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  2. I like him, but assumed he'd get eaten alive by what amounts to a full NHL Calgary squad. .... maybe the took it easy on him... 10min to game time!
  3. Scoring is pretty random, especially with a 20 minute sample. I mean, even if you're not watching, the shot attempts being at something like 33-3 should tell you Calgary at least doesn't suck, not the other way around haha
  4. Called it earlier today on the other thread JB was gonna make it happen, 3 years at around $6M AAV!! Proud of Jimbo!! This season will be the best in 5 years!! Now name Bo our new captain pls!!!
  5. I think the only truly *bad* contract Jim signed was the Eriksson contract. And even 'on paper' at the time it wasn't an abomination, it only became one when Loui decided he now HAD that contract and didn't have to try anymore. Gudbranson wound up being a less-than-good contract, but I think the intention was there; a "potential" top 4 physical d-man, still young and hopefully improving. He just never improved here, and then stopped being physical. I wouldn't say it was a "Bad" deal. Not like the Leafs get to deal with. Especially with the reports that the cap might not move for two years hahahaha. Suck it leafers.
  6. Looking at this deal, it really does seem like this was a matter of finder the right deal, rather than just the most or least money. This is a deal that works out pretty well for both sides.
  7. So if Canucks make the playoffs Benning gets GM of the year I can't believe how good this deal is and what it potentially does for the internal cap structure moving forward
  8. I only caught a little more than half the first period. Anyone happen to know what the shot totals are?
  9. Edler and Myers both have a cap hit of $6mill (tied with Eriksson). So technically Loui is tied for the highest paid player on the Canucks.
  10. People need to remove themselves from Vancouver media, I've come up with better material on the toilet.
  11. Yeah totally different era. Even watching this old game between Canucks/Flames, there aren't really any notable players out there aside from Bure. Most of those guys would be really lucky to even sniff an NHL lineup today.
  12. @stawns Well, you were closer to being right than I was. Can’t say I’m upset about it though!
  13. Looks like almost a full flames roster though vs our PTOs / 4th line Gadj looked decent when he drew the penalty.
  14. Fair comments. Both of those players are on absolute steals and arguably are better deals than Brock's deal. I think with the three-year deal, we're seeing a sort of hybrid bridge contract these days that pays a bit more, but still less than a full long-term deal. The bridge deals of old were almost always 1 or 2 years. I can get why you'd hope for a similarly cheap deal, but at the end of the day, I still think we got Brock for a good deal as well, so I'm not going to complain about this one.
  15. I just jumped off the couch and pumped my fist when I saw this. Good job JB!!
  16. Bachman is a great goalie ... just wee!
  17. He is getting beyond annoying. Now his tirade will be Brock bolts in 3 years. Welcome Back Brock! I like the deal, the Canucks need to shave under $2 million from the cap and that's before LTIR. Thanks Jim. Fair deal. Take tomorrow off.
  18. Ethan Keppen has been a pleasant surprise tonight. Stecher and Sautner looking pretty solid together. Bachman the only reason this game isn't already done. Making some pretty good saves after letting in a muffin earlier.
  19. I believe Bachman played the entire first. I mean there's a reason he's been around the league for 10 years at his size.
  20. It's also a win of sorts for Boeser and his agent. Short term, requires a 7.5 qualifying offer at the end or he can sign elsewhere. He gets paid well, but not as well as he could have if he signed for long term. If he performs, he gets paid very well in the next contract.
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