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  2. It was evident that Makar had the skill to possibly be the best player in the draft and still can be (EP wont let that happen though). Patrick played his way out of number 1 and hischier made it hard not to pick.
  3. Caps are willing to trade Vrana. Still think he has a lot more to give, so would be looking for a similar player not meeting expectations.
  4. yea, well, I did say arguably. SJ has some amazing players. You could make the same case for Brent Burns. Karlsson was truly inspirational in the 2017 playoffs and I don't believe he is going to be regressing that hard any time soon. He has been playing hurt all season and still looks amazing. I haven't seen McDavid put the Oilers on his back like Karlsson did with Ottawa in 2017. Plus Dmen soak up way more time than forwards do.
  5. Exactly what the Capitals were missing in their series against the Canes.
  6. If I end up losing solely due to OTL points, after defending them so much... the horror. I'll take more nights like tonight though
  7. I completely agree......which is why this Karlsson debate is so interesting to me. On the one hand, it’s been proven that teams with cost controlled elite talent + depth (ie the old Chicago and LA models) can win multiple cups. As has been pointed out however, those old models might be going the way to the dinosaur due to the cap increase.....and that in the future (and even present), it’s pretty much a pipe dream to try and get elite talent to “buy in” by taking a discount of some kind. As much as we might want someone like Elias Pettersson to sign for 8.5-9 million dollars when the time comes (instead of 10.5-11), is it a realistic wish? I’m not so sure.
  8. It was in fact a done deal, the courts had sided with him that the government ignored his rights and that his rights as a Canadian were indeed impugned by the allowance of the government forcing him to rot without representation in a prison without trial. The supreme courts found his rights were in fact violated. All that was left was the settlement of which he was due to be awarded far mroe but would have to fight for it. He was initially granted a win when he was asking for almost $20 million but amended that and almost doubled what he was asking for Again, a world where ALL the information is literally available by simply typing and people choose to ignore it There's little way to argue it. The only way he loses that fight is the court of public opinion. We all know what they say about opinions though right? So before you start claiming I wasn't being factual, try reading the actual facts as they stand. They are as I stated. Opinions mean nothing. In some people's opinion the Leafs are still Canada's team and in others Calgary got robbed. Both would be wrong and not worth listening too, much like this. Now back to the matter at hand. BIden would absolutely beat trump, but he is the potential worst case candidate because he represents the establishment as it is/was and that effectively means no change for the people again.
  9. To be fair Makar was very high on most lists, alot of people had him as the number 1 D in the whole draft.
  10. So because he didnt hire one of the good ol boys who keep getting recycled around the league, and he hired new talent, that makes him a controlling owner? You serious?
  11. Dopey nux4lyfe decided to make another banal post about a presidential candidate insinuating that he’s a pedophile, when according to all reports he's been inappropriate with women, all the while not mentioning that his lord and savior, Dotard J. Dumbf has been accused of worse.
  12. Oh silly me! I didn’t realise they wouldn’t give Pesce away!
  13. That might be called back. I don't even know anymore. Apparently the rules don't always apply.
  14. If they did I wonder if they put Yamamoto on the block. I like him.
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