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  2. Emptychair is truly a champion of the people. A representative of the common-folk and the fallen. He has my unwavering and wholehearted support.
  3. Here's hoping he has a deal percolating to add an extra 1st I could also see him wanting to confirm whether or not they view the crop of forwards likely to be there at 10 as indeed better than some of the D ranked 10-15'ish.
  4. The Arizona Coyotes make the following transactions: We will qualify the following pending RFAs, and longer-term contract discussions will commence: Jimmy Vesey Michael Amadio Ben Hutton Brandon Halverson The following players will not be offered contracts ahead of July 1st: Darren Helm (UFA) Dale Weise (UFA) Brian Gibbons (UFA) James Reimer (UFA) Kurtis Gabriel (RFA) Yaroslav Alexeyev (unsigned prospect) Ty Lewis (unsigned prospect) Players that we are undecided on and will have futher dialogue over the next few weeks: Zemgus Girgensens (RFA) Niklas Kronwall (UFA) @Nail
  5. One major con: This isn’t just applicable to Erik Karlsson, but take a look at the remaining teams lefts in the playoffs: -Colorado -San Jose -Dallas -St. Louis -NYI -Carolina -Boston -Columbus Now - take a look at the cup winning teams since 2010: -Chicago -Boston -Los Angeles -Pittsburgh -Washington -2019 winner Do you want to know what ALL of these teams have in common? Not a single one of these teams had 1) A 10+ million dollar player on their team. Take a look at Chicago and LA’s cap when they won their multiple cups. Ditto for Boston. You know what? I’ll even mention Vancouver here since they won back to back Presidents Trophies. Look at their cost controlled cap hits between 2010-2012. I honestly don’t know if those “cost controlled cap hits to elite players” model are about to go extinct (ie Although Pittsburgh and Washington had relatively cost controlled cap hits relative to that of some other elite teams, that percentage was a little high), but if it ISN”T, then I would strongly consider holding off on Karlsson. The formula for winning still seems to be as follows: -cost controlled elite talent -depth (ie cost controlled elite talent allowing for this). -2 elite centers -1 elite defenseman at minimum -1 elite winger at minimum -1 “very good” goalie at a great cap hit that can play at an elite level when it matters most -Speed -Toughness and size (that doesn’t compromise team speed to the point where team speed is a weakness). IF the above is true, then perhaps an Erik Karlsson Signing would prevent the above?
  6. Kucherov. 128 points is unheard of these days.
  7. Fills a need but has become brittle, will cost too much and is overrated on the defensive side. I hope he doesn't want to play here so this is a moot discussion. People seem to forget that were due for another lockout(it will happen) which will make his deal that much more of a burden down the road.
  8. Apples and oranges. No reason to see it apply to the POTUS situation after 1 term. In fact, i'd say 'anti-incumbency' politics has almost never applied to the POTUS race after 1 term only. You are half-wrong. Districts do not matter in the POTUS election, its a straight numbers count for the ENTIRE state. EC won Trump the Presidency, not gerrymandered districts (which have relevance to the HoR and Senate elections, especially HoR). You are wrong in the whole '50K votes in one district going Hillary's way and Boom, she is President'.
  9. After seeing Broberg will his way to scoring last game, that was impressive. Soderstrom is so calm, great skater. Don't know enough about Seider, so he seems like a risky pick. Harley and York are also very good Dmen, great skaters, smart. Just so many good forwards though. I've also been impressed with Rees, Brink, Beecher, Pellettier and Tomasino. I wonder with the abundance of forwards to take in the 1st, will some of the D drop? Will it be possible to get Seider, Bjornfot, Thomson or Heinola in the 2nd? I like Dominick Fensore as well. He's like a forward on D.
