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  2. I have a very hard time seeing the team resisting the lure of Baertschi's dominance if he keeps it up. Goldy has done this before and not succeeded much in the NHL, so I could see him being left down in Utica, but Baer has had success in the NHL, so we know he can translate his skill.
  3. I'm so proud of Sven for taking this like a champ and working hard in the AHL. He has 8 points in 4 games. He's way too good for the AHL.
  4. I think you hit the nail on the head there regarding Quinn Hughes. Green should strongly consider putting him on PP1. Since the PP is struggling right now (and no, that’s not a vague reference to erectile dysfunction), it might be in the teams’ best interests to stack up one PP line instead of trying to balance two PP’s. Pettersson-Horvat-Boeser + Myers and Hughes. Leivo’s diaper needs to be changed since he’s clearly been stinking it up down there. Get him of the PP as a whole. PP2 = Pearson-Miller-Ferland + Stecher and Edler.
  5. Hoping that McCarron gets a severe suspension. Ridiculous that there was no penalty.
  6. But what we saw last year was all with Green too. Do you think Green's coaching style has changed in the past year?
  7. Did you see Green's post game interview? Regarding the power play he basically said; "it was good, we had some good looks, the only thing lacking was a goal". Are you *&$%&#@ kidding me?!
  8. They’re similar players; they’ve both called out their coaches.
  9. I 100% agree..... I'm just sayin that although goals are important.. you cant win without them. .. there's more to a hockey game or hockey team..... and all those pieces you want must fit under the all mighty salary cap
  10. Blues also had a lot of trouble scoring goals and had an amazing defence and some very noteworthy two way players in there lineup.
  11. If Goldobin and Baer continue to tear it up down in Utica the way they have, and I don't see why the shouldn't, it'll be hard to justify keeping them there. As others have mentioned I can only imagine what this Comets lineup would be capable of if they had Gaudette too. The Canucks will inevitably run into injuries so this probably won't last, but I hope the Comets can keep this run going and carry it through the season. They longer this goes on the more cushion they've got once guys jump up to the bigs.
  12. Hope for the best, plan for the worst. I hope he reaches his potential, but I wouldn't stop stocking our defense prospects counting on him to make it. I don't consider us deep at any position through the organization. Well... maybe Goal
  13. need more scoring from some of my players the whole metro division is ahead of my team in the standings ....brutal
  14. Except even Neil deGrasse Tyson says it’s not a crisis. It’s become a political issue and what they propose to solve the problem, won’t even put a dent into it. Come up with a better solution and we might listen. They propose things that won’t work so they can keep campaigning on it and win over voters on something they know won’t work
  15. I can't stand Tkachuk so this brings me joy. Doughty's an arrogant ass but goddamn do I wish we had a D of his caliber. Love him or hate him, he's elite.
  16. Funny what real world motivation will do.... I think Goldy Needed this time in UTICA.... to have few realizations on how fleeting a nhl career can be Even if your uber talented like.he is
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  18. bad night .. thanks ulli for another goalie win , anderson with a loss but with an assist, white still off ..... no scorerpoints at all tonight
  19. So back to back morning game....Id feel better if Marky is in net, always better for the mental stability and reaction if u rest the following day. Not sure if anyone should rest or not, they did create some chacnes so its up to the players and coaches to find whos tired and whos ready at their max level. Rangers have one heck of a first line with panarin and zabinejad so their PP is bound to be lethal. hoping for a 3-3 game on this one. Edler, Leivo, Brock with the goals.
  20. Ferland hasn't woken up yet this season. Willing to wait and see how he plays after December. For now if I'm moving Boeser off the 1st I'm putting Pearson there.
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