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  2. I was hoping to read up on draft-elegible prospects here, not on the million reasons that justify Jake's play.
  3. Additional, bright side would be that the Canucks can keep developing him at a lower or reasonable cap hit while the core continues to develope.
  4. Cant go wrong with good ol’ Franks. I put that sauce on everything.
  5. Wish I was there to laugh at the young idiot that was you lol. I'm pretty big into spice too, ate sauces like "Last Dab" (from Hot Ones on YouTube) to Buffalo Wings to Thai spice, whatever they put into Vindaloos... the only one I couldn't take was the spice from the Korean fire noodles, couldn't even handle using half of it in a full pack of noodles. Lemme know what recommendations you guys have also!
  6. AEW Double or Nothing is on now on PPV but here was the pre-show:
  7. Forth Worth Police Department makes awesome videos. 




  8. Ftr. I’ve only fought to even up numbers when a friend was jumped in Vancouver, when my brother had a knife pulled on him (twice) and in hockey. i got beat up a bit because the numbers weren’t equal 3-2 and I was a skinny 18 year old at the time and the men were in their 30’s. But I held my own I’d say. It was broken up my another group of men. no police were involved. We walked away, except for the one guy my buddy knocked out. And then had a great story to share.
  9. Oh for sure....I've just had a few beers, am waiting on friends to get for the Raps game and am telling old war stories at this point
  10. I don’t see the problem here. I’m referring to some mouthy drunk woman scenario throwing a weak punch at me or attempting to grab me. This is where I’d just move on from the situation. there is no ego in me enough to get into trouble or disgrace myself amongst those who know me for decking a female over this. your situation is totally different.
  11. I'm betting that Madden ends up playing wing with us. I base this on absolutely nothing.
  12. I was in a full on rumble (well several truth be told...) this one time. This big headed native chick was kicking my buddy in the head while he was held down by some guy....I KO'd her and have no regrets. Vancouver Island was a rough place in the 90s.... I was telling an Aussie friend some of the stories and he didn't believe it. Then my brother visited and some of the brawls came buddy was blown away just how often that $&!# went down over there.
  13. Mb on the delay will submit my list for future rounds if i expect to do this again. NYI Selects F Alex Newhook. @inane
  14. I’ve been delaying this purchase for over a year. I run solo so I would like a pace monitor. from my research the Garmins are all good products. i have been looking at the M430 and 200
  15. One time by guys in late teens and 20s when I was 13 or 14. Got a few in before forced to turtle.... another time by some younger natives in Ponolka Alberta when I was 17 for being a skater. I wrecked those 2 of those 4 kids before the other 2 ran. Then got the hell of out of town... Another time by a few Surrey thugs here in Whistler when in my early 20s....that is where the back to the wall and short straight punches lesson was well learned. That time I was worried about being stabbed. I fought for my damn life and then sprinted the moment I could. I wouldn't touch a pre teen honestly. Maybe throw to the ground or something. Also it depends on the size of the 14 year old. If they actually try to assault you you're within your rights to defend yourself until the threat is no longer there. I wouldn't hesitate to land one good one to make space to flee
  16. As a chivalrous man that was on the recieving end of a group of “hell hath no fury like”, you can be damned sure, if another group of women come at me again im gonna break some noses.
  17. Well, he's a senior this coming year... so this is his last year, so you've just lost your own bet hahahahaha
  18. Subbed to this guy's channel for a couple years now. Good stuff. Reviews products. Does challenges. He's even done some world records.
  19. If they wanna act like men, treat them like men. You wanna get up in a mans face, being manly, you gonna get punched in that pretty fake face. Chivalry died with feminism.
  20. Agree. This is as far as I’d take it. Probably grab the one and hurl him into the group.
  21. I'd rather spend big money on Panarin vs. Karlsson.
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