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  2. A voice of reason. All in all, wanna see them gamble with some youth next yr(on the blueline)..sink or swim! Myers IS an expensive, dopey giraffe..but signing him is basically a fare thee well, to CT.
  3. People keep saying "maybe he knows something fans don't". Maybe Green is just an idiot. If we're gonna go down the "maybe" rabbit hole.
  4. Nope, Minny scored more goals than either team, though marginally.
  5. I’ve...become so numb, I can’t feel you there.
  6. They both have better offences though. And Chicago has a much better goalie than Minny. And Canucks really have a much better defence and offence (considering injuries) than Winnipeg. The horses are there, they just need to run.
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  8. Neither Calgary nor Chicago's top 4 d is remotely comparable to minnys, imo
  9. And Winnipeg's all the more impressive, doing it without their 2 leading scorers
  10. Didn’t look good for Winnipeg or Edmonton after game 1, but they got the job done. Canucks certainly can too. Go Canucks go!
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  12. I was with you til the last line. If we are replacing refs with robots, why not the players too? But I digress, the officiating is terrible. I still think the better team won last night
  13. The solution to human error is to limit the human part of the equation. IMO, going to two refs was the single biggest mistake the league ever made. Not only do you now have two individual sources of error on the ice, there is an intangible human element while they work as a "unit" which seems to be a multiplicative rather than additive factor towards terrible officiating. The reason for this should be obvious, for each's ego will constantly try to one up the other, and you see this all the time with the dolt 200 feet away calling something incredibly questionable that the ref 4 feet away let go for a reason. One way to bring NHL reffing into not just the 20th but 21st century, is to keep two refs but take one off the ice. Put the other in the instant replay booth, mic him up to the other ref, and MAKE THE BLOODY RIGHT CALL. The off ice official should specifically be looking for dives to assess Unsportsmanlike penalties, and more importantly he should be able to VETO any call made on the ice after a replay shows that the analogue dolt got it wrong. Looking forward to when A.I. refs hockey tbh.
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