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  2. I believe their plan is to have Hoglander play next season in the SHL. They don’t need to rush him even if he looks close.
  3. Been listening to this song multiple times a day since I first heard it. Instant favourite.
  4. We haven't signed Hoglander? Wow, I read so much hype that he could make the team out of camp and he's not even signed. Do players have to be signed to some kinds of contract (even a PTO/ATO) to come to September training camp or does that now apply to unsigned draft choices?
  5. First signed pick from this draft is a sixth rounder...noice
  6. Haven’t stopped laughing at the fact that someone said Tanev or Sutter could fetch a first
  7. Likeable guy; gotta love the goalie depth in the organization.
  8. Cue the overhype to disappoint to rage process in 3....2....1......
  9. Nice. I grew up in Queen Charlotte City (sort of). Small Island just outside of town called Robertson Island. Haven't been back in a while but Haida Gwaii is easily one of the most beautiful places on earth... especially when its not raining, which is not often.
  10. Chinook and Cohoe. Still need to get my Halibut, but the weather has been absolutely brutal. Probably the most angry weather I’ve been in. So getting out far enough (see: safely) to fish for Halibut has been impossible. Hopefully tomorrow, or else I won’t get any.
  12. 30 minute helicopter ride from Sandspit, on Haida Gawaii. First two days were good fishing, today was a bust. Only caught one Chinook today. Going out in another hour to try and get another one and some Cohoe.
  13. 154, congrats @Shift-4, first person to have multiple milestones
  14. Found this on the interwebz. It seems to have been put out just today. regards, G.
  15. Auto-erotica. Have you ever seen Dinosaur Victrola list'nin' to Buck Owens out your back door?
  16. OJ and Tanev don't really play the same game at all.
  17. Hard to say if it's a trend or not, there's obviously a wait and see element and it's only a few GM's skewing the market for the rest. Ultimately, the market should correct itself after a few of these moves blow up.
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