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  2. Craig Button: Instead, he foresees Podkolzin assuming a valuable complementary role, like the Chicago Blackhawks' Dylan Strome - a top-six forward with the ability to score 60-70 points per season. Podkolzin about playing on a line with Gusev & Datsyuk: Podkolzin's first opportunity to skate alongside high-end pros came when he made his KHL debut with SKA last November. After idling on the bench well into the third period of a blowout win against HC Avtomobilist, the head coach sent him out for a shift with two of SKA's leading scorers: Nikita Gusev, who left Russia in April to sign with the Vegas Golden Knights, and former Detroit Red Wings legend Pavel Datsyuk. Podkolzin - who told the KHL's website at the time that his legs were shaking as he left the bench - wound up taking 14 shifts across three games with SKA this season, averaging 3:30 of ice time per contest. Between those call-ups and his international obligations, he only got to play 14 games with SKA-Neva, the franchise's farm team, and 12 with SKA-1946, its major junior affiliate. Podkolzin about draft day: Speaking via a translator at the NHL Scouting Combine in Buffalo earlier in June, Podkolzin said his sole hope for the draft is for his name to be called in the first round: "Whatever that number is, that'll be the number."
  3. IMO Schenn is gone. Usually these kind of depth player, who kind of just rejuvenated their career, re-signs right-away with their team. Fact that he hasn't yet, tells me either JB tried to lowball him so bad he felt insulted, or the more plausible scenario, he got greedy and is trying to get a longer term deal on the market to secure his future, based on his end of season success and JB kind of decided to go in another direction. By the time Schenn goes around the league to see if the grass is greener elsewhere and realized it isn't, there won't be anything left for him in Vancouver, unless JB's plans all fell through.
  4. Sorry buds, I got back from vacation and then got really sick . Finally I’m getting back into life, and will get the ball rolling back into sims too. Please send rfa/ufa offers so we can get the FA going!!
  5. Rushin' the Russian. Lets leave that to the Oilers.
  6. Another great move by JB. Looking forward to seeing what he can pull off next.
  7. Trade Hutton and thn pull a trade for colin miller.
  8. Are you guys insane? Hahahah Do you really think someone couldn’t and wouldn’t EASILY beat those offers? Not even close. He is a solid 40+ point dman every year. Reading these boards is like watching Peter Pan and Pinocchio talk about their day. Pure fairy tales. Top players require top players. Not a pile of our garbage.
  9. Maybe we take back a couple of Dallas bad contracts ( Hanzal and Nichuskin ) and buy them out.
  10. Why would the Canucks want Podkolzin buying out of his KHL deal? Free development and it seems like the KHL is a better development league for Russians than the AHL.
  11. This looks like a great pick and a match with Petey. Exactly the player Petey can be creative with. The third on the line should be a more physical player and why not Virtanen.
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  13. Would Dallas be an option for LE. His family has apparently moved back there. Could we trade LE for Hanzal and Nichuskin and buy them out?
  14. Yeah not concerned in the slightest about anything with Miller. Pretty sure the Canes are already on record saying they will buy out. Pretty sure Marleau end back up in SJS on league minimum which is something they actually need.
  15. He gets paid to play hockey... If Green wants to make a fool out of him and Benning, why should Loui bother? Loui gets his money and Green has to replace him on the rooster. It looks like a lose lose scenario for Green. The drama you fans are causing shouldn't be anything Green and Benning to bother about. Hence I call them weak leaders if they do...
  16. The Ottawa Senators have made their first trade under their new General Manager. Two veterans are departing, with more veterans inbound alongside draft picks.
  17. Miller won't have NMC or ntc with us. So we'll be ok. Plus we won't need to trade him in 4 yrs. He'll be 30 when contract ends. Even if tom dundon buys him out. I don't think SJS want marleau back. Just my opinion based on experience. What purpose does it serve. He left for big money and leafs. Either he retires or plays a year in CAR. Hard to see how SJS make room for him. They're trying to win a Cup. Marleau does not help toward that goal. He waived for CAR because he's going to ask SJS to sign him. They'll say no and he'll retire or play for canes
  18. Another player from this draft I was surprised was around at our pick. I had Pod at 6 and this guy as a late 1st. He's not huge but it's not about the size of the dog. He is a tad older, with the late 2000 birthday but still a great pick imo. Sounds like he's not the best skater but has silky soft hands. When you are smaller you gotta be aggressive, fast and/or illusive. Sounds like he somewhat checks two of these boxes at a high level. Could be a great linemate with Bo one day.
  19. His projected contract is around 6 mil for 7 years from EW:
  20. Well I guess they are only cap hit for 1 year, they pay out over 2. Either way the extra value is that they are buying out his contract so he can play in SJ since it was the only way toronto could get him to waive his nmc.
  21. 3.8 mill is correct. Thx. I think CAR try to make him stay. SJS don't have room for him. SJS are very tight against the cap. They will keep Joe Thornton. Have to sign Timo Meier and others. Might even have to let pavelski go and keep nyquist. Donskoi Meier lebanc Thornton I'm not sure SJS want marleau back. Pavelski is 34. What do they do with him.
  22. So you believe Loui would report to Utica?
  23. You're still missing the point. I'm in no way suggesting we should have gotten Marleau instead, or that the Miller trade is bad or any of that. I'm saying the cost for Toronto is inflated greatly because he is being bought out to let him play somewhere else. If he was only a cap dump and he was playing in Carolina this year then you could basically keep all items in the trade the same and just remove Toronto's first. If, and im only saying hypothetically because its obviously not the case, we were buying out Miller so he could sign somewhere else then we would be getting a similar or more comparable return to the Canes.
  24. It's a 1 year penalty. CapFriendly has a buyout calculator:
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