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  2. Hey guys, We were shopping Draisaitl earlier in the year and he has been insane for us ever since. I think we will shop him all year round now . In all seriousness, we are leaning on keeping him and to facilitate that decision, we will be taking one final round of offers so feel free to offer your best. Everyone else is also available not named Pastrnak Cheers
  3. neither of these is necessarily true nor are both of these occurring in like 75% of universes
  4. 1. Darth Melvin is mafia 2. Ceres is mafia
  5. What would be implicated if he were to flip TP?
  6. My Nigerian lover will bankroll you. Send $10,000 for set up fee.
  7. Yesterday
  8. Dude got bullied hard in the Fantasy Hockey forums and Kik LOL Feel so bad. He's one of my favourite players cuz he was very easy to read for many years :'(
  9. Holy $&!#e. So much is suddenly explained.
  10. did I say you work at mcdonalds ? A manager is a manger in any field of work but, this is the nhl , this is performance based business . if you don't do your job and don't work on your deficiencies in your game , it is next player up . this is why you always hear players need to work on their game . If you don't work on the weaknesses you are not going to get better . if a coach put a emphasis on a players strength , well you would have a terrible team , you would have a guy like Virtanen just skating down the wing and firing the puck at the goalie because that what jake was good at , Now look at jake since he has worked on his game he is much more complete player. green does play to a players strengths , beagle and schaller you don't see green putting those 2 on the powerplay , baer has been put on 2nd or 3rd line since he has been back , sutter a good 3rd line center , the top 6 has been moved around a bit since we have been short 2 centers and 3 forwards , so now players are gonna have to adapt , good thing they worked on their weaknesses a job is a job and the nhl is well it is the nhl it is a sport not a job smart guy
  11. Why can't it be @Time Lord? How do we know he has above average grades in English and penmanship?
  12. Don't know a lot of him but looked good in training camp. Bailey might be my other choice to make my Bash Brothers line But they brought Graovac for a reason so him for now.
  13. I'm not sure where you read LA let him play another year. I didn't make that claim.. The summer before he got busted they had a talk with him. The GM flew to see Richard at his summer home. Spent a couple of days. Wanted to release him he didn't say or I don't recall may be buy him out.. but didn't do so because he wanted to give him one more chance after having talked to him. The GM went in tv gave am interview I watched. He was genuine . Shortly there after Richard got caught . And the pills weren't prescribed to him. They'd be his meds and no issues if they were his prescription. They were illegally purchased.. "Just Oxys"? Vast majority illegally sold Oxys have fentanyl in them. The most dangerous drug out there past several yrs.. Anyways he had coke issues for many yrs. It was well known. It was a long term ongoing issue. Not just getting caught with pills at the border. He still got 9 mill I think. Out of 20.. he's happy. He want going to finish that contract anyways. He was struggling on and off the ice. It was a matter of time.. I think LA was very fair to him...
  14. Magikal

    NFL thread

    That many games for the so-called vicious hit to the head was ridiculous. Incognito is working out pretty damn fine. No one has been decapitated yet
  15. pretty sure you were already on me
  16. I've been claiming a lucky/hoggers wolf team since the beginning.
  17. Maybe Alf, Maybe... But, you know, having coached a bit, it always bugged me, when coaches said that a kid had to do this or that a certain way. Just drained the creativity right out of the kid.. I don't like that cookie cutter thinking
  18. I'm probs the youngest player so yes sir I believe you as TP overall but this is a whole lot of confusing material so Unvote
  19. I believe a vote for hoggers will tell us the most.
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