. It's a pick that would require some patience, but the payoff could be huge.
  23. Maybe on Hutton, but I think Virt would have slightly more value than people think. A 23 year old on a cheap deal showing gradual signs of progression and coming off a 15 goal season would definitely garner interest from clubs that think they could unlock more from him.
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