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  2. Saw a video where Kypreos was saying that the Flames wanted to improve their toughness. I think he also said they're counting on a return to form for Lucic.
  3. Yes, gained one though. Pionk. Not a good net outcome. But kept Byfuglien & Morrisey. Most important lefty & most important righty. Short term anyway. There window is much more positive if Buff stays healthy. Obviously, they would have preferred Trouba (younger, would have been long term best righty). But have to deal with cards dealt.
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  5. Hold up.. you would literally vote everyone else over Qwags atm?
  6. totally spitballing here calgary gets a conditional 1st rounder which they have agreed to forfeit if they re-sign lucic for another 7 year deal after this one expires
  7. Conditional pick is a 3rd in 2020, no word on what the condition is... nor what salary is retained
  8. James Neal Salary is $5.75M while Lucic, having had his $3M bonus paid on July 1st, will have a salary of $3M next year. So Edmonton spending 2.75M cash to save 250k of cap space. Not really sure how the deal got past Edmonton ownership. Seems like every move the Oilers make, they somehow lose.

  9. Strange trade (IMHO). Neal might not be a bad fit with the Oilers if he can regain his form. Still, I can't imagine they achieved much in the way of cap savings? I don't see where Lucic fits into the Flames line-up. Maybe Frolik is being dealt?
  10. I'm not really on board with the Qwags lynch for some reasons: •If he's not vig who else is... •The way LL and DM talk about him doesn't make him seem like he is a teammate •He was very confrontational with Aladeen earlier, mafia are unlikely to do this I just don't see how he is a better lynch than Falcon, Lewt or AV I'd put him in a tier below them tbh Tiers probs like: Lewt, Falcon AV Qwags nobody else
  11. I checked the schedule. The Flames meet the Canucks for just their second game, so I doubt there will be any fighting then. The next time they meet is Dec 29th, so Lucic will still be stuffed with turkey dinner; no fighting there. By the time they meet again, Lucic will have already filled his 2 fights per season quota.
  12. Chatfield has had great camps, he may just be the best kept secret in Utica.
  13. I'm hoping we can get a heavyweight for a 4th line enforcer role, to draw into games when we need him. I'm glad we're tougher overall as a team, but I'd feel better if we had someone to take on guys like Lucic and Reaves.
  14. So you think Qwags is the worst TP ever?
  15. So I guess the Goon days aren’t over, who needs 4 solid lines not Calgary.
  16. Sweet so they are ready? Double negatives bro I kidd my Graham’s are the wurst.
  17. well that is what he gets for having a poor agent everyone scoffs at the nmc but without one a player can so easily be sent down north to the coilers
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