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  2. CDC would lose it. JB would be a tomato Green would be in yaletown taking shots of vodka virtanen would be hiding in abby petey would laugh Bo would be calling sedins on what to do eriksson would be booking a vacation to hawaii
  3. A pragmatic approach is always best. My level of pragmatism however, unlike yours, is less hopeful and borne out of a belief that this player has shown an inclination in the past towards entitlement. I sincerely hope I am wrong because Tram intrigues me as a potential force on our blue line.
  4. After looking deeply into my crystal ball... Late Jan, & Barrie breaks his foot(shot block) Laffs panic & offer 1st for Tanev(this yr, bottom-10; or next yr's, whichever the Canes don't get). We make the deal w/retention(no one can beat that), having reasonably signed Tree, knowing he'll capably fill in next to Quinn. JM & TD have been pitching shutouts. Mrazek is playing mediocre for the Canes(who otherwise look solid). Next day, Jan 28th, JB's phone rings. They'll give us Mrazek AND the Laffs 1st for Jacob, ASAP. We make the swap, so now hold the next 2 Laff 1st's. Leafs start plummeting(injuries, but not to CT!) missing the PO's, yet our boys take off in the exact opposite direction. Laff online fanboys gnashing their teeth in outrage, as they spiral into the bottom-10. Lotto draft party approaches, & WE have their dreams firmly by the balls... Good luck to the eastern media glossing over this particular tragedy.. The ironic thing is, all this is what Burke already did to that ragtag outfit, about 12 yrs back. Now they enlighten us almost daily, with that putz's opinions on "To The Point"!
  5. Game 6 will be a Bullpen Game. I have to think that favours the Yankees. We might see a game 7 yet.
  6. Similar to Leonard Cohen, it's because he was a poet - an absolutely amazing artist. Regardless if you like his stuff, he's worth respecting as an iconic Canadian artist.
  7. No kidding, a 3 year old that weighs 60 pounds, obviously a product of negligent parents, hopefully child services steps in if she is found.
  8. I think OJ is a smart player, and have been optimistic a long time in this thread. I know he has been injured alot but his speed is starting to be a real concern based on what I read. How slow are we talking? Edler speed? He makes due, any slower than that though and it's a bit worrisome. You can have all the tools but if your not fast enough to keep up, it won't matter. Hopefully he has a healthy year and skating improves.
  9. So you call him a spin doctor when he likely does a hell of a lot more than you do. He’s (sorry, not sorry for assuming your gender) a part of the problem if he isn’t pushing his beliefs on others. Hmmmm, I wonder if I can dig up some threads on religion and see where you stand on those kinds of thoughts, cause I think certain religions are not compatible with future progress of humanity, but that makes me racist right? Even though race and religion are two different things? And before you go and assume what I mean, which I know you will, I don’t limit this opinion to Islam.
  10. i must be getting soft with old age
  11. I would not take NJ lightly they have talent and we always seem to have trouble winning in NJ
  12. Nothing should have been. Demand just starting picking up bigtime the last day or so.
  13. Would be a good intro song also when the players come out onto the ice
  14. Keep making excuses. Keeping trying to spin your efforts. The time is now to change human behaviour . You are either part of the solution.... or you are part . of the problem. Which side are you on ? You can not sit on fence any longer.....
  15. Hmm.. I would do Loui (50%) + Goldobin + Baertschi + tons of mid to late round picks for 2020-23 to make them bite!! Dallas can definitely get some offensive boost out of this!!!
  16. Blown way out of proportion. There's a shocker...
  17. Like a smokehouse combo at IHOP, I'd like a bit of everything, some Hughes highlights, some EP highlights, some Miller highlights, some Demko highlights with a side of Captain Bo highlights.
  18. 3rd pair with Stecher. Benn goes extra Dman in case of injuries etc.
  19. Tanev and Edler are going to be injured... just like every other season. so... of course there will be room on the top 4 and really he is a better option over the next 4 years than either Tanev or Edler.... who are a bit long in the tooth. It would be better to reduce their ice time, get more out of them, and put Tryamkin in a top 4 role. of course the real question is his performance. If he deserves to be top 4 he will - that is the reality
  20. Ditto, NJ is one those non traditional hockey team: if they dont win the business suffers and ultimately the league will suffer. In my opinion, It is in the best interest of the NHL to give clubs such as the Devils a chance to have some high end talent via the draft rather than FA becuase unlike the Canucks, Leafs and etc were despite the standings they are still profitable which ultimately benefits the league/owners. Having some lottery luck would had landed us a player like Laine and despite not being able to draft higher than fifth I still have to give credit to JB and his team for creating a solid core and prospect pool....
  21. Same. Can't wait untill 10am. Should be a fun game and EP breaks out... 3 pts for him I think.
  22. Not a fan of mccann's game.
  23. In funner news...Arizona is pleased with Alex Chiasson finally putting up three points in the fantasy column. We had frankly expected a bigger jump out of the starting gate from him. Glad to see it. Still a long long season to go, just 5 thru 9 games in, depending on the NHL team, haha..... All this trade talk has me itching to do something but I really wanted to wait until ten games in to look at the club...looking better every day slightly. woohoo! Night all, and FYI: I am volunteering with a campaign in Canada's federal election so if i am cranky or talk too much: those are both signs that I am over stretching it, and my care team will rag me for it later. I will be better rested after Monday...or wednesday rather as there is about 20 hours of work left after the polls close, haha. I would share who but no matter which campaign i tell you I am with, roughly 68% of you will hate it. What a tight year eh??? At least we have our beloved Nucks in the NHL tearing it up with 4 strait!!!!!!!! NJD tomorrow in an early game that i am thrilled I made time to watch between strategy calls, door jammers and sign patrols. O.o why do people like to kick lawn signs? LOL...rhetorical question, when I was a teenager back when christ was a cowboy in teh jewish underground and dirt was new I kicked em like I was trying for a ROUGE if the Field Goal missed.
  24. Awful hit on Gaunce today. Hope he's okay.

    1. bree2


      that is  so disgusting!!! and no penalty

    2. mll


      Laval had the puck - it was nowhere near Gaunce.  Burrows as Laval's assistant coach better have some words with him.

    3. mll


      He left on a stretcher.  Blood all over the ice.  


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  26. Stylistically, Focht's overall game reminds me of Jared McCann in how slippery and quick he was in junior.
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