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  2. Not sure how we can blame the refs this game when we had 6 power plays (I hate refs as much as anybody).
  3. Also not big on some, including Cheech, using the 'ìt`s an afternoon game` excuse. It's also an afternoon game for the Devils.
  4. canuck73_3

    NHL 20 Thread

    Interesting glitch in my game today apparently all PP goals were all my players 1st career goal today. Shockingly in cluding Tanner Pearson and JT Miller scoring their 1st career goals on their 2nd and 3rd goal of the year respectively
  5. Clearly worth separating then. So much to gain....
  6. because its actually not true. All the rules were followed, and some of those rules include not letting you interview anyone you want. Maybe that needs to change but as of today thems the rules. I did notice that Scheer isn't lobbying to change them, just bring in a weak fine system. If he gets into power he really doesn't want people poking into cabinet confidence either RS.
  7. Well we did but the refs hadn't got to the game yet, so it was called off.
  8. Myers two penalties, the one on the game winner. we need point blasts from him on our six power plays he looks not engaged due to his physical frame it’s like a big slug at times, can’t believe mcavoy and werenski got signed to less money then him. I’ve watched him play hundreds of games in Kelowna and buffalo His play isn’t even clos to what it was. Sorry if that offends people who love him after just watching him a few times
  9. Who’s pocket is Newell holding that he still has a job ffs.
  10. It was a candle that was lit at both ends. Twice as bright but lasts half as long. I *think* they "borrowed" the idea of the NWO storyline from a Japanese wrestling promotion (important difference was they ran out of ideas pretty quickly). Kevin Nash tore his quad reading this post. The "finger poke of doom" was about as bad as giving the title to David Arquette. Sorry I can't do a good Jim Cornette impression.
  11. It is really funny and admittedly the ndp has a few good ideas, specifically a 15% national foreign buyers tax. But it's that 60 billion in new spending that is terrifying.
  12. What a snoozer of a game. PP sucks. Play out of a timeout is a near point shot by Petey into some shin pads. Team lacks any sort of creativity. Guess the plan is to just throw the puck at the net and get some tips, rebounds or just hope the goalie can’t see it.
  13. That’s what I said no need for uh, I talked about offense from the point and where does that come? The powerplay. no refs to blame, no conspiracy here im just saying people got a bit carried away with four wins in a row over bad teams one was good but it was a shootout win. now we lost to one of the worst teams in the league in regulation shutout no less on a night we had half dozen power plays. all I’m saying is the pace were on 4/7 isn’t a playoff pace and we’ve been gifted easier opponents (compared to most anyway there is no truly easy opponent anymore outside maybe the wild lol) in our first seven so it gets even harder from here. we are doing welll but not GOOD. Playoffs half the league makes it and through these seven like I said not quite the so things just have to improve is all I’m saying.
  14. The Canucks should build their own "rage" room like Philly has done. But the only things in it should be a baseball bat and bettman tied to a chair. For a thousand bucks (to go to Canucks place of course), anyone could go in there and beat the hell out of bettman with the bat. Win win for everyone...well except for the troll. I came up with the idea because I think 10am pacific NHL games are stupid and I blame bettman for everything that is wrong in the NHL.... =
  15. Can you read? I said it wouldn't be different. @aGENT
  16. Hey, that was the peak of the NWO! Hogan, Macho Man, Sting, Luger, Nash, Hall, Steiner, Bagwell, Goldberg, Flair...
  17. I'm not disagreeing on that I'm just saying I don't think the libs and ndp can do it. I think they need the bloc and it's very tricky using the bloc. The same goes for the cpc also.
  18. Wow, I only got to watch the first period and I literally missed nothing , they couldn’t score even 1 goal
  19. So true. And in that chippy 2nd period Ferland did not up his physicality. That was the whole reason JB went out and got him. I know you can't play that type of game 82 times a season. But how about for 1 period when needed? I hope to see the Ferland we thought we were getting sooner rather than later.
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