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  2. Sharks terminates contract of Viktor Stalberg. @thejazz97 @somethingvery @Master Mind
  3. Never mind his brother. Edjsell from Nashville was their linemate in Sweden last year.
  4. Why not find another team? If I say more to you I risk a ban.
  5. Today
  6. If were not going to use him I'd like to see him go to Detroit.He can be a good 3-4 line possession forward. And a bottom 6 scoring contributor.Our bottom 6 has been crap for years but all the plugs we've been through get the benefit of the doubt it seems. Subban should go to a less critical market. Detroit would be a good fit I think. Especially since we've already developed him some. 3rd rounder maybe for a eastern conference team .
  7. Bullllll. Come on DC, why you gotta be so scummy like that. But that late vote by GFY does not look good.
  8. IF he looks on a career year, let's say 30-35 goals. Should we cash him in (retaining some salary) for draft picks? ie to a team on the bubble playoff wise.
  9. Goin' thru that whole separation thing. I'm out till I say....
  10. Was the music that played during Vancouver Grizzlies player introductions actual song? If so, what's it called? Starts 0:17
  11. Hey that's not a bad Idea, chug a drink within a lap.
  12. The tickets gets out right before the season starts almost, and when you've signed up, you'll have some hours before they release to the rest. You'll get mails about this so just sit tight. :-) As we've said before, there are no bad seats. (Rogers is kind of famous for that) So you'll see the puck fine wherever you sit. (Obviously you'll see it better the closer you are though.) A regular game doesn't normally have that kind of atmosphere nowadays, but you never know. If the game takes some special turns and the crowd gets excited it can be a blast.
  13. And and and .... To be fair were not even talking the greatest mma fighter here Conor is pretty good for sure ,he beat nate the lesser of the two brothers by anyones standard. Nicks Boxing is off the hook in comparison, and to one up them all Jon Jones , i so hate him, is the best MMA fighter to date. i don't believe he stands a chance for his MMA skills , like in NASCAR Dale Earnhardt could see the wind he claimed of the cars and such. then everyone learned about aerodynamics, he claims to see movement different and definitely has a different approach then most the way he studies different peoples. maybe its B.S . Maybe I'm still butthurt cus he beat my boy once when i never thought he could handle a real test to begin with, i guess well see , one thing i know , im sure ill be eating some crow that day one way or another lol
  14. We should give Subbs some games this season. It's not like the consequences of his playing style are going to drastically change our position in the standings anyways.
  15. @Harvey Spector No way Connor K.Os Diaz, Hes had TWO chances already , Your talking out your ass there a bit Connor is a Tough Dude , talk all kinds of smack about whoever else in the UFC. He would be undefeated right now had he of chosen any other opponent, i seen Diaz take the left and laugh and ask for another Beastmode sickness runs deeep in them diaz boys for those of you who are not fans of either diaz and not sure about them the gracie black belt scares you from going down... The Richard Perez Boxing Makes you have to go down or regret standing up...(worked perfectly in the first match) One way or another there dragging you into hell. absolutely love watching both brothers fight. Connors Victory is a real badge of honor , wish i could talk all kinds of smack about him , tell you hes a sham , nothing special, he would get k.o'd by connor *caugh oh wait, connor had two chances
  16. Ron Perlman with the perfect Trump impression.
  18. Vote: Duchene Nominate: Tatar
  19. I hope he fails big time
  20. I think of these factors (battle level, puck pursuit, pace, play away from the puck) as either "intensity" or "energy", which also includes a willingness to contribute to the physical game. And for players who rely on intensity, it is important to be consistent. Having one high intensity shift followed by a passenger shift is not good enough. Guys who can play with consistent intensity can become legitimate NHL players even if they do not have a high skill level, like Dorsett has. It would be nice if Goldy did play with more intensity, but I don't think that will ever be his strength. His strength is skating and skill with the puck. I think he is a classic "scoring forward or nothing" kind of player. To see if he can be valuable at the NHL level he needs to play with a center who is capable of playing a skill game -- maybe Gagner, for example. If there is a developmental model for Goldobin, I would think it would be someone like Baertschi, who has improved his intensity and his defensive game, but who relies primarily on being a high skill scoring forward. It is true that Virtanen and Goldy are very different players. Virtanen does have the attributes to be a high intensity traditional 4th liner, although he needs to bring that intensity on a consistent basis. That said, I think JV and Goldobin are competing with each other (and a lot of other guys) at soem level because nowadays there is more flexibility in how teams are structured. A few years ago a 4th line was always an "energy line" consisting of guys who could play a high intensity physical game and at least one guy who was the "designated tough guy". However, nowadays teams are also willing to consider playing a 4th line with more skill and less toughness. Teams still want some toughness, but a 4th line of Gagner, Goldobin, and Dorsett would not be crazy. A more conventional 4th line with maybe Virtanen, Gaunce and Dorsett is also possible, as are many other possible combinations. But I think that are a lot of reasonable options in camp this year, not like the recent past when the make-up of the team was a pretty much a foregone conclusion.
  21. So whats the deal with Pettersson? Is he returning to Sweden or staying NA?
  22. Sure and you can do that without rooting for an 18 year old kid to fail but to each their own.
  23. I expected more from those girls.
  24. Doctors can only tell a parent so much. I've been to the doctors and they said not to worry and offered suppliments but they don't actually fix or answer the problem. In my experience, I get a lot more better and useful information from other parents. I asked this question on this forum because I know that there are a lot of parents in this site. Parents are usually open parents with this sort of thing because we have all been through it and know how stressful this can be.
  25. I am with @Alexandre and @Alflives on this one. Here is the scoring line for Gadjovich last year: 46 goals and 28 assists (and +35) in 60 games (1.23 PPG) in the OHL. Listed at 6-2 and 201 lbs, here is a excerpt from the scouting report at Elite Prospects: "Not afraid to get into the mix, and will get under the skin of opponents. Definitely a team-first player that will find a way to make an impact for his line with each shift." And he was invited to Canada's WJC summer camp in the summer following his draft year. To put things in perspective, Brendan Gaunce had a PPG of 1.0 in his drat year, when he was taken in the low first round, and my recollection is that he was never invited to Canada's U-20 WJC summer camp. (He did play for the U-18 team). Gadjovich has the size, intensity and toughness to be a valuable energy guy on a 4th line, and his defensive play is solid and he should be able to provide secondary scoring at the NHL level. The negative is his skating speed, but other guys with his skating speed have become good NHL players, and there is a decent chance he can improve his skating. If he is able to improve his skating as Horvat did (no guarantee, I know), he could be elusive second line power forward the Canucks have been trying to find for a while.
  26. I would rather be the fan that wishes nothing but unending misery and horrible mis-fortune on a few opposing select teams
  27. I would rather be the kind of fan who roots for our players to succeed than hopes that an 18 year old kid from a rival team fails. If its a somewhat arrogant kid like Tkachuk with a rich father then I somewhat get it. But Timothy was raised by a single mother with three boys. I believe Tyson Jost has a similar background. There was a heartwarming scene with his grandfather sobbing. Due to the absence of a father the grandparents tried to fill the void. There are lots of stories like this and there is the reality that many of these kids will undoubtedly not make it to the end. I don't see the point of rooting against them though just because they wear a different jersey, I would rather root against them when they are men and are wearing the jersey full time.
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