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  2. Only Dahlin, would be worth the price due to his potential. Pass on any other Sabres D, if the cost involves a pick higher than the second round for any years; and not sure what happened with the Sabres but even with Dahlin, the Sabres still finished worst than us (perhaps goaltending was the issue ?).
  3. I don't know. Never say never, but if one of the reasons teams (and the Jets are shopping Ehlers) is because how friendly his cap hit is, the exact opposite would apply to Laine. Right now, and probably for the rest of his career, Laine is not a sound player defensively. He's not as bad as people have said, as he was one of the better Jets in the playoffs this year, and was good defensively. However, he doesn't have the speed of an Ehlers to "jet" back into his own zone. But, even though he'll cost $9M-$10M to extend long term, there's the "It" factor of having a player like him on your club, which is why the Jets will keep him, and also why other teams (regardless of the contract) would also pay through the nose to get him. That other factor, aside from the the obvious ones (ie: shot, PP, goals), is that he puts butts in seats and his name sells jersey's. At the end of the day, only one team wins the Stanley Cup, so the odds aren't in any club's favor that "This will be the year." So GMs knowing that, while wanting to put a competitive enough product on the ice to make it to the playoffs, also know that the season is 82 games long. How to do you get fans to show up to game 51 and buy merchandise, especially when the team isn't firing on all cylinders? I'll tell ya, for years, that's why I've gone to Jets games. Even when they've crapped the bed, I know that at the very least, Byfuglien will do something that will make it worth my money. I'd wager that's why they don't trade Patrik Laine. He does the same thing. You pay attention when he's on the ice, and he'll sell jerseys. As talented as Ehlers is, as responsible as he is defensively, and as nice as his contract is, he doesn't have that "It" factor.
  4. I thought about this Alf and the first thought I had was "because we cannot have him and Edler come in and be our top defenseman and then both go down sometime in the season with injuries". Then I thought more optimistically and thought, if JB can acquire another top 4 dman through FA, then we could take pressure off of Tanev and Edler by adding Hughes and the FA. Ideally this would be the best scenario and we would definitely have to cross our fingers that the less ice time the better chance we have of keeping these two healthy. Then we could keep Stecher on the 3rd pairing with Schenn and we would have a better balanced dcore. IMO of course.
  5. I would view Trump keeping the US out of open warfare as a win for the innocent people who would not have to suffer because of open conflict. That's the Iranian people and the American ones. Yes, Hillary was (is) cute. Still hard to believe the US voters preferred Trump though. People coin Hillary as a war monger, but I don't agree. We shall never know how she would have handled these situations.
  6. 7 top ten picks in 5 years when did this happens virt julolevi petterson hughes are those the fails you are talking about? because those are the top ten picks
  7. Could be actual post restrictions put in place required to fulfill certain actions. But I doubt that’s the case for all the slankers, and that could still be good or bad. All we have to judge them on is there round 1 play right now.
  8. Yes but you get my point, he will “smarten” up aka direct his agent
  9. As the draft gets closer and nothing with the Canucks is happening combined with Benning trying to save his job. Rumors abound about the #1 pick in play for some team's cap relief cast off and the need for the the club to make a splash. The cap relief cast off is an exaggeration as there are no particular players mentioned except Ghost, the Canucks #1 - 10th overall pick for Ghost, another undersized dman. I think most true fans understand this team needs another 2 or 3 years of rebuilding to fill most of the necessary spots to become Cup contenders. IMO things to be worried about to do with the team; Trading away picks for immediate mid range players Signing bad contracts for older UFA's Not using the cap space wisely, using it up rather than as an advantage for picks. Ignoring next year's draft, probably the best in 20 years Not thinking more than 6 months ahead. Getting fleeced, trading away what decent prospects the team does have either in the minors or Europe for roster spot players Not planning for what other teams will be doing Or Not Benning has never made more than two - three mistakes Trust that his UFA contracts will not handcuff the team in 3 years Trust his highly developed and much talked about scouting and player evaluation skills and then wait up to 4 years to see results All the media are wrong, ignore them. Re-explain what Benning means, redefine what he says for comfort. The draft is in 2 days, going? I am.
  10. 10th for Point?

  11. TMZ Dhaliwal mentioned it this morning on the radio. Assuming like the rest of panic-inducing rumours he's been spreading, it likely comes from Edler's agent.
  12. Tanev 50% retained is good value for these cap strapped teams. You obviously gamble on his health but 2.25 mill for a top 4 22+ minute dman is very good. We’re still in the process of rebuilding and by the time we’re going for it Tanev will likely be too old. Get the picks and prospects and buy somebody younger in FA. Don’t need both Edler and Tanev.
  13. I'm pretty sure some of the low posters are deliberately slanking because they're scum. I just don't see TL and WW posting this infrequently if they're town.
  14. The mountains aren't close enough for me for that to be feasible. Not sure if the local ones are high enough, too. Interesting idea, though
  15. Benning needs to be in on every trade. And has to do it NOW. Millennials have spoken. Where are they sourcing that, just hearsay? If so, then it didn't take long for Jimmy to call his bluff.
  16. I wonder if the Jets would consider keeping Ehlers, and trading Laine? The return could be astronomical!
  17. It’s hard for me to develop my reads when certain people go days without posting
  18. Hard to say. Some seem to think his value's relatively low but I doubt BUF want to dump him for middling assets. They do need a goalie and want to compete sooner than later so I could see them possibly having interest in Marky. Tanev would arguably suit the match up role they had Risto square pegged in to better but I doubt either of those pieces alone would be enough. Perhaps some sort of package with them and/or our 2nd/a B prospect...
  19. Third option. Dumbpf and his illegitimate administration are fabricating information about Iran attacking two oil tankers that doesn't jibe with what members of the crew have publicly stated. If the US goes to war against Iran, it will be a mistake that Dumbpf has made that could potentially create a wider and far more ominous global conflict that the US can't handle. They will, as they share a single brain cell and do as they're told, and nothing more. They're bloodthirsty, deranged people looking to defend their "freedom". Hopefully Iran ends up being the adult in the room, as it looks nearly impossible for that to be the US.
  20. Game 7 in '94 was a way better game to watch than 2011. The '94 team seemed to have (regardless of the injuries in 2011) more fight in all the players' bellies. Trevor was incredible that game! Best player on both teams by far.
  21. I seen the same officiating and injury concerns in 94' and I was on the edge of my seat for 2 months in 94'. I didn't even watch the end of game 7 in 2011. It sounds like you didn't even watch the 94' series and I think you would think differently if you did.
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