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  2. Bobby Orr's agent cost him ownership of The Bruins. He didn't tell him of the deal that Boston had offered to keep him in Boston. Literally, he cost Ore 10's of millions of dollars.
  3. It's fine and all to want to try and find players that fit with a player, but sometimes a player just doesn't fit into a system. Case in point: Loui Eriksson. We've tried him everywhere: with the Sedins, with Horvat, up and down the lineup. He just doesn't fit. He's also highly demotivated as evidenced by his interview. Providing the right kind of players is not going to just magically fix that. I get what you are saying with Turris and him being a goal scorer and I agree on that part despite his recent lack of production, but I just don't think he's a fit in Nashville, although I will say he might come cheap at this point....
  4. Buffalo can't score. I assume they would want to address their wingers.
  5. Yeah, every villager should absolutely re-read the thread at least once in the later stages of the game. There is so much information to be gained by a retrospective analysis once you know the alignments on several players. I can't believe you're arguing me on that.
  6. Ditto, Ehlers reminds me of a player that will end up playing for a few teams by the time he retires; not because of talent.
  7. Things you also know: Edler wants to stay and eventually retire here. The Canucks would like to bring him back.
  8. People saying Jim Benning is fighting for his job, without providing proof that Jim's job is even in jeopardy, let along that he is fighting for it.
  9. Would love to see Ehlers on Bo's wing. He is a good playmaking winger.
  10. I'm not worried about anything management does or doesn't do. They have a plan and I don't care what the details are or how close they have stuck to it as long as it results in winning more games sooner than later.
  11. Trump is the classic case of a guy full of bravado. Those types of people in leadership are very worrisome, when war is a potential. If he does keep the US from war, I will be surprised - pleasantly.
  12. Asking players to re-read a 100 page thread whenever they get new info? Doesn't that seem like it might bog down new thoughts and distract a player? Calling out to "villagers" also seems off, like a prepared speech. PM BW. Hes been deep in PMs with Stamkos since the beginning, why not toss him a few more?
  13. sorry just had to fix that a bit for you there
  14. I doubt we'd target Bob (unless his contract demands end up being far more reasonable than reported). But I'd happily sign Lehner, Mrazek, Varlamov , Elliott etc to tandem with Demko.
  15. She got more votes. The US voters did prefer her. Gerry and the Manderers over there at the College of Electorals was the problem.
  16. Things I know Edler has not signed a deal with the Canucks all else is mere speculation, by a bunch of mostly nameless people.
  17. Excellent post Monty. There is the business side of things, that (in the cap world) have to be factored in. And I love Big Buff! My favorite to watch for sure.
  18. Good. Of course, no war is good. Just seemed like you were implying a 'pass' for Donny if he was to go to war ( it sure would help his numbers, war time prez and all) because war is just what the US does. And to follow up, I wanted to make sure he doesn't get praise from anyone for keeping them out of a conflict that they themselves are manufacturing.
  19. 10th pick holds more value for the Canucks at their stage of development.
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