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  2. Thank You Jim Benning.

    Great, so then you are affirming two things -- the Leafs never did a full tear-down, and despite all those years claiming to be rebuilding never did a #properrebuild either. No applause merited for them. In fact, by that standard neither did the Oilers, Flames, Avalanche, Devils, or pretty much any other team. The closest? The Canucks, having only 2 players left from 3 years ago. If you disagree, please show what teams turned over their entire rosters in 1 or 2 years, "tops". How about just ONE?
  3. My Old School Canucks Themed Race-car

    its not quite done yet but i am excited and wanted to show y'all
  4. [RUMOR] Leafs and Sharks looking at acquiring Panarin

    Man that could be a fun team to watch. That would be a lot of talent to spread over three lines. May not need to have a great D core. Babcock's thing is team D anyway. Winning teams aren't perfect anymore.
  5. meh prolly gonna get sued by Trevor Linden lol jk i am sure no-one cares either way i have always been a lifelong die hard fan, i wear something canucks everyday even the offseason lol this is my first ever post. i hope its allowed and in the right spot and all cool. wooo sah i am a big pavel bure fan, i am also very excited for our future. we have some great young guys coming up. jake virtannen is my current fav player. i hope you guys enjoy the pics of my car and come check a race out in the summer. i am at Vancityracing on IG if anyone wants to gimme a follow Gooooo canucks!!
  6. Cause needless death is hilarious Got a point Rob?
  7. Minnesota selects Austin Watson. @Primal Optimist
  8. Well, sadly the world has been always like this. The only change is the appearance of media/internet. Now you can hear from / read about every little nasty thing that's happening out there.
  9. What are you listening to?

  10. Elite Prospects new Duo Article

    In the O Zone, Dahlen is really good below the dots.
  11. Elite Prospects new Duo Article

    He's not overly fast and yes, he could certainly stand to improve his outright speed. That said, his edge work, shiftiness and balance are FAR from 'average'. IMO, he's the guy who could make Baer expendable, probably not this fall, but by the TDL.... There's no question in my mind that he makes it. Though he's probably a notch below Elite-as Pettersson
  12. When I hear of this kind of thing happening, it really makes me wonder if we're slowly but inexorably heading for a complete breakdown of society. There are no words, it's just unthinkable.
  13. New Jersey Devils going for another future star pick... New Jersey Devils proud to select.. Maxime Comtois !
  14. [RUMOR] Leafs and Sharks looking at acquiring Panarin

    He'll be over 27, which makes him eligible. Capfriendly has him as a UFA once it expires:
  15. Apologies for the hold up, was unable to get online or would have saved you all hours. My bad. That said the Canadiens select defenseman Jeff Petry
  16. Yes, it's called the 'Leaf of bust' rule.
  17. Elite Prospects new Duo Article

    Patric Hornqvist is the comparable for me. Both of them get it done through working hard and hounding the puck. Neither of them are the best skaters or possess great shots, but they have a way of getting the puck to the net, and cleaning up rebounds.
  18. If injuries don’t play a big roll this team can be in the mix for a wildcard spot but it’s gonna take luck to stay healthy this year.
  19. Elite Prospects new Duo Article

    Unfair to compare him to Vrbata. Dahlen knows how to backcheck and isn't a lazy floater. His 2-way game is seriously underrated due to his offensive output. The guy competes and is a 200 foot player.
  20. Wouldn’t Parnarin be coming an RFA though? Is there a special rule that makes him a UFA faster than 7 years I’m missing?
  21. Thank You Jim Benning.

    If you can't sum up an idea into a single paragraph, then it's disregarded... duh. I agree with everything you said btw.
  22. With the inundation of Leaf worship, guess it was time to start fluffing up the Oilers again: Rationale:
  23. I say we pass the Coilers this year, and the Laughs next year. Heck the Laughs D is so crazy bad, maybe we pass those losers this year too?
  24. I doubt any team that trades for Panarin isn't gonna want a deal in place first. My guess is he never makes it to free agency.
  25. [Report] 44 players elect salary arbitration

    Trouba is a very good young D man. Jets will definitely sign the one year deal. I think they will look really hard at trading him though.
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