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  2. I can understand the desire by fans to try and recover something for Ericksson if his future in Van is done. He can still play in the NHL but not in Vancouver. Keeping him on the roster, even if he is sitting, has a lot of downside risk. Disenchantment can cause problems. I am hoping he has a strong camp and Benning is able to move him to a club that can play him. Retain CAP if necessary but any sweetener has to be of the 4 or 5th Rdr variety.
  3. Is Loui retiring? Nothing seems to indicate it, but I guess we can make his life miserable until he does. Good look on a team.
  4. Maybe if they didnt keep trading top players for garbage it would help. But tgen again, like the Leafs, the Oilers think McDavid and Draisaitl are good enough that it doesnt matter who they play with. They better figure it out because if they dont, McDavid is going to request a trade. He is ultra competitive and wont want to stick around for yet another tear down and rebuild. Thats where they are headed though. Anytime a GM totally &^@#s over his own team or a top prospect busts it needs to be known as "Getting Oiler'd".
  5. Not really here to argue back and forth how are these guys comparable sure they would both be 3rd on our centre depth chart but sutter gets17-19 minutes a night when healthy Guad gets sub 13....
  6. Thanks for sharing Hip. I thought this paragraph needed to be underscored. My wife and my kids have status, but they certainly are not "given money" by the government. The only tangible benefits we have received are free prescriptions (for them, not for me) and the occasional tax free purchase. (We have a gas station on reserve land. They allow FN people to take delivery of purchases on their property) My mother in law is also a Residential School survivor, having been sent from her home in the Hazeltons to LeJac as a child. Luckily, she didn't have to endure the same atrocities your father did, but she did witness beatings, etc. She managed to avoid mistreatment, mostly because she did exactly as she was told. Still, it was a traumatizing experience for he and she never talks about it. I also had to smh at the "they were granted land" mantra. It was their land to begin with. All of the other "benefits" that are being decried by many of the posters here (and many Canadians in general) are the result of legally negotiated treaties. It's literally like signing a lease on something and then complaining about having to pay the rent. Certainly there is a problem with mismanagement of funds bu band councils, but that is a problem that can be tackled. What it takes is leadership that won't be cowed by the prospect of instituting oversight and the resultant claims of racism that would accompany such oversight.
  7. The LA Kings have placed Valeri Nichushkin on waivers. @Nail
  8. Agreed. Also, the 'plan' to push for the playoffs came from Aquilini, so JB is following through on what his boss has requested of him (and doing a pretty good job of it).
  9. That's just it. We've already got a few too many players we're going to have to move/sit/demote even without Eriksson in the lineup and I don't particularly see him getting ice time over any of them. I'm with you, sorry, Motte's not sitting for him. At BEST he's 13th F until Roussell's back and even that's a stretch. IMO, he's done being a Canuck.
  10. His comments about his usage and about Travis Green will not make it any easier for Eriksson to move up the lineup. I know Travis personally and know the way he is. A stubborn need to hold Eriksson accountable might not be completely accurate but it is certainly closer to the way Travis would likely view this situation than some seemingly misguided notion by Eriksson that this approach will make Green move him up the lineup. Realistically its on Eriksson to prove Green wrong. He needs to come to camp ready to earn what he gets. He certainly isn't getting the benefit of the doubt from Travis with so many other options available to him. I think if Eriksson is still here he deserves every opportunity to earn a more prominent role. But gifting him one based on his contract or his frustration is just not in Green's DNA as a coach.
  11. God, shut up about fighting. What I'm excited about is that we signed a guy who plays a power game and produces, we did not sign him to go headhunting or fighting all the time. Unnecessary fighting will lead to more concussions and do not make an impact at any point in the game. Guddy was a good fighter but a terrible HOCKEY PLAYER, stop talking about this useless BS, it's hockey, not ****ing boxing.
  12. To be fair I can't take credit for that term. Heard it in here from someone else. But it's a good description. Did you forget the first three seasons of the Benning era where the word "rebuild" was verboten? ... I started making a list of all the "support pieces" JB brought in via free agency or trading for picks or prospects, that were brought in to, at the very least, get us a playoff spot, but frankly I don't have the time. No one can predict how our team would be composed of if instead we'd have kept more picks, or held back on term or salary on a few of the middle of the road pickups in that desperate attempt to make Aquilini some playoff revenue and instead had the cap room to spend that on one or two elite players, preferably one on defence. It is what it is. We're now at the cap limit and will be for the next few years with what we have now, give or take. Are the support pieces of a calibre to win us the Cup? We'll see. You're right though, accidental rebuild isn't really accurate. More like a clumsy retool. But dammit, I don't want to be dragged into this argument again because what's done is done. I believe one can be honestly critical of the past and still shrug it off and be stoked about the future. I'm happy we are now a better and finally tougher team too. We now have a real shot at it. and if you can't be with the one you love honeylove the one you're withdon't be angry - don't be saddon't sit crying over good times you've hadthere's a girl right next to youand she's just waiting for something to do - Steven Stills
  13. That's nice! I've said this before, I used to take the train years ago from Seattle and Vancouver, and it goes through White Rock, and everything time I would think how cute White Rock is, just in awe, thinking what a cute little town this is! I was going to go to White Rock once, taking the Canada Line and then the bus, followed by walking, but I took the ferry to Nanaimo instead.
  14. Squamfan

    NHL 20 Thread

    Still looks like crap
  15. The problem is, we're stuck in a bind of our own creation. We have to move on from Eriksson, as he's become....redundant. But we have to make him more relevant. Playing him further up the lineup, hopefully will pay enough dividends that we can secure the thing that we want, trading without appearing to be the desperate one in the trade. It is gambling.... I'd rather go with a lineup that didn't involve him at all, and I'd think we'd be better off with the subtraction. But, we're left in a spot where that isn't going to happen. So, you chart a course, hope for the best, and if the gamble doesn't work, you move on if it is costing the team. That would mean a lot of healthy scratches.
  16. I don't see why Twitter doesn't extort Trump. Imagine Trump without Twitter/attention. It's all he's got. Twitter could gain an incredible amount of political capital if they chose to. I wish they would use a filter and replace his message with unicorn and rainbow emoticons.
  17. You must be from the future. Otherwise, what a dumb, pretentious/presumptuous/assumptive comment wadr.
  18. This is just perfect, the song, the siren the blue colours. Everything about this is perfect.
  19. If you're looking to 'pump and dump' him I could see the point. But I don't think he's earned the right to be penciled in that high in the lineup. And I think if it's about winning games, the best I could personally do is (with Roussel out). Miller EP Boeser Pearson Horvat Baertschi Eriksson Sutter Ferland Leivo/Motte Beagle Virtanen But even there, I don't like the idea of sitting a player like Motte - maybe the team's best relative performer and most consistent effort last year.... I'm not sure I'd be willing to send the message that LE deserves ice-time more than a Tyler Motte - who imo is an ideal shutdown unit winger - great puck pursuit, relentless energy, always physical, 9 goals last year, 2 of them shorthanded, while getting 33% ozone starts....LE is certainly a better option if you're moving him up the lineup, but I'm not sure he's earned that or is a better fit on a shutdown unit. Tough one for Green considering he's questioned being utilized as I'm suggesting here....
  20. This is exactly it. The entire 2016 campaign was all about how terrible things were and how only Trump could fix it. Now, we have progressives who think things are terrible and they want to fix them....starting with ousting the Liar/Racist in chief. If anything, they're the patriots.
  21. You are pretty sure about that are you? You are pretty sure about a lot of things that you couldn't possibly know. Most of which are outright fabrications and completely ridiculous, just like that one.
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