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  2. love it, even to an infant this whole thing is pretty black and white.
  3. "All fans are guessing but a fact is revenues are not going up. Many hockey people, who are a lot closer than joe fan, are guessing a flat cap as a best case scenario so that could be a platform to start and some GM's have stated they are assuming or planning around a flat cap or that they don't think it will go up." - Agreed that revenue is not going up in the short term. I am sure Benning is quite aware of this. "Benning has a huge problem to deal with being so far over the cap with all those clause contracts to older players and so many to sign this year, I believe he has 20 mil to sign 10 players according to CF. Letting players go for free is not good management." - Yes Benning now has some major issues to deal with given that the cap is very unlikely to increase as initially expected it would. I don't think it's fair to expect him to have seen this coming. He may need to let players go for free, he may need to trade some picks to move certain players, if that is what it takes to be compliant. I believe they have 15 players on the roster for next season, so really only need 7 more with about $18m in cap space (assuming cap limit remains at $81.5m). BTW CF is assuming a cap limit of $84m, so need to be careful using it while they have it set at $84m! "The only plan Benning has shown is reactionary and essentially a "Plan, no plan" approach. The team certainly doen'ts look set up for cap issues or players in 3 years or even the expansion draft next year. No cap space to improve the team at expansion, certainly he can't be contemplating trading away more draft picks to keep the status quo." - I disagree that Benning has not had a plan all along. Not every plan works out though. Benning's cap structure leading into the next three seasons was looking very good and well planned. However, if the cap remains flat or declines then he has a problem. Again, I don't believe it is fair to expect Benning to predict that covid would occur. We should measure his ability as a GM on how he reacts to this unplanned global event and how he navigates the Canucks through what will be a tricky time. I believe he will be planning this right now, but he won't be telling us the plan - we will have to wait and see when it happens. "Better to let him, Tanev and Markstrom go and build for the future, save money and protected spots for the expansion draft, play the younger kids and be better sooner than another 5+ years waiting." - My opinion is that if we let Marky and Tanev walk (or without replacing with similar players) then we can kiss our chances of playoff hockey goodbye for a few years. I think playoff hockey is what Petey, Horvat and Hughes need in order to develop into great players. Their development will give us a shot at the cup in the next 8 years. "Just to point out, Ottawa, in much bigger issues all over, has followed what the owner dictated, internal cap with no long term older players signed and played 3 times as many young players, the type that Benning says, in all his brilliant genius estimation , can't play, but Ottawa was only 8 wins behind the Canucks and they have 13 draft picks and 42+ million cap space this year and 3 protected spots available to trade for players at the expansion draft. At least with Ottawa there is a definite plan, rebuild with young players down to when contracts will start being increased is planned out." - Ottawa are in a completely different part of the team cycle than Canucks. It could be argued that Benning should have blown things up 5 years ago, but arguing that this should happen now when we have a clear core developing is not a good idea IMO. Ottawa was 11 wins behind the Canucks with less games played (Canucks win % = 51.2%, Sens = 35.2%). This difference is absolutely HUGE in professional sports. I don't think Ottawa is a good example for Canucks to follow at this stage. Again, maybe 5 years ago, but that is water under the bridge now.
  4. I’ve sold VTIQ twice. Paid off my car after the first sell lol. Getting in in the low teens and selling at 37$ felt almost too good to be true.
  5. good clip, the persona creation has been going since the 80's you're right
  6. NucksPatsFan

    NFL thread

    Middle fingers up to Drew Brees
  7. Bruce Banner and Guerilla Glue have been my go to's lately...both really easy to grow indoors and very tasty strains.
  8. Yeah. This makes no sense whatsoever. At least you’re consistently nonsensical.
  9. Yea and I'm pretty sure his approval in Mexico is laughable - single digits laughable.
  10. So yet another post by someone trying to say "trump was misunderstood" but Obama wasn't and that Obama must in fact be taken out of context and seriously at that. Why is it always the same bill of sale for these people? Trump literally calls protestors thugs and threatens the national guard and military on them. Obama says that peoples emotions are at an all time high and he can comprehend why some of the criminal side might take advantage of this situation and lack of cohesive policing due to the need for a large presence on the front lines by looting and rioting and all of a sudden hey claim he's on the side of the looters. Like seriously? Try another one. Give me "her emails" for $500 alex
  11. On one hand I'm worried long term, because according to people that know a lot more than I do... Benning has a love of meat n potato guys and Bracket was the guy targeting skill. On the other hand the Canucks are trading their high picks away anyways so who cares?
  12. there are so many joe’s on this board now, i’m having trouble remembering, which one is me.

  13. Get a grow box, or light box or whatever they're called. A buddy lives in a condo and grows all year in his. It's about the size of a fridge.
  14. Seriously? This administration is the height of delusional. To suggest that there is anything similar between rioting because of domestic unrest and a 40 day bombing campaign by a foreign aggressor is the newest low that this administration seems dead set on reaching.
  15. We obviously don’t go to the same party... What cho tawkin’ for, son?
  16. Ontario city considered COVID-19 hot spot warns 'reckless' backyard parties need to stop They’re all over the place.
  17. I have a 30% ROI plan, I do the math set my order if I am unable to watch it. But then I only have like 3 items in my portfolio over $10 USD so.... That really depends on what you feel comfortable with. As of this moment, anything over $33.70 is your 30% ROI so that's up to you. I'd hold though, set my sell limit to say $29.75 in the event of a huge dip to ensure your profits are safe and then be ready to buy back or sell when you feel comfortable
  18. Considering the latest polls show his disapproval rating is at an all time high of 54%, that statement is wrong.
  19. Yea. So if one lotto is won by a blank team, then all eliminated play-in teams have a 12.5% chance of being the team that gets the lotto pick.
  20. Okay fine I'll bite. But you and I know it will change nothing. Obama apology You may be right about this one. I thought I read that he and the mayor walked back the comment but I can't find the article. I'll look for it later. The mayor of Baltimore certainly did. It doesn't change the fact that since then it has become a racially charged term when it comes to refering to black people. Some call it the new n word. There's a ton of articles on the subject, would you like a link? So why use it? Maybe for exactly this reason? Red meat for his base? For your second point, you are really stretching there. Are you not allowed to bring up issues in the Nation you are a citizen of if you were born somewhere else? Sounds racist af if you ask me. Third he was threatening the protestors outside the Whitehouse. What were they looting? Do you have any evidence of a riot? What about all of the other racist comments or tweets I mentioned? You glossed over those I see. Is Robert Byrd a senior Trump advisor? Try Stephen Miller. The bottom line is his if you put his statements and his actions together you can only come to one conclusion in my opinion. Yours is obviously different.
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