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  2. I think GM's need to take a stand on the RFA front. They have no leverage and they completely hamstring teams going fwd. Marner would be the exception, as Dumbass has already set the bar with AM, who is the inferior player to Marner........he really has no choice but to pony up. If Laine, Boes, Tkachunk etc want to hold out for UFA level money, then let them or move them.
  3. its particularly noticeable when UK PMs talk about how their relationship with the US is their most important one.
  4. I think the main agreed is this is definitely 100% fault of JT and liberal communist socialist fascists.
  5. what would they sure for? They are totally different situations, but I guess that never stopped Trudeau haters from wanting to blend them together. Problem is all you do is miss the actual important issues here, like how do we handle situations where countries leave us hanging with people like this. Agreeing with the UK isn't a solution, at all. We're now stuck with this idiot.
  6. Good links. the guy is/was clearly a UK citizen, spent his whole life there. They did offload the issue to us since the Canadian citizenship was something "Jack" never intended to use.
  7. I don't think he ever gelled with this team. He's the second coming of Per-Olov Brasar but paid like David Booth.
  8. You bring up some great points but I think the main one is LUCK. How much did luck help us with the Draft over the past few years? Injuries too? Getting players who would give up their NTC to chase the Cup? We even got unlucky with the Luongo retirement and Tryamkin deciding to move back home. With the bout of bad luck, this also put us on the wrong side of the parity in the league. Given if we were a bit lucky the last couple of years, things might be completely different then what they are now. Benning has done a great job considering what he has been dealt and we are not even privy to what he has been doing behind closed doors. A lot of things are not under his control and I am sure this has affected some of his decisions over the years. The one thing that I am happy to see is that we now have core players with "character" and this will pay dividends for when we finally start playing in the post season. This is something he has been able to acquire over the years and is maybe a little under rated when looking at what he has been able to do so far. All of the concerns with the team last year have been addressed and the overall "depth" has grown to where we are now going to be more competitive then recent years and will only get better as the prospects gain more experience. I could only imagine what JB could do with a little "LUCK" on his side and hopefully we will see it in the next couple of seasons.
  9. The Twins, and Edler weren't going anywhere. Kesler, Burrows, Bieksa and Hansen were traded. What "aging core" was the Aquilinis holding on to?
  10. theres more discussion (well typing, not sure how much reading) going on now than ever before. The problems happen when people are unmovable, don't want to understand the other person, or get told their idea is wrong or hateful. So basically when someone is talking and the other person has no intention of listening. Big shocker.
  11. Ya, pat yourself on the back. You've done absolutely nothing to actually help the town so far. Good job.
  12. 100%!!! I think some people’s brains on here are on summer vacation right now!! It’s crazy!
  13. Absolutely none of this is scummy. You said I was passive, but then you reference SEVERAL times I actively call out players? Oooooookay bud, cuz that makes sense. I called you out for sheeping my reads cuz THEY'RE MY READS WHEN I POST FIRST! You even mention the Z vote that I brought up as being the first vote...CUZ YOU TRIED TO TAKE CREDIT FOR DOING IT FIRST! None of what you've posted about my game makes ANY SENSE in the context of me being "passive" and sheeping your copycat ass. Unreal, how is anybody buying this load of garbage?
  14. You do realize there are many factors in play here. He has a gravely ill father, the market is waiting for Marner to set the market and blaming Jim Benning for that has to be the most ridiculous thing i have heard on CDC this summer. They are clearly giving him respectful space while he deals with what is an awful event in all of our lives , when we lose a parent. Stop trolling and have some respect
  15. Passively throwing in comments? You're an idiot, I've been active the whole damn game, far more active than you, and have been anything but passive. YOU have been sheeping my reads, when I post first that means its MY read, not yours. &^@#. Now you're jumping on Luckys reads, what a lil slime you are. vote toews
  16. Yeah I visited BJ. I was given a package by AV snd I used its contents on BJ. Nice job on the MR lynch. Better whip up some hat soup. Oh yeah, and nice lynch you led on TL. You have literally spearheaded the lynch of 2 Tp, and you wanna act like you're the good guy? Nice. You say you caught me as scum in the random numbers thread? Before you got yer info...oooookay, how does that work?
  17. Eriksson will end up in Utica at some point (if we cant trade him). Hes been given ample opportunity, was struggling to stay in the lineup towars the end of last year. With the additions made he might not even be one of our 12 best forwards.
  18. BJ was putting a lot of heat on the slanking fetchy too, who seems to be too inactive to really care. Would’ve been easy for the two of them.
  19. If you went on twitter ever you would see this already happening? Have a bad opinion? Well now you have been DOXXed. Your name, address and workplace are posted publicly, people are likely going to call your employer and try to get you fired. You will have people showing up at your door at all hours. Your life is ruined. Because you said that one thing on twitter. That place is a vaccuum of leftist pablum where any contrarian ideas are attacked like a pack of wolves hunting a deer. I'm not afraid of the government. I'm afraid of the big tech companies they are influencing to spread their propaganda.
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  21. No problem, he's still got lots of space to tuck his balls in.
  22. Maybe I'm wrong, but doesn't Petey still have two years left on his ELC? And doesn't that mean JB can't even start talking about a new contract until after July 1st 2020?
  23. Huh, well at least those shorts in your last picture are actually short shorts.
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