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  2. All I want is more then 3 goals.
  3. Hahahaha....
  4. A Strong 74 Points Night for the Hawks ...but still sitting on the 24th Place Overall ... lol But the Top 20 is in sight now Brown and Lee combined for 38 FTP´s , Stalock with a win . To many zero´s though ..... could have been a 100 points night
  5. Blown 16 point lead in the 4th. Pathetic.
  6. I'm hoping I can catch this one. First one in a while. Since I posted this pic in my GDT and provided a win for the boys, maybe posting it will spark another one: Anywho 3-2 Canucks win! Bo, Sutter and Dorsett keeps his hot start going. GCG!
  7. another 40 points night but not the big night that the habs are still waiting for. The Habs finished the past week as 13th and gained some ground to the spots above
  8. Sutter , Baertshi and Subban for Galchenyuk and Juulsen The Habs need help now and Sutter is probably better than anyone they have at center at the moment
  9. If you listened to their music then you would know why people like them. In the late 80s and 90s they were as hip as they come. Where I worked it was all uni students and we worked in the outdoors. In camp we listened to the Doors, Zeppelin, The Red Hots, and the Hip. That is the company they kept. In that period they represented Canadian youth culture better than any band in Canada or outside. Lyrics wise Gord is up there with Neil Young and Cohen.
  10. Certainly tastes like it.
  11. Pizza Annex is too close to Pizza Anus for me.
  12. I do like the guy, but man has he been disappointing so far. His first year was something to behold.
  13. I do admire that you'll take shots at Ben Hutton with me while rocking a Ben Hutton signature though.
  14. Today
  15. I tried. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  16. I wonder what the rest of the locker room is going to think of this kid when he comes back...
  17. "Pizza, fresh from the Hutton."
  18. "Hutton's Pizzas" doesn't have that ring to it though, I absolutely wouldn't eat there. I would expect it to be as gross as Pizza Annex in Portland.
  19. Hutton appears to have taken that mantle.
  20. 6-1 record (3 wins in OT)
  21. I always thought that people who got angry at Ferraro for comparing Jake to Hansen were drastically underselling how valuable that type of player can be in your top six. Sure, it might not have been what you'd ideally want in the top ten of a draft, but it's the type of player that helps you win games.
  22. Virt appears to be the tonic the Sedins needed.
  23. I wish Sbisa was here to deliver some genuinely delicious pizzas to Little Caesars
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