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  2. Every good move Trump makes for the country helps him politically. Exposing the rot of the Biden family will be great for the country because they can choose someone else to be their nominee. Why should his crimes be hidden. Can Trump not do what's right for the country if he also benefits? (If there's no crime what are you afraid of hahaha) You have Trump who is a billionaire that became a politician. Then you have the others who become politicians and then magically become millionaires. Who should be investigated. lmao.
  3. All speculation on Nik is heating up again.. a positive read with updated quotes from the Daily HIVE.
  4. Booth actually became pretty physical his last two years with us. I remember he looked like Volpatti out there throwing hits at times.
  5. Maybe Timrafan can corroborate - a friend tells me he got the nickname shortly after Goldy arrived. He asked Loui a question to which he replied "I don't know, I am Swedish", but Goldy heard "I am Sweetness." And it stuck
  6. Compared to what the Canucks have had in the past, or compared to 30 other NHL teams?
  7. So you're going to shut down highways and all roads? That makes zero sense, but thanks for the substantive edit....
  8. Jack Eichel is a fresh example as he kept having ankle injuries that derailed his young career. Now he seems to be on track to be a force for Buffalo. Career is still young for him but he sure was snake bitten to start out.
  9. A country has to have some sort of system to ensure that they don't get a whole slew of infected pouring in and spreading the virus. You do make a very important point that the best way to stop this is by the country of origin taking responsibility and closing their borders to sort it out. Sadly, like you said, greed is the motivating factor in modern society, and China is not immune.
  10. Lol. If someone convinced Domi to sign an offer sheet for $4.2m Montreal would immediately match it and send a bottle of wine to the GM that signed him to that gift. So no. I wouldn’t take a couple bottom 6 players for a young top line 72 point C/W
  11. Sure but lets say we had a cup and an inferior roster today? What would we have to look forward to? The past is the past... we have the brightest future. It's a great time to be a Canucks fan.
  12. Really ? it's not the fact that everytime there is a trade somewhere in the league it takes the CDC so called "experts" off guards ? "could'nt see it coming" "completely loopsided" "where were you Benning?" lol how many times i read that. so take it easy expert, this kind of deal is not that uncommun, and we don't know what s going on behind the scene. kiss
  13. Its Quenneville's return game back at the UC tonight. Toews and Keith fought over who gets the first mustache ride.
  14. True, the Jets have the Canucks number but I don't think the Jets will make the playoffs. Who do they have on D besides Morrissey?
  15. Didn’t realize this week is only basically 3 days long Chalk up an L for me! Pretty sure most of my guys are on their bye!
  16. Canucks need better D more than better forwards Wrong target
  17. Time to say it again: if you're going to give the opposing team a penalty kick, also giving the offending player a red card is overkill. A probable goal and a yellow card should be punishment enough.
  18. On a side note, I think it's funny fans are starting to come around on Torts now that former players are saying the same s*** us Torts defenders said at the time of the incident. Even back then I loved what he did. He literally was willing to fight for his players. But fans got caught up in the stories about his past and never gave him a fair shake. On top of being in denial about the team needing to move on from 2011, which at that point the team had not. Torts was far from the problem with the the problem with that team and I wish we still had him. Yeah I said it.
  19. Myers is playing PP instead of Edler and it doesn't show pointwise. He and Tanev has almost the same ppg percent. The reason people complain about Myers is the same as Loui, a six million price tag. I haven't seen such bad passing as he does sometimes. You with your connections might know if he got some visual problems. If he play with contact lenses and loose one it might explain why.
  20. It's a waste of resources to screen people. China needs to do the right thing and shut down their border until there is a handle on this virus. We know why they won't though. Shutting down travel hurts business and we can't have that.
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