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  2. Petey looks old AF, Virtanen looks like an older Jim Benning, Bo like the night king and then Boeser I'm pretty sure will actually look like that when he's older
  3. Outside of Shaft (shut yo mouth!) but I'm talkin' about Shaft, my favorite movie from the genre is:
  4. I'm with you Alf you could lend him to Europe its the same as sending him down to Utica you still get about the same cap relief
  5. I keep seeing Sutter vs Beagle. i would keep both and put them in the same line for an elite shutdown line that TG can ride for tonne of hard minutes (perhaps with Roussel once he’s back). Then we can have an easy-minute, low-minute offensive development line - maybe Baertschi Gaudette Virtanen. There’s gonna be a line that TG plays very little, I’d rather have a third scoring line and one great shutdown line than two defensive-ish forward lines.
  6. Canucks are top 8 this year, around 100 points. All the core guys have breakout years. Our goaltending is unreal and we have to goals to back it. When our power play/toughness is firing teams will think twice about taking liberties and stupid penalties. Hughes and pettersson are penalty drawing monsters.
  7. Those are hilarious. Pettersson looks like he's 90 and Loui looks like an old biker.I think Horvat looks a little bit like Edler lol
  8. People who buy into the idea that complaining about something equals you hate everything about it are dumb and you shouldn't even engage them. It's so wildly ignorant and simplistic it's impossible to even discuss with them. I really avoid blocking people, maybe 2 people in the time I've been here? But it's a tool people should use...
  9. IMHO even Goldobin is to much of a sweetener. If he has a decent start to the season I think there will be a market. Retention is almost a certainty.
  10. He’s still not signed. He might get this kick.
  11. It was nowhere near that well spoken. Trump made a stupid statement that he didn't need to make. It wasn't necessary. He was going for a personal attack because he felt slighted. This weasel has the thinnest skin of any president in history. They should have. This is crap, right here. This company should have been exposed for this ignorance. Hopefully this company goes belly up, as turning your nose up at a fair portion of your workforce is deplorable.
  12. He looks like Charlie Bucket's uncle from the original Charlie and the Chocolate Factory movie.
  13. Probably as well as the most recent Shaft film. When you take into account that marketing is usually around twice the budget of any movie (give or take), Shaft cost the studio about $65M to make and market, and its only pulled in $20.8M worldwide. Any other version would do just as poor.
  14. I think 1/3 if not 2/3 of lynch was scum and somehow a tie happened. There's gotta be scum somewhere in there. who didn't vote?
  15. Is this the last kick at the can with the Canucks for Goldy? Can't say they haven't given him a chance.
  16. How many posts have we read where one of us Canuck’s fans tells another poster to go cheer for another team if they don’t like ours? I think Trump’s base a (in their minds) fans of the USA. His comments definitely appeal to those people, and others who (might not be supporters of (“The Donald”) have similar thoughts. It’s like the Quebec issue here too. Are there any of us that haven’t heard someone say those Québécois should just leave, or they Siphon too much from our country? They should just leave if they don’t want to be part of Canada? To many of us comments like Trump just made are ignorant, but I really believe there are a lot of people who believe the same.
  17. I'm the town doctor. Specials should contact me. I don't like you Mr.SK person
  18. Who really thinks Juolevi is going to make a big difference to the 2019-20 Canucks?
  19. Yeah remember why we traded for him.....acquired him to get rid of a garbage UFA signing by Benning named Sam Gagner.
  20. Yup. Fun fact: That contract buy-out basically screwed the Panthers out of signing Panarin. The Rangers had retained $900k in the trade to the Oilers, and when it was bought out the hit was reduced to $300k, allowing the Rags to up their offer. Province article on it here. So we got them back a bit for the Luongo recapture.
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