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  2. 711 job oppurtunities rofl, world's best biatches in Surrey I have to agree with though!
  3. I don't spin anything I read what is written and see the flaws in the argument not my fault I'm an educated individual. Oh wait it is.
  4. I was quite surprised when a whole thread is made talking about "Benning deserves better" as a clear majority defends him in absurdum. At least on this forum. Even in areas where his management isn't so good. I can't vote either because I know too little about him. He seems to be good at scouting and listens to the people scouting for him.
  5. And the Canucks C represents the letter C for Canucks and the Orca, Blue for the ocean, Green for the rainforest represents the city where they play. Why you can connect the dots for the Flames and be this obtuse with the Canucks I will never understand...
  6. Revisiting this proposal. The Canucks would have ended up with Byram, Podkolzin, Newhook and Jost. The J.T. Miller trade would have provided the replacement for Horvat. Giving up next year’s first rounder wouldn’t seem so bad given the influx of young talent. In hindsight this deal would have been a steal for the Canucks.
  7. Are you saying that GMs should never trade draft picks. And if this is not what you are saying then when should teams trade draft picks
  8. I don’t believe in him, but you apologists do. I am just saying if they are as good as you claimed, the X value assigned to the picks would be greater than the ZERO contributions the trades made to our bottom line. And it is zero. In 5 years of trades to boot. Pretty piss poor if you ask me.
  9. Keep riding him He'll pull the "Surrey is the best city in the world" line soon. "Low crime rates, worlds best beaches, a plethora of six figure jobs at every 7-11"
  10. Why can't I look at what other gms picked as possible prospects. It is what's available at that pick. Furthermore, your arguement could lead to a point that Jim would have picked a better player thus you would trust Jim at scouting players. Thus leading one to believe that Linden vey or any player he believes is worth a 2nd or 3rd could be a decent prospect. Might almost be that you believe in JB after all
  11. Lol at this Arrow guy..... Spin it all you want, but facts are none of the trades Benning made helped our team. ZERO. In FIVE years. I am not a prophet but I am pretty confident that AT LEAST one of those picks, probably a few, would help our team a lot more than ZERO. And no, we wouldn’t have picked the same players those teams drafted so stop trying to break them down and look at the big picture. Which is trades. 0 meaning ZERO value. Draft picks we will assign an X value since we will never know the true value. But if Benning is as good at drafting as you apologists claim X is definitely much greater than 0. Jeez. Sorry I can’t stop laughing at how much spinning this Arrow guy is doing. Lol. It’s almost as bad as Benning’s wheel spinning for 5 years.
  12. Hutton the odd man out. Management was talking about revamping the D during the trade deadline. Your seeing it now
  13. If I'm whining then you're whining about my whining.
  14. As much as I liked Granlund and Hutton, we need some big changes on this team, JB knows it and he's making them. The core is just about set. The Miller trade shows he's got balls, now he's cutting some guys who have been around for years and just haven't been good enough. Will be interesting to see who he's got in mind to replace them. Granlund is an easy replacement (Gaudette, Miller at C) but by losing Pouliot and Hutton we desperately need some more decent defencemen. They (along with Gudbranson) were terrible at times and obviously our 3 worst compared to the better guys like Edler, Stetcher and Tanev, but we need to replace 3 D now up and down the lineup. Ideally one top-4, one bottom pairing guy who can play 20 mins in case of injury and one depth 6-7th guy. Got to get cracking JB.
  15. just admitted that the unemployment numbers are pretty low and that the largest employment sector in ontario and quebec isn't hurting so shhhhhh
  16. well the point is, whining about a lottery pick before its a lottery pick is sort of silly
  17. You are without doubt right in your assumption that in a trade, you'd get more for either that you would for JV. But I'm not so sure it is this straight forward. I wanted Ehlers, and was disappointed when we passed on him, but I also understood the reason for choosing JV. We had just been eating physically by a less skilled Bruins team at the SC, and to Management as well as fan base it was 'obviously' clear, we needed a tough strong competitor in our top 6 to take the battle to the opponent. So it was not just scoring we were looking for... I think, or more I hope that JV continues his progression, as he showed glimpses last season, what he could potentially end up as... He is still only 22 and that's incredible as he's been around forever... I don't think he will ever out score either, but I still believe he could turn into a powerful support in top 6. If not there would definitely be room for him on the 3rd or 4th line... If so its not what we hoped for, but he is an NHL player.... I don't think the final chapter has yet been written, in the 'who is the better player' book....
  18. Scheer thus far has not had any quality ideas regarding the economy. I have waited for some, but much like his climate plan roll out...still waiting. Sure there's been a He campaigned on debt and deficit. That's it. I also stated clearly, easily researched statements of fact that can easily back those claims up regarding his spending and the current economy. You refused to accept them or look in to them. That's on you. You don't like it when you can't use opinion to win an argument. It's your MO, we get it. Harper promised a balanced budget too. 10 straight years and we never got one. Scheer is promising one as well. Doing the math on his plan...doesn't add up. At all. So is it ok in your mind if one says it but doesn't deliver but the others are ok because "reasons" or will you actually explain it to me this time instead of completely going off topic like.... See below It's adorable "this is how blah blah blah conversation with you blah blah blah attack attack attack" But the moment you don't get your word in "you support socialist ndp liberals bad man look plastic forks hypocrite water box thingee" Again, you're MO. We get it. I posted facts about the economy and stated clearly that the social aspect of things are not voter friendly regarding the Cons. There was no attacks. You went on a pout and posted trudeau eating with plastic cutlery. Called him a hypocrite, spoiled rich boy anti environment. That was an attack. Now you can claim you were joking but, we know you weren't. So in response I showed you images of Andrew scheer regarding the social aspects that don't fall favourably on the conservative side. Those were not attacks at all. Those are literal images of him at a pro life rally, chummy with faith gold and a yellow vest rally which is rife with racists, white supremacists and xenophobes. The truth is not an attack no matter how you want to pretend otherwise. So if you care to REFUTE any of that with facts by all means. The floor is yours. Or...ignore it and claim I support socialist trudeau loving soy boy latte drinking blah blah blah blah blah
  19. Nah that's in hindsight, and I'm allowed to assess and react to a trade my team made at the time it was made.
  20. Can we please at least keep the Benning bitching to threads, that you know, involve Benning? Too much to ask?
  21. Chad Krys was drafted in the 2knd round. Ian Mitchell among the last picks of the second round. Carlsson the 4th round Galvas the 5th round. And to be fair > I lumped each roughly within other guys draft levels. And this really all that is at odds. We disagree on this point. My concern is simple. I believe D is an area of concern in our prospect pool. And we did not draft any D. You think its fine.
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