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  2. I'd sure like that TO 2020 2nd rounder tho... two 2nd round picks would sure blunt the sting of losing our 1st. Might even pay off better in the long run.
  3. Now Lind gets 2 and 2 for high sticking drawing blood
  4. Hartford get the 1st goal, halfway thru the first period
  5. unfortunately it needs to be a difficult path for her to stay, if at all, otherwise people could use crappy consultants as a reason to stay.
  6. hmm Gretzky and Eichel were not the best skaters, you don't have to be a fast skater to be good
  7. Another option beside being a crybaby as some say, it is a medical issue with him? He should get checked for concussion symptoms He sounds like a guy suffering from one (and after you have had multiple, you don't even need a hit to cause one, even a quick unexpected head movement, will do it) I am one who knows 1st hand He has all the symptoms, easily upset irritability frustration focus, not thinking clearly Normally someone would not say this days later, knowing what the consequences are McSorley never played again after the Brasheer incident, and I am sure if he follows through with his comments, Perrault won't either
  8. I can understand their need to come here. If you’ve been to Montreal their bridges are crumbling, so it’s just not safe for the Trolls to stay there.
  9. oh come on just saw a stat and Boeser out of active American players he is in the conversation with Patrick Cane , Mathews. Eichel, J. Gaudreau. Boeser is 5th ,min 100 games played and points per game!
  10. I kind of think Hughes is such a brilliant player he will make any partner much better. We are in a serious playoff race, so I don’t expect JB will take any player out of our room.
  11. I want my scooter to eclipse 10 kph. But maybe going 8 is fast enough to get the job done?
  12. fair enough. I just feel like he's a little less mobile, but suppose that could also be the way he needs to play with Hughes. I like Chris, solid human and he's given a ton to the team.
  13. no, I'm not on the Green hate train, I just wish he'd stick with whats working when its working a little more. But I also wouldn't care if Benning did want to make a change like that if it put us over the top to get into the playoffs.
  14. Benn got a nice contract, why isn't that enough? He'd also be a regular player there, I think he'd be happy to go on a run with the Leafs.
  15. Don't really want Benn, Schenn or Sven on the club..... I would like to see Rafferty, OJ . or Tree though .....
  16. The Wild declined fast. Staal at $3.25M is going to be a hot ticket even with his modified NTC. Pro-rated, that may be a cap hit that would be very attractive to another team. He also has another year remaining. I can't see the Canucks being able to acquire him for depth due to their cap problems. Carolina has their own cap issues but who knows, maybe a return of the former captain and the reunification of the Staal bros may be possible? Can't recall if there was some kind of falling out. Koivu will presumably also be an attractive target especially if the Wild retain cap for this year. He's on an expiring contract and is solid defensively. Can't see Parise or Zucarello being attractive trade options right now. Their cap hits are too big. Hartman and Foligno are the only other guys I can see the Wild actively looking to part with though I'm not sure how keen Guerin is with building around Fiala and Donato. Guerin must hope Victor Rask can turn it around because at $4M per year, I can't see any team willing to acquire him.
  17. I want him to skate faster and become the perfect much to ask?
  18. Yesterday
  19. Isn't that one of Bob Hartley's former player accused him of bullying?
  20. I agree Brock has a high ceiling but I'm not sold on him long term unless before his next contract he finds another gear skating wise. Dont worry your not the only one , my word choice gets me into trouble all the time on here lol I don't mean to sound like I'm making him the whipping boy but I'm not going to blow smoke up his rear either.... i like brock before he showed his hustle and how much his game has grew , I would have traded him for Mantha , don't get me wrong I still like the idea of trading him but his quieted me down a lot..... i bashed Brock a lot worse before he signed his contract and showed how much he has improved.
  21. Where is everyone getting the idea Dumba would be a good pickup hes on the decline and people want to give up good prospects. Hes not in the top 50. Look at his numbers he is clearly in decline
  22. Times have changed...still feel that way? The value defintely there - given his draft position less then 400 games is considered a bust and he's definitely bought himself a new contract...everyone's gets that we've waited a long time for the results - but they are here now. I'm pretty confident that this isn't going to be his career year - worked his way into Burrows old spot...let's see if he can keep it.
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