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  2. So this is how Botchford consoles himself after sorrowing in another of his beloved Leafs' failures -- amp up the trolling on the Canucks?
  3. I know people said he had a disappointing season, but 10 points for a fourth liner is fairly standard, and was good defensively, while providing some good mins on the penalty kill. Not saying he is safe, but considering Roussel likely starts on IR in the fall, Schaller gets a second chance. We don't have much grit in the system besides him, MacEwen, Virtanen and Gadjovich. Wouldn't mind seeing him be a 13th forward.
  4. Let's go Caps. I think NYI will beat either team next round. Wanted OV to win another cup this year but doesn't look likely.
  5. Non-easter caring Ramadan worshippers are not just from Istanbul. Istanbul is kind of like a Vancouver stuck in Alberta, politically speaking - the city itself is very liberal and has been at the recieving end of Erdogan's Islamist policies and protestations. Maybe its the Ramadan worshippers from outside Istanbul that are upset at selling out a place of religious worship to the mighty satanical dollar. Unsubstantiated belief systems - be it about God or how people should be/are - are equally dangerous and ruinous to a civilized continuum of mankind. You have amply demonstrated, that you are more keen to peddle your unsubstantiated beliefs about religions than actual understanding or investigation of anything cogent.
  6. I think Leaf fans have finally discovered the real reason for the Leaf's loss last night: No word on whether Carolina has invited Nickelback to cheer for the Caps tonight.....
  7. Worst 5-minute major call ever let alone in game 7 of a playoff series. I didn't care who won I had sharks in my playoff pool but man that was awful. That was truly awful. Vegas should be in round 2.
  8. In the entire league, only them & Florida have yet to win a series in the salary cap era. Wonder who will be first between them two
  9. Sounds to me like we have the next HHS secretary nominee who knows how to cut costs and save tax $$
  10. Like the way the core is shaping up but we lack the offensive depth of a contender... Look down our roster compared to contenders, where they have a lot of 30-50 point players we are sitting with 10-30 point players... JB gets a lot of flack for his UFA failures but trying is the only way he is going to get in line with the depth of the big dogs. Might have been a different picture if Ericksson, Gagme, Sutter etc etc were producing... But they are not. Time to shuffle the deck. Somehow...
  11. Nobody gives a young proven AHL goalie with 10 or so NHL starts a big paycheck. I think this is a very fair value and I would have jaw dropped to anything more.
  12. It’s official. Vlad Jr will be called up on Friday and make his debut against the A’s
  13. I have not seen him play, to be fair. My impressions from highlights is he is not as fast or silky smooth. Is stronger, has some skills, possibly better skills. But its just highlights. A great athlete, raw potential guy? And harder to equate as the German league is probably an even lower standard than the Allsvenskan. Still against fully grown adults and impressive for a teen. Guys like this win drafts for some teams and become vacant picks for others?
  14. Surprised that is all Demko gets. He's a heck of a goalie and very mature, intelligent, and a good team guy. Yup, with Marky and Demko, several AHLers available for callups, and Mike Tendy waiting in the wings, we are set in goal for a while. (If this contract helps constrain our necessary signings, we will have lots of $$$ left for EK too. I'm hoping for a 7 x $10.5m deal, even if other teams offer more. He should want to sign here; it will solidy his HOF reputation to take us to the promised land. And how can he resist the Vancouver Swedish Community? Etc.)
  15. Edit: And for those who don’t know, the NHL salary cap era was implemented and began after the 04/05 lockout season.
  16. Ya both are highly skilled and have that bring fans out of their seats quality.
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