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  2. Elite Prospects new Duo Article

    Unfair to compare him to Vrbata. Dahlen knows how to backcheck and isn't a lazy floater. His 2-way game is seriously underrated due to his offensive output. The guy competes and is a 200 foot player.
  3. Wouldn’t Parnarin be coming an RFA though? Is there a special rule that makes him a UFA faster than 7 years I’m missing?
  4. Thank You Jim Benning.

    If you can't sum up an idea into a single paragraph, then it's disregarded... duh. I agree with everything you said btw.
  5. With the inundation of Leaf worship, guess it was time to start fluffing up the Oilers again: Rationale:
  6. I say we pass the Coilers this year, and the Laughs next year. Heck the Laughs D is so crazy bad, maybe we pass those losers this year too?
  7. I doubt any team that trades for Panarin isn't gonna want a deal in place first. My guess is he never makes it to free agency.
  8. [Report] 44 players elect salary arbitration

    Trouba is a very good young D man. Jets will definitely sign the one year deal. I think they will look really hard at trading him though.
  9. Spoken like true Oilers fan or is it TO we will never know
  10. but he alternates his views on odd and even days i thought? that is pretty consistent .. no ?
  11. [RUMOR] Leafs and Sharks looking at acquiring Panarin

    ...unless they end up re-signing him and get both.
  12. I can't believe the Hawks traded Panarin for Saad... That was the beginning of their downfall.
  13. [RUMOR] Leafs and Sharks looking at acquiring Panarin

    The Leaf Fluffers need rehydration from wetting themselves... A great top-6 sure, but a top-9 with Johnsson and Hyman? "Unfair"? Be still my heart... But yeah go ahead, blow more cap on forwards and try to outscore your sieve-like defence.
  14. NHL 19 Thread

    Looking good.
  15. [RUMOR] Leafs and Sharks looking at acquiring Panarin

    "may be looking at acquiring" that is pretty strong language how about another one "earlier today jb thought about what the canuck line up would look like with ____ in it"
  16. AAV: $1.15 million
  17. Elite Prospects new Duo Article

    Strange comparison for me there. But I see what you’re getting at. The two are completely different players imo. They’re both smart and hustle, and both have a clutch element to their game. But... Dahlen is an average skater, which is something that could improve, but his hallmark is his smarts, his hands, and his ability to finish, and specifically effective offensively below the circles and around the net. Burrows was smart, and figured out how to play with the twins, otherwise he was a bottom 6 pest with very limited offensive upside. When I think comparison for Dahlen, I think Gus Nyquist, Mike Cammalleri, Radim Vrbata... Skilled Top 6 - 20-35 goal, 40-60 point winger. Great piece, but not a core element.
  18. Jake Virtanen | #18 | RW

    For fun, here were the HF summaries for Kesler and Burrows that year - sound familiar? Apparently it was unlikely due to his "weak shot" that Kesler was destined for much more than a third line and Burrows, who was much older at that point, had "no hockey sense" and was never going to score anything close to his minor league numbers. Good thing for Canuck fans these predictions are so often not only wrong, they are laughably so. Ryan Kesler, C (Age 21) – Kesler played on a wide variety of lines during the course of the season in a number of different roles. However, he spent most of his team on the bottom two lines in a checking-line role and getting some penalty kill minutes. Later in the season, when it became clear that the “West Coast Express” line of Todd Bertuzzi, Brendan Morrison and Markus Naslund was not playing to the best of their abilities, Kesler got some minutes playing with both Bertuzzi and Naslund, mostly apart, but occasionally together. Despite scoring 30 goals in 2004-05 in the AHL, Kesler failed to show impressive offensive prowess this season, scoring just 10 goals and 23 total points. His shot was weak and inaccurate and his offensive instincts did not shine through. As the season went on his overall play improved. He became increasingly physical and drops the gloves several times, including a fight with Flames star Jarome Iginla. Overall Kesler’s play left a lot to be desired and there is no question that he needs to demonstrate greater offensive flair if he hopes to be more than a third liner and penalty killer. The outlook for Kesler is not clear at this point. Alexandre Burrows, LW (Age 25) – Burrows got the call to join the Canucks on Jan. 2 and stuck with the team for the rest of the year, appearing in 43 games, scoring seven goals and five assists for 12 points. He also received 61 minutes in penalties. Burrows has good speed and demonstrated an aggressive and intense style of play. After scoring four goals in his first 12 games in the NHL, he scored in only one of his remaining 31 games (the exception being a notable one, a hat trick in a 7-4 win over the Kings). The third goal never actually touched Burrows, but was not changed. To be effective, Burrows has to play at a high level of intensity that is nearly impossible to maintain over the course of a full season. Because he is not particularly big at 5’11, 190 lbs, he also runs the risk of accruing injuries due to his frenetic and physical style of play. And there is the problem of Burrows having poor hockey sense and very limited offensive talent at this level. Burrows has been a 30-goal scorer in junior and the ECHL, but clearly is not able to put out anything resembling those stats at the NHL level.
  19. NFL thread

    I'd like to see the Bengals get in because they helped get the Bills in last year. If LeSean McCoy gets suspended, the Bills definitely won't be back in the playoffs this year.
  20. Thank You Jim Benning.

    Those guys are ok. They are regulars here and are entitled to their opinions. It's the feeble minded ones that get their thrills by getting responses to their genius troll jobs. Luckily they go away when members stop responding.
  21. The BC Real Estate Discussion Thread

    Yay! oh wait. I coulda used this years ago. but still. Yay!
  22. I mean if it's Nylander and a a prospect for Panarin that's a good deal for the Leafs.
  23. Elite Prospects new Duo Article

    Indeed, simply look at the numbers: He scored 57% more points than the next-closest player on his team, while playing 8 less games. He put up a full 1PPG, and only one other player with over 30GP even put up more than 0.5PPG. Far and away the best player on a team that won its way into the top league, and led it at only 20 years old. Outscored Pettersson when playing with him the previous season when they were 19 and 17. " the case that he doesn't pan out..." -- zero evidence of that happening. It's just a matter of when he makes it -- out of camp, sometime this year, TDL, or next season.
  24. NFL thread

    Yeah Dalton likely isn’t going to get better, but he’s a quarterback that if he gets protection and has a decent enough offense, he can get the job done. The run game will almost certainly be improved as well with Glenn and Price, which will help.
  25. Jake Virtanen | #18 | RW

    Actually that just strengthens the point that Jake can still become a good player for us. If he can put up the same points at the same age with lesser linemates and icetime, there's still plenty of time for him to reach a top 6 level.
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