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  2. Do they now? I'm pretty sure restricting a women's choice isn't freedom. I'm sure seperating families, refugees no less, from their children, is also freedom. The Handmaid's Tale is supposed to be a story, not a guidebook. But please, keep patting yourself on the back.
  3. Yes, I’m sure a baby that weighs less than a pound and hasn’t received proper blood flow during gestation, therefor not developed in a viable way, will be “saved” by a C-section. I’m not even the first person to post this in this thread but you’re the definition of George Carlin’s “if you’re preborn, you’re fine. If you’re preschool, you’re &^@#ed”
  4. Right no irony, the baby should have the right not to be murdered, there is your freedom. The government should intervene to protect our lives when our freedom is being taken away by another person. The pro-lifers aren’t against the mother, they believe the baby has the right to life and therefore shouldn’t be murdered.
  5. Deliver the baby, both are saved
  6. I’m guessing you don’t see the irony here. In your hypothetical of a 34 week pregnant woman looking for an abortion on the grounds of mental illness... I’d sure as heck hope she has every support available to her to make the right decision. Friends, family for sure but also government funded mental health professionals and financial supports to make her feel confident she can give her child a good life. Correct me if I’m wrong but you’re making it sound like the government should step in and ensure the mother carry’s to term but shouldn’t give any help once it’s born. That’s sadistic. Also, in your hypothetical the “dad” has already buggered off so zero responsibility put on him even though he’s just as responsible for making the kid. Honestly, I can see why women get angry at this stuff.
  7. But what happens if all the canucks are injured, or serving a suspension? We have an alumni game? (I feel like i need to put a sarcasm disclaimer here because theres inevitably going to be someone thats all like “omg what a stoopid thing to say omg. Alumni arent allowed to play under cba rule 15335633. I wear velcro shoes because laces confuse me, but ive studied the cba. You are just wrong, good sir!”)
  8. That’s rich for you to say without a hint of irony in this discussion.
  9. Low blood pressure which would lead to the mother’s death and hinder fetal development. Can we have a discussion now or are you just going to keep saying things which do happen, don’t?
  10. Stoked!  Just bought tickets to see Marc Maron for September.  Can't think of a better way to end my first week back at work.

  11. Its also not the government’s job to raise your baby, its yours.
  12. It was good from a Marvel movie stand point. The formula was there and it delivered, but there were a lot of little things that others have pointed out that were off putting. Lewboski Thor, for one, as well as the nerfing of Thanos. Also, at the end when Cap went back in time he took Thor's hammer, but it was no where to be seen when he came back... unless I missed something. Maybe I'm just bitter because I'm on team Thanos, and expected him to decimate more Superheroes before his obvious defeat, but I'm fine with how it all played out. It is a Disney movie after all.
  13. Some people had asked for this from me today. Link to the team sheets
  14. Actually Republicans just care about your freedom and limiting government so you can live free with personal responsibility and equality of opportunity, not government controlling every aspect of your life and re-distribution for equality of outcome. Its true kingofsurrey 3 major aspects of conservatism are: limited government, personal responsibility, free markets (opportunity). Thats pretty basic knowledge, not sure why it surprises you.
  15. C-sections are safer than late term abortions, especially for the baby. How do you think they cut out an almost fully developed human being out of the womb? Tell me a situation where continuing the pregnancy would kill the mother and child in the last trimester? We then may be able to discuss it.
  16. It's interesting how Republicans care more a cluster of cells than they do the actual baby when it's born.
  17. Consider doing some more reading. Let’s change gears, what about situation where continuing the pregnancy would mean the death of mother and baby? Keep in mind a c-section is major surgery and not a magical cure all.
  18. I still stand by what I say. In the context of that example, and sharing a life with another person. I don't think it would be possible to show another human unconditional love if you are not happy with yourself.
  19. Why would the full-body Johnny Canuck make a terrible shoulder patch? It's far better than having JC's severed head trapped in a V and drawing comparisons to the Vachon Cakes logo.
  20. Nah the white rink looks amazing on the blue jerseys. Really pops. The 3rd jerseys we have with the blue rink on the blue jerseys looks terrible.
  21. Much more likely than babies born without brains or spinal cords, about 1200 a year have some Anencephaly (not like your argument where you stated without a brain). So I would argue you posted the strawman. The babies brain starts to develop at 16 days after conception, you know long before late term your baby has no brain. Again these babies aren’t the late term abortion babies. And again, in late term if the baby makes it that far, its a delivery not a murder. Murdering your baby when it has the chance to survive outside the womb is a complete nightmare. I agree.
  22. As someone who read the books, the first 5 seasons did a great job of adapting the original source, regardless of missing characters or storylines. The main points were portrayed and moved the story along at an excellent pace. Unfortunately Martin let the writers finish the rest and the following seasons speak for themselves. They were enjoyable from a viewers perspective with amazing cinematography and choreography, but very unsatisfying as a fan of the books and first 5 seasons with the sudden drop off in character development and story telling that made the show a success. In the end, this is the finale Martin had envisioned for his pov characters, except for maybe Jon Snow, who in the books is not Aegon Targaryen. In the books, I think his fate will bring him back to the wall, but not as the Queen Slayer he was portrayed as, and the real Aegon will kill Daenerys. I'm content with Bran being king, Sansa ruling the north and Arya going off on more adventures. The show portrayed the Starks as the ones to cheer for and they came out victorious so the fan service is there. I wasn't a fan of Daenerys in the books though, and even less so in the show. You saw her madness building and she died a tragic hero which is fine with me. As the final scene played out, I was disappointed, maybe because of how the finale went or maybe because there would be no more Game of Thrones, but probably a little bit of both. Before every new season I would re watch the show with excitement. But now that I know how it all plays out, I don't think I'll have that same excitement. Is it worth sitting through another 50 hours, just to watch the quailty of it drop off? I think I'll just re read the books, because my watch has definitely ended.
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