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  2. It's about the willingness to move these players when the time is right, nobody is saying we should be collecting the same types of assets with what he had. Keep twisting the truth Tanev and Hamhuis could of been moved for multiple 2nd round picks and prospects
  3. How many of our prospects are still playing in the post season?
  4. Getting tired of updating this total. Hopefully this is the last time. 359 Reports are 9 suicide bombers. Reportedly all well educated Sri Lankans from fairly well to do families. Including 1 woman bomber.
  5. Of all the expected players we'll have exposed I don't see why they wouldn't take a starting goalie, unless we are going on the premise the second half of this season was a fluke for Marky.
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  7. The funny part is, if you look at it. With all the hockey Washington played last year I'm not surprised. What I am surprised it was to Carolina. I think Trotz and the Isles will steamroller them in the next round.
  8. In Rod We Trust. (Inanimate carbon rod that is.)
  9. dont forget when the preds were screwed in 2017 on a blown call. that was worse imo because the preds could have easily sat on that lead and forced game 7, or when doug gilmour was high sticked by gretzky, and the leafs were screwed out of going to the finals, or when the stars won the cup in '99 when brett hull scored, but at the time, when a player is in the crease the plays blown dead because of the clint malarchuk rule, but ofc next year the league changes the rules. the sabres were SCREWED that year, so we've seen worse, but people tend to forget history the refs are well within their right to access a penalty based on severity of contact. in real time, it's not out of the realm of possibility that one of them saw something and at the huddle, okay, we have a dead guy on the ice, did anyone see something, ok it's done. despite marchessault's narrative, that he's killing the messenger, ray ferraro's take is as close we're going to get on that play. like what i just said above, we've seen worst calls in history that affected an outcome of a series, this one's up there, but it's not one of the worst, and you're not going to change my mind. i'll give it to cody eakin, he took it and didn't flip out, at least from what i saw, i think he was shocked more than anything, seeing a dead pavelski, probably thinking, did i seriously just do that? he's not a dirty player, at all, but i still think its the nazem kadri effect that caused the knee jerk reaction more than anything inb4 rome/raymond, i dont care. we lost, get over it
  10. NEW JERSEY DEVILS PLAYOFF ROSTER Mats Zuccarello - Kevin Labanc - Peter Cehlarik Anatoly Golyshev - Lee Stempniak Torey Krug - Jakob Stengvist Kevan Miller Elvis Merzlikins
  11. i had the blues in the finals but the caps winning, so my brackets trash lmaoo dat parity tho
  12. whelp i guess boeser is a bust then coz he didn't play till he was 20? written off by the organization based on your statement. Juolevi is a bust coz he's not playing in the NHL like Dahlin and Heiskanen. all 1st rounder not in the NHL by 19 are all written off by their organization and coaches
  13. Lol calgary aint givn up thr 1st and dube ( 2prospects) just to get rid of neals contract. Especially when they didnt even have a pick till the 4th round last season.
  14. would i be the "new breed" of wn tho? xD when wn came back in 2009 or so, i was in ban land and over running bjb with kmad lmao. the wn with me, @BananaMash, ave and gumball, summer of 2013, was lit af
  15. All jokes aside, been following this thread for a couple of years now and it’s probably one of my favourites. Good to get away from toxic Canuck Talk.
  16. all she can do is say no or block you. you've got nothin to lose
  17. Oh please! Cry me a freaking river! Yes it was a blown call but that’s nothing new in the NHL. The game 2 blown disallowed goal plus goalie interference call was much much worse than this. Sanjose spanked them game 1. Was down 3-0 in game 2, manage to tie it and then eventually go ahead 4-3 to only have that bs call disallow the goal and put Vegas on a power play where they eventually scored. If Sanjose was up 2-0 like they should have been, this probably doesn’t even go to game 7. That blown call handed Vegas a 3-1 series lead on a freaking platter. Another one was Eakins clearly high stick goal in the very same game you are whining about. 2-0 vs 1-0 like it should have been changed the game plenty. Almost handed Vegas game 7. Don’t whine about a 5 minute major they should have been able to kill off. It wasn’t even a gifted or taken away goal. Those two goals I mentioned were straight up given to Vegas. 100% concrete free two goal swing. Sanjose was gifted a major but they still had to score. It could have been a zero goal swing if Vegas killed off the penalty unlike the guaranteed 100% two goal swing Vegas was gifted in this series. Ask any coach or team if they would take a 2 goal buffer or a 5 minute major in a series and 100% of the time the team takes the two goal buffer. If there is no Asterisk for Tampa’s cup win where Calgary clearly won in 5, why the hell would there be one in this case?! Please!
  18. Reading these last few posts, I think I now have the courage to DM Rihanna on Instagram and ask her out on a date.
  19. ROUND 2 - PLAYOFF ROSTER Compher - MacKinnon - Meier Komarov Werenski - Vaakanainen
  20. I honestly wouldn't be opposed to this. I'm a big sports fan like most of us probably are who spend any time posting about sports on a forum. There are a lot of examples of sports people stepping out of a "loser culture" type of situation and flourish in another and become winners. Or people coming out of nowhere or a much lower level. What we don't have compared to Benning or whoever is involved in this type of hiring is a chance to get to know the person. Get to hear their philosophies and visions. Sure Keith Gretzky is a part of the Oilers organization right now but I'm sure even that organization has good sports people in it. It doesn't mean that he automatically is a complete no go is what I'm trying to say. What I think is massively underrated in any organization is synergy. I don't mean that everyone should agree with each other and be on the same side of every decision but if you have a good relationship, you are often more honest and straight to the point as well. That's how good decisions are made. Everyone is comfortable with any situation and you are confident enough to tell the other guy, listen, you are wrong or even say, you are right I am wrong. None of us know how he has behaved during his time with the Oilers. Maybe he was the one saying "jesus christ guys, it's Mikko, we can't go 4 freaking years" and maybe he wasn't. I'm not saying Keith Gretzky should be hired or that he is some sort of messiah - I'd just like the Canucks to turn every stone to find what they believe is the best person for the positition. He might not even be in the discussions.
  21. Hahaha don't discount Wagner, he's a fiesty dog
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