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  2. 146 - 146bc the beginning of the Roman Empire
  3. Yes, I thought the same thing about Bo 2 years ago, but Bo proved his ability when we had little talent and the sun was setting on the Sedinery. Bo has proven himself, not just as a scorer, but a consistent play maker. Needless to say, we should hold BB to the same standard. BB has shown he can put the puck in the net, but is he a play maker that can change the tempo/course of a game all by himself? Haven't really seen it yet. Don't know if its because he's psychologically hampered by the back injury he suffered, but lets hope not. Was the success he experienced last year due more to the Petey factor than his ability to take his game to the next level? I don't know, but I agree we need time to make that evaluation. Suffice to say, I'd hold off on the "superstar" label for another year at least.
  4. Yep. This has my hopeful vote. I also agree with Benn. I think he will be a great add.
  5. loaded question, I know Just wanna know where you're at I'd like to read more from your friends too
  6. If you got to vig stammer or toews Who would it be?
  7. And poof, you appear You know, there's an old saying
  8. @Maple I'd love it if you'd share your thoughts @SixFootFiveAndJackedAF Same from you Where are you at with your boy Hoggers?
  9. For sure having a solid prospect pool in place does wonders. And is crucial. No debate there, I am on board however it is prudent to note that it is better not to spend that currency until you know what you need.... the best option is to build up the farm and then... when u need it, make the trades from a position of strength. That’s the winning hand. But I get your point - that the team was so decimated by years of Burke, Nonis, and then Gilles.... none of which could draft or lead a draft team worth a damn.... that there was &^@# all to work with. So maybe we had to not be a total joke to sell tickets and keep the team here in Vancouver. I’m ok with that. But just because we needed to do it to save the team here in Van doesn’t mean that it is the right method to build a team. It patently is not. Anyone can see that. What we saw was the result of business pressure to fill seats. Every year offer some hope. And pray it works. JB has done a good job at this - which is why he got a contract extension. The only question that remains is can the team win a cup in the next 5-10 after going through this process? As I’ve said t all depends on the stars... are they top20? Top 10? Top 5 in the league at their positions? That makes such a huge difference. If they are good enough we have a great chance.... here is to hope!!!!
  10. Now I see them, Owen Tippett is gonna score more than 23 points imo Are these the projections or fantrax's own projections Wrong league but point remains lol
  11. I suppose this is fair? But they, literally, spent 4 1st round picks & Ferland on their current D (Hanifin, Hamonic) and Lindholm. Drafted their core, in Monahan, Pee Wee Hockey & Tkachuk. There is parity on auto pilot, when the reality of those cap hits surfaces. That said, why is the onus on a first place team to improve? Buy it, or not, their mantra a well known theory that a top team has to go out at least once in the first round? To learn its lessons before it truly rises. That may be BS, but both Calgary, and Tampa more notably, have to sing that song to their troops. And their fans. They may make bigger moves at the deadline. If you include the top 3? Florida with Barkov, Trochek and Borgstrom looks pretty wicked. NYR's can be brought up, although Zibanajed is even older than Trocheck & Barkov. (By memory). And his tag teams are Chytyl, Howden & Lias Andersson. But honestly, the obvious choices are Calgary & Edmonton. Calgary, if you deploy Lindholm in his native C position behind, or ahead, of Monahan. Cheating? Maybe New Jersey may join, with Jack Hughes & Nico Hischier. Draisaitl & McDavid were 4th & 1st in scoring, Draisaitl over 50 goals for Edmonton. Its head and shoulders above anyone ATM.
  12. Haven't we had three different NF times so far? Maple, Z and Hogs still to vote
  13. I agree. There's no way Benning gives Brock $7M without buying free agent years. He may even give him $7.5M on 7-8 year deal. But he won't be offering any 5 year deals and I'd be surprised if he offered any 4 year deals. I think it's either 3 x $5.5M or 7 x $7-7.5M. I'm hoping it's long term.
  14. Sometimes I think he should shut it. He's a former 1st rounder too, and if he impresses right out of the gate he should get some NHL games. But that's just me.
  15. This was very much so expected. While I am slightly surprised that Benning would state flat out that he won't have a shot at making the team out of training camp, this was always the most likely scenario.
  16. Cody did a Q&A regarding AEW in Canada. His response: You’ll probably get that update in the next two weeks I’d say. Of course we’re not gonna leave our brothers and sisters of the North without their AEW. We have Kenny Omega. We have Chris Jericho. AEW will definitely be on in Canada. YAY!
  17. Same time as usual. Darth Melvin (5) - luckylager, Intoewsables, Stamkos, SixFootFiveAndJackedAF, hoggers Stamkos (1) - Darth Melvin
  18. good news and bad news. great news he's healthy and should start. Bad news is it seems like no matter how well he does, hes destined for Uitca. You don't hear names like Hughes saying "he'll start in Utica" quite discouraging for poor Juolevi.
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