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  2. Yes, I absolutely said: And then I clarified with: I just meant dead in the middle of their "window" to compete and in an absolutely atrocious cap position with significant players still required to sign. The Leafs are screwed and I love it, but they absolutely had to give up the pick to shed Marleau and I don't think that Nucks fans would be outraged if they were in a similar position and absolutely had to give up a 1st to shed Loui. Luckily, we're much better off than that.
  3. I've heard to the contrary. Initially when Schneider grabbed the starting role from him, there was talk that Luongo wanted out. Once Schneider was traded, Luongo reassumed the mantle of starter and played well. The year that Torts was coach, word on the street was that Luongo had finally convinced his wife to move from Florida to BC, and his kids had been enrolled in local schools. Once Tortorella decided to, in a moment of monumental stupidity, give Lack the net at the Heritage Classic, Luongo was insulted and asked to be traded, and the trade happened the following day.
  4. The way that he was using it was a verb? How did you not get that?
  5. They fell apart after 2011 after the owner came in and handed Darcy Regier a blank cheque. He then took too long to fire him and then replaced him with a poor GM in Tim Murray. The sad thing is that even up to several years ago, the Sabres were a top 5 team in all-time regular season record percentage. Of course much lower than that in playoff percentage. Now they're probably middle of the pack in all-time regular season and same in playoffs since they haven't been there in 8 years.
  6. Genuinely, I don't rate Vesa that much. Particularly in Puck, where he's not going to score much playing soft bottom six minutes with the Jets.
  7. I think the Canucks owe the fans and should at the very least fight the recapture penalty as did New Jersey
  8. Yeah, it only being 2.2 million is that bad. If he had retired in 2 years it would be over 8! For the next 2 seasons, it really wont affect us. And that gives enough time to prepare for the 3rd year when we will be at the cap.
  9. Insults aside, you said: Point being, you do not know this fanbase. Reasoning and rationale do not matter when there are pre-conceived beliefs, such as first round picks holding more value than nearly anything. The benefit from it is immaterial -- the Miller trade being a prime example. As I think one person pointed out already, if we traded a first for McDavid we'd have some complaining about the cap hit. And point again, where is all the consternation? Because the Leafs screwed themselves with bad management, management somehow gets a pass for using a "prime asset" to try to fix it?
  10. did any other team benefit from that situation? nope. Florida gets to screw us over so they save cap space.
  11. I want to take a moment away from the recapture penalty that we will have to take on for the next 3 years. And give thanks to the best goalie this franchise has ever had. This video always hits me right in the feels every time I watch it.
  12. I share a lot of your views. Moreover, I personally dislike the Miller trade. However, we need to add more perspectives to this discussion. (1) By the standard you have set, I think most GM's are mediocre. Many teams are stuck with crappy contracts, failed high draft picks, trading high draft picks for short term help that did not pan out, failing to trade assets before free agency or restricted free agency, signing players to overpriced contracts, failing to develop players......etc. In this regard, Jim is not mediocre but average to somewhat above average. In this respect, I suspect your rating of "mediocre" is at least partially swayed by the results. As you know, results based approach for assessment is a highly subjective and contextual debate. Is Peter Chiarelli a good GM based on his results in Boston and Edmonton? It is difficult to say. (2) Without knowing the personal discussions among the owner, GM and management team, it is difficult for us to speculate whose fault it is for the decisions and results. Jim strikes me as a thinker. He is learned and observant when it comes to player assessment and development. My personal speculation based on nothing but previous disclosures from Jim are:
  13. Agree... Time for every to stand up and be counted... He may have reached his floor, and if so for him. Like Hutton, like all off the Canucks, but reality is we need a stronger defence. If the players aren't doing it, we must upgrade...
  14. What are you talking about? Your first point was this: I refuted that you were taking a rather rosy outlook in comparing the two, which you absolutely were. The player with the chance of contributing more this upcoming season is without a doubt Marleau. They're both bad contracts and likely will both suck, but you were trying to say that Loui>Marleau which is ridiculous.
  15. Damn look at all those Canucks records you mentioned. I guess we should retire Crosby’s number for what he did with team canada too. Stop crying into your Lu body pillow and grow up. There’s no need to post like this because youre seething over someone having a difference of opinion over number retirement.
  16. I recall Burke always talking about how every teams scouts look for a Tom Wilson type player (less all the dirty nonsense.) Does Pod fit that type of player? Curious what others think on this. Either way, love the pick and I can’t wait for him to make the ice safe for our other players.
  17. If they are so desperate to save money then why not buy him out. They’d save 2.16 million over 4 years by only haven’t to pay him out 2/3 of his salary. and if melnyk is a cheapo that is gone in 2 year then he’d only be out 2.04 million rather than the 5 LE will cost him for the next two years. And that ignores what happens in year 3 if melnyk is still there. That’s another 4 million on the books. And on top of that lE signing bonus next year means cheapo melnyk has to fork out 3 million upfront to LE rather than spreading 3.25 out over 12 months like he’d be able to do with smith. Sorry but there’s some major flaws in your logic.
  18. that's not what you said though. you said desperation was a noun and panic was a verb. the first listed definition of panic is a noun.
  19. Wouldn't it be nice if it were that easy. lol
  20. 1. The actual cost is only about $2.2 million per year for the next 3 three years as the Canucks will no longer have to "pay" 800K per year in retained salary against the cap. That is annoying but not a catastrophe. It would have been worse if Lu had retires a year later and much worse if he retired two years later. 2. I agree with Jimmy McGill. The Canucks should ask for exemption on the grounds that Lu is retiring in large part for medical reasons. Probably they already have. And it might work. 3. I am surprised that "retirement for medical reasons" does not create an exemption. 4. Trading Lu back to Vancouver and then having Vancouver put him on LTIR is a option that has been much discussed. But Lu probably does not like the pretense involved and prefers to go out "cleanly", the way he always played the game. It is not Benning's style either. And I personally don't like it either, so I am with Lu and Benning on this one. And there is always the possibility that the NHL would decide that Lu did not qualify for LTIR. 5. The Canucks probably could take it to court but the odds would not be good. Although the penalty is retroactive, which normally is not allowed, the Canucks agreed to it in the most recent CBA and CBAs carry a lot of weight in court, I don't think it would be worth the trouble and it is probably the last thing that Benning wants to get involved with. 6. This might stop the Canucks from signing a bad contract with Myers. I think that would be a good outcome as far as the long term rebuild is concerned. Myers might help the team in the short run but at a high cap hit that runs for a long time his contract could turn out to be a major problem in the long run. So, bottom line. This is not so bad. It could have been a lot worse.
  21. Only because the organization wanted to move on from him. If they had never made the decision to (try and) trade him he would've stayed.
  22. ...and what type of word is desperate? Say it with me..... A noun. Not an actual action/adjective like panic is...
  23. I'm going by when that contract was signed, which was nearly 3 years ago and everyone myself included called it risky because of the final year and he has made a noticeable decline. So yes, nearly 3 years ago. And with the list of really effective 40+ year old NHLers currently being 1. Chara I don't see Marleau “bouncing back”
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