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  2. yeah markstrom sucks, didnt even get 1 last year.
  3. More of a positioning thing every goalie is taught to stay low, better butterfly, better lateral movement. He should be playing more outside his net, in junior he was probably playing more aggressive and didn’t have to move side to side as fast but now with better skaters he is probably forced to stay in his net more because the lateral movement isn’t there. It’s one of the harder adjustments to make as a goalie
  4. Then clearly you don't care about the need for complete and total indoctri….I mean, social justice in this country.
  5. A six million dollar man has to own his fair share of responsibility.
  6. scumhunter extraordinaire
  7. There is no way they would do this . Would be nice though.
  8. If being accused of being racist cost JT Liberals votes in the lower mainland..... Will the accusation result in more liberal votes in Alberta / Sask ? Just joking.... but seriously...... I don't really care about a guys costume at a costume party 20 years ago when he was in his 20's.
  9. Love the sentiment here. Upvotes for everyone! In all seriousness though, I think it's SO valuable that Brock was afforded some extra time with family, because you only get to keep your loved ones for so long in life, and you don't ever get that time back. I also think it won't affect his training and fitness at all and that he will come out flying and motivated to pot some sick snipes. Believe in Brock
  10. Not at all would like to know how a kid dressing up as Hendrix is exploitation and appropriation of a culture?
  11. Im sure we’ll see a different Hutton as a player, it was a soul searching summer. I Have a feeling he’ll have a good year. He’ll probably be traded at the trade deadline. If his first half of season is really good with the crappy Kings he will have value.
  12. Clearly JT likes to dress up..... Well he was a Drama teacher so what do you expect.... I always more thought of him as a "brown noser" more that " brown facer...." Jokes aside. Do you want a PM with poor judgment 20 years ago at a costume party.... ... Or . Scheer who is an intolerant person with moral values that are not alligned with how most Canadians feel....
  13. I really want MacEwen to make the team.
  14. A thought in Psychology is that saying sorry is a sign of strength. Not when an individual brings them self to do it, many internally think that is weak. However when we see someone else admit they were wrong it is seen as the responsible thing to do, strength. The Con's should have just released and let this simmer...not push the issue. There's a real chance that this ends up being a good thing for JT.
  15. Well he needs to get 20 first..... Setting the bar high isn't going to help.
  16. Rundblad is on his team. I'm surprised that guy was such a flop.. almost a PPG defensemen in the SEL at 19..
  17. Liked him in From Dusk to Dawn, plays a creepy guy very well.
  18. To Edmonton: Baertschi, 2020 4th round pick To Vancouver Puljujarvi Then.... To Winnipeg Stecher Gaudette Gadjovich 2020 5th round pick To Vancouver: Laine 2020 7th round pick We would then have 3 of the top 5 picks from that draft class and the 3 guys who made team Finland a force in that years World Juniors! WE WIN!!!!
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