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  2. Coming in with some late comments. 1. Exciting game and a big win. The team needed to put together wins and against Ottawa and Buffalo and it did. 2. Despite Wilfred's comment that we don't need to talk about Miller, I am going to talk about him anyway. I agree with the consensus that he has been the Canucks best player so far this season. Personally, I would have named him first star of today's game. Last year he got 13 goals in in 75 games. This year he has matched that in 30 games. And it is not just scoring. He is playing good defence, is excellent in the face-off circle (78% today), and contributes to the physical game (2 hits today). He has also been helping out effectively on the PK. He led the forwards in TOI today. I did not like the trade for Miller when it occurred and if his performance this year had been similar to last year I would have continued to have reservations. But Miller has obviously played way above expectations. He is scoring at better than a point per game and does everything well. So that trade is looking great now. 3. Hughes. I thought Hughes had another outstanding game. I was very glad to see him get on the board with an assist in OT as he deserved it. He almost scored in the first minute on a nice shot that almost got through Hutton. And he had a lot of great set-up during the game and some great looks himself. His 5-on-5 CORSI was 70% -- vastly better than anyone else in the game. Admittedly, he was not playing shutdown but, even so, that is a fantastic number. He does a great of job skating the puck out of trouble in his own end and keeping the puck in the O-zone with outstanding skating, passing, and hockey IQ. Like Miller, I think he has exceeded reasonable expectations by a big margin. He may not win the Calder but, barring injury, it seems pretty clear he will make the 3-man shortlist. Would be great to have a rookie in the top 3 for three years in a row. 4. Horvat. Horvat was hard-matched against Eichel and still had a CORSI percenatge above 50%. He did not get on the scoreboard but he had an excellent defensive game. I hope he is okay. 5. The fact that the Horvat line had the toughest minutes meant that the Beagle line had softer minutes than might be expected. But they still had a tough game and Beagle ended up -3. Their CORSI numbers were very low. Yes, Beagle and Ferland had some good high energy shifts, but they also had shifts where they had a hard time getting to the puck. We can't expect them to be great in their first game back and they weren't. 6. Agree with DeNiro that what we are seeing should remind up of how valuable Edler is. The PK has struggled since Edler went down and Edler is the guy you want out there when the other team has pulled to goalie. But Myers did have a good game tonight. Even before he scored it looked like he was getting much more engaged offensively. 7. Aside from Miller, the first line is still a bit quiet. Both EP and Boeser got on the board tonight, but I though Boeser in particular struggled and that we would expect those guys to do more, But fortunately the secondary scoring -- Roussel and Leivo -- came up big. Getting Roussel back has been great and Leivo seems to have really found his game. 8 Referees. Yes, the referees had a tough night. But I do not buy the story that referees are somehow biased against the Canucks. The Canucks still lead the lead in power play time and power play opportunities. Hard to see how that could happen if there were some general refereeing bias against the Canucks. As for the Horvat hit, I did not like it, but the referees did not see it, Neither did the coaches, the other players, or most of the spectators. 9. Demko was okay but not great. The Canucks gave up quite a few high quality chances and Demko was better than his save percentage of .821 suggests for tonight. Hope he can hang in there. But right now I think the single most important player on the team for making the playoffs is Marky. If Marky plays well, I think we are in. If not, I don't see how we can make it. 10. This would be a great time to put together a win streak. The Canucks have two days off before facing Toronto. and then they play every other night till Christmas. With the Division very close from 1st place through 6th place, every point is big.
  3. Canucks 37 - Leafs minus4 EP 1st goal QH with the GWG
  4. 5-2 Canucks. Canucks Score first Roussel. Going with the hot hand here. Game winner Going with B-rock.
  5. pretty much. It was a much bigger deal than that tho. Imagine having the stones to go from a hidden tax to one one that the public see's on every receipt. It was the right thing to do but I have a hard time seeing any modern politician having that kind of spine. Its easy to understand, imagine instead of you being able to get back all the GST you pay to run your trucking biz, you replace that with you paying 13% on everything your business buys. It was a huge deal for manufacturers in particular.