  10. Jobs are a big part. Unemployment noticeably lower, participation rate has risen slightly as opposed to the steady decline experienced since W was elected. Wages are increasing more than they had in Obama's time. And, perhaps most importantly, he has improved the small business environment by killing regulations that made it so difficult for small businesses to stay afloat. His tax plan was not (IMO) a major success, since he focused more on big companies/richer people than on small business/middle class, but it still helped the overall situation. These changes will also likely reduce Dem support from black voters, since Trump's policies are helping them out more than Obama's did, most noticeably through employment. Likely not a big drop, but there will be some. Unless something drastic happens to the economy in the next 16 months, and people's paychecks start taking hits, it's tough to see things changing in the Oval Office... especially given the ongoing presence the #Resist Movement. As more attacks show to be unfounded, or so minor that pursuing them looks petty, it gives Trump some underdog appeal... whether he deserves that appeal or not. IMO, the Resist movement also gives Trump some support within any of his original supporters who might be wavering in their support now. In their eyes, he has been successful. Not as much as hoped, but considering some of the nonsense piled on by the Dems and Fake News (as they see it at least), Trump will get more of a pass considering what he has had to deal with along the way.
  11. The "voted them out just to vote them out" situation says something You're still not showing me wrong here. Gerrymandered districts and the electoral college won Trump the presidency. The people though spoke and the people didn't vote for Trump. 2.87 million more votes in fact say that Hillary beat Trump, but that electoral lines won the presidency.
  12. Utica won't be getting reinforcements from Europe this fall.
  13. I know you have sincerely put some thought into this but this just reads like dumpster diving which Benning has been doing since he started here. I know you don't like signing bigger free agents as a way to build up your team, many people agree with you too, but at a certain point you have to aim a little higher. Instead of adding role players, it's time to bring in some guys who aren't gambles and are on the upside of the careers. Sure they are costly but you aren't getting higher end talent for free.
  14. Oh. Got it. I was confused, because he's not technically a "Jr"....
  15. No thanks. 100% against adding Lucic. He's a 7M dollar goon.
  16. I still think McDavid gets it. It is voted on by the players afterall. Kucherov is a beast of course but he did play on a record breaking team. McDavid was really the only pony in a one horse show (If you don't count Draisaitl playing passenger on his wing for the majority of the year).
  17. Not quite. Trump had 304 EC votes, Hillary had 227. The 'closest' Trump win, in terms of votes, for a major state ( as in greater than 10 EC votes) was Pennsylvania- where Trump had 2.970 million votes to Hillary's 2.926 million votes. Thats a split of around 44,000 - closer to the '50,000 one way or another' as you put it. Unfortunately, Pennsylvania has only 20 EC votes, which just makes Trump's victory a little less cushy, thats all. Hillary didn't beat trump 'everywhere' - she basically owned him in the two big blue states of NY and California and won the popular vote as a result of it.
  18. Sutter for Kadri straight up? Yes kadri is worth way more but we can use the Sutter wont get suspended when you need him angle.
  19. Aquino, the last one NoyNoy is probably considered the worst president of all time. The same guy that OKed a vaccination that killed thousands of children, and padded his bank account with the Hurricane Yolanda funds that millions of people in the world donated to. Why don't you ask you supposed Aquino buddy how wealthy their family is,The Aquinos are the worst and single reason why the Philippines is still a 3rd world nation. Duterte still stays in his quaint home that hes owned, and drives the same pickup truck for the last few decades. The Aquinos live in gigantic mansions with numerous maids and drivers. Whos corrupt now? Get your facts straight
  20. I literally said my opinion means nothing. Your opinion means nothing as well. But carry on acting as if it does if that makes you feel better I dislike Trump as much as the next guy, but can see the writing on the wall.
  21. Lucic: 1. We do not need a 7 million dollar pugilist. Much better bang for buck exists in the league and we are better off finding a random MMA wannabe from Vancouver and teaching him how to skate over getting Lucic for the same role. 2. Lucic potentially blending with Petey and Brock ? Only way that happens is if we are playing mud hockey in a swamp inhabited by tentacle monsters. On ice, petey and Brock will have time to skate to the opposition blue-line, light a cigarette and smoke it half-way before Lucic catches up to them.
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