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  2. Not one to moan the Blues, but I hear this series has some horsesh*t players. A bum is Ben Bishop! StLoo only drop two, with 4 being their score.
  3. Don't get me wrong - I like Beagle and appreciates what he brings to this team. But given his price tag, I feel we need to see more scoring from him. He had his worst ppg output in 6 years with us. He is obviously good defensively and on faceoffs but I feel it is important to get scoring from your bottom six, and a line just can't do that properly with a center who can't contribute on the scoresheet. Here's hoping he comes back next season fully healthy and pots some 25 points for us. If he can do that, you can expect an improvement from his linemates as well. An extra combined 20-30 player points may not seem like much but sometimes that is the kind of small boost required to get those few extra wins to make the playoffs.
  4. Report: Dawson Creek, BC Police recieved a report of a middle-aged man, recognizable by his distinct ace cards tattoo, that goes only by the name "Mickey", acting drunk and belligerent after the series victory over GM Nail. Police charged the man with disturbing the peace and public intoxication after he was reportedly shouting racial slurs in a downtown night club. He has been sentenced to indefinite barring of CDC. His lawyer followed up with these comments; "We deny any accusations against my client. We have hired AGM Baer to take control of my clients assets until the charges are cleared." tl;dr Mickey got banned from CDC so I'm his AGM now. He can still be contacted on Kik however any discussions made through CDC will be through me.
  5. IMO he will be a player in the NHL so the chance of busting is really low. Question is whether he will be a a tweener 10 goal scorer or 40 goal scorer. I feel like a player that scores at a ppg has to at least be a 20 goal scorer in the NHL so that would set his floor. I'm not sure how effective he will be defensively so I can't comment on that aspect. More realistically he will be anywhere between 25-30 goals and that's fine by me. I don't see him as a play driver and he will benefit from having an excellent passer to help put him into prime scoring areas. If he has added grit factor then I'm definitely sold on him. As for the playoffs, having him on a line with Pettersson and Boeser would be a pretty soft line and he would probably fit better on a line with Horvat. Ideally I would like to see a tenacious speed checker type of player to fill out that top line.
  6. @Primal Optimist some of your players work for me...
  7. Apparently I've taken over the St. Louis Blues...
  8. The conditions of this trade have been met. The Sharks now own that PIT 2020 4th rounder
  9. Devils release Lukas Sedlak Mikkel Boedker Kyle Clifford Mike Green Mark Borowiecki Brendan Smith Yegor Yakovalev Remi Elie Mark Letestu Ben Thomas Karl Alzner Zachary Fucale Adam Wilcox Steve Mason What a mouthful! New Jersey also qualifies Malcom Subban and David Kampf Also Nail if you don't mind calling up, Lias Andersson, Vitali Abramov, Nathan Bastian, Olli Juolevi, Jakub Zboril, Dillon Heatherington. May seem silly but hope to see the, all make the jump next season. So would like to reflect a next season roster... As of now anyway
  10. I hope Winnipeg is the 1/5 you guess right here!
  11. I find it ironic that guys like Simpson are whining about how Chara etc get away with little whacks and cross checks etc - where was the outrage when we were playing these goons?
  12. The RL Nashville loss hurts. Gonna need the Leafs, Sharks, and Caps to all win for me to stand a chance in round 2.
  13. I'm not going to lie I am actually happy we didn't get the #1 overall as I am worried Hughes might turn into Johhny Gaudreau Version 2.0. Seems the smaller guys have disappeared in the playoffs (although those who have pointed out the fact the Lames didn't surround him with some size to give him some open ice have a point). I really think Kaapo might be the guy to take 1st overall.
  14. Updated with just 3 Round 1 games to play! Looking at the players remaining for all teams left, I'll predict Winnipeg/Colorado/Carolina/Islanders/Washington to move onto Round 2, but you're also talking to the guy who's 1/5 for series predictions IRL so take my predictions with a grain of salt
  15. Me too. Your Avs look really good, but you might want to add some colour to those twirling white towels in your arena. Rainbow towels maybe?
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