  6. All of his passes today just seemed to result in turnovers.
  7. 4-3 Canucks win Marner with the 1st goal Virtanen with the GWG
  8. That Tade is the Christmas gift that keeps on giving. Every time he gets a Goal or point, every Canuck fan smiles like the Grinch. The Grinch : Well, pucker up and kiss it, Whoville.
  9. There seems to be a few posters on here who rate this player far less than his actual worth. Josh is a player who puts out 100% on a regular basis, but his individual playmaking benefits far more when this team is healthy. He is a valuable complimentary player, not a lone standout.. a type of player that can create chemistry in a healthy line up.. and make it win. Tyler Motte is another, and I look forward to his return. When this team is fully healthy, it’s players like Leivo, Motte, Beagle, Rousell, and Schaller that keep the prowess of this team hot and hard to handle.
  10. So what happened to Horvat? Does anyone have a clip of the hit that put him in concussion protocol? He looked fine, I was confused that I missed it at the time...
  11. Game played out like clockwork. Canucks blowing leads Poor Buffalo goaltending 2 young teams making mistake after mistake Horrible reffing CDC bitching worse than the reffing Eriksson crucified - even though didn't play back to back high paced play Garrett talked about food during important game moments Horrible reffing Saturday beers Super Excitement and nail biting You know ... the Yooze
  12. This won’t happen too many times over the next 4 seasons while I have him. But... Lucic
  13. Can we just focus on this season? For crikie sakes. Its on December
  14. Great win looking forward to Tuesday night being Josh Lievo night . Go Canucks go we want 5 !
  15. Housing starts slowing. Our economy is a facade. We need to get back to our resource based industries.
  16. Personal experience is always paramount. Thanks for sharing yours! I have also always had good experiences buying through both stubhub and ticketmaster.
  17. Ok I like your opinion on the matter! All good points! But if we’re actually looking to get any better we have to make some huge changes 100 percent! Players and management should learn from none selfish players like this beauty Nathan MacKinnon! Ok here’s who I would protect in expansion draft! Pettersson, Boeser, Horvat, Miller, Podkolzin, Gaudette and Sutter/Ferland for defence Definitely Huges, Edler, Tanev. Those guys are valuable to this team! Woo is good, Juolevi I like aswell! Just wish Olli can stay healthy! I would expose Myers 100! We don’t need him when Trymkin comes back to the big show after his contract ends this spring with half the cost myb more! I’d protect Demko! These Players/bums I feel! need to find new home and our management definitely wasted money on these Guys! This is my honest opinion! Starting off with the obvious! Lou Ericksson! So difficult to get rid of Lolol! Then Myers, Pearson, Beagle, baertchi and Benn! All over paid! wasted money! that could definitely have went to far better players! That we missed out on! That’s the honest truth! One thing I do love about Benning was his drafting:) for the most part lol! But a lot of his signings have been for the most part... just very terrible! Handcuffing us to some ridiculous contracts! Management have to learn from this! Same with our players looking for new contracts! Take some lessons! From Nate! Take paycut to win a Cup! Something ive longed to see! I love this team! But definitely don’t want to make same mistakes as previous years! many other opposition teams facing this same fate who will never see a cup because of management or players being selfish or idiotic! Just my opinion though! who cares! Right? Just a fan that loves the game! We need help so plain so simple! Our management needs to make better choices! Stop wasting money on such players as these! Money total wasted and hopefully we can retrieve some of that cap back! Praying for some leeway here! Very concerned about valuable cap space that should have went elsewhere! Benning gotta learn now! He can’t afford anymore mistakes! Otherwise it’s bye bye Benning! Maybe even Green too!
  18. Missed the game today but I’ve watched the replays like 4 times. That game looked Wicked exciting. Good on the Boys sticking with it. All these last game gaffs will continue to pave the way to some better veteran game play down the stretch...I hope. Roussel is not wasting any time getting back at it!! Monster game. Myers was overdue so nice to see him contribute I think he has more offence in his game then we have seen yet. The Black Skate Jersey is awesome, my clear favourite. I hope Santa brings me one for Christmas !!
  19. My apologies fellow players. I wanted to play this game but real life got in the way. Alot time spent on the road and meetings. I accrued alot of over time. So I am happy about that. When I tried to make an effort it was to much to read and get into. I don't like to make excuses in game as I believe its a give away. So with that again... apologeezus
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