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  3. Watched it from all angles available. Clean hit.
  4. Not loving the stealthy headshot snipes with no response that seem to be adding up we need to take care of those "little details" alot better.
  5. Watch it again, he basically elbows him in awkward spot. Also looks like he was aiming for the head. (You have to see it at different angles to see these though)
  6. Dude, seriously, he makes a great Isaac Washington in this clip ...
  7. The only real coaching problem I have is the defensive setups. It's so passive. I guess it fits Tanev and Edler's style nicely, seeing as they are at the top of the league in blocked shots. But I dunno how sustainable that is against good teams. Giving them free time and space is not wise. McDavid and Draisaitl torched us cause they had all that time and space to do as they pleased. Considering the legendary run they are on that probably isn't the smartest play. Watching the team back off Malkin and let him take slappers down the middle of the ice? Even today against Buffalo with the 5 on 6. I get they have an extra man but that's even less space making putting pressure on them even better. Demko needs to peak around/through 5-7 bodies to even see the puck cause our entire team was just chillin' in the slot. I dunno if the team is also trying to sit on leads or if they are just getting shell shocked mentally by opposing team's pressure but that needs to be fixed too. Too often this team is blowing leads and I can't tell if it's young players learning or the team being told to be more passive. Either way when we get the lead we become a different team and it's not looking so hot. That one I'll kind of chalk up to the young team not handling the pressure well.
  8. Really fun game to be at. We got the 2 points bottom line, not the way you want but the result is what we needed. Quinn Hughes man, this kid just continues to amaze. Thought he had a great game.
  9. 6’8” Tyler Myers I think really lacks physicality on the back end. The guy is bigger than everyone and is soft as butter, really nice goal though. Btw the refs were brutal tonight
  10. Whats really funny is its the same people.Glass half empty guys just looking for something to point a finger at.
  11. Lack of speed and puck handling is why Boeser is struggling a wee bit 5 on 5. On the PP with all the time and space he is still super dangerous. Other teams are shadowing Petey and Boeser like crazy though. They have no time and space so Boeser needs to be able to make plays carrying the puck. Sadly he doesn't have the speed or the hands to really do anything with it. His passes are looking pretty sloppy and when he tries to dangle it doesn't end well. People say Jake has a lot to learn from Miller, I think Boeser would benefit just as much if not more from Miller if he emulates more of his game. I dunno how easy it is to get faster, so I won't just say "get faster Boeser" cause I imagine it's not that simple or else everyone would be out there like Larkin and McDavid. But it really would go along way if he developed his puck handling and passing skills. He has good size but no speed or hands to do anything in combination with that shot. Daniel Sedin was slow but he was tough on his skates and had some great puck handling. It offset the fact teams were on his ass all game. Boeser is having a good season. I don't wanna sound like I am trashing him cause he and Petey are having good seasons scoring wise but sometimes watching them 5 on 5 it's clear the other team knows what to do to get them off their game. Imagine Petey tougher on his skates and Boeser with better puck handling? They'd be a top 2/3 line in the league. They haven't reached their potential yet and that's what is scary about them.
  12. Roussel is an absolute gem. I wanted to see AG and him on a line, and its been great. Jake seemingly having an awakening with them is a great bonus. AG needs to get much better on face-offs but if he can do that then maybe Sutter can slide in with Bo when he's healthy instead of breaking up this group. Its easy to forget that Demko's a rookie goalie. He's going to have off moments but what I really like is his composure after a crappy goal and how calm his style is. Its part of the learning curve, but as long as the sv% is better an .910 and gaa under 3 he's going to be an excellent rookie backup.
  13. I really love how some people don't even leave themselves any wiggle room. Everything is such strong rhetoric. No "I'm skeptical because A, B, and C, but we'll see." No, it's "Worst. Trade. Ever." It's laughable.
  14. It's nice to know we have some sizeable, capable depth, when required. Hope Big Mac keeps progressing, & is our 4th liner next season.
  15. also, sneak peak for what to expect from my upcoming game: we're going to REVOLUTIONIZE forum mafia, guys. expect the mafia historians of the future to take a look at what i'm going to do with this because it'll be like when u get a great prophet in civ vi: miracles, culture, advancement. everyone should sign up because you're not going down in the history books if you're not in for this one. hype.
  16. Or, we should follow the players' lead and not make a big deal out of it because it happens? Keep it in perspective, as they do? Thank God they don't react like some here do with dramatics like the world is ending. Battle through, learn from it and understand it happens. Use it as a wake up call. Bandwagon fans are often the ones who only support a team that wins (convincingly and without stumbling)....anything else and they're crap. "Done here". One person in particular says that then doesn't leave. It's hiliarious. I take it on the chin when I'm called a homer because, well, I am. And damn proud of it. This is my team and I don't expect them to be perfect...this is for fun and enjoyment, not critical and mostly negative because that sucks the joy out of it. Observations? Sure. Even during the game in a "this is bad way". But the sky is falling repeatedly gets a little chicken little. Wait until the game ends to decide if it was good or bad and abandon ship. Don't throw in the towel at the first sign of trouble (yes, at times there will be). Hang in there and support the team. They didn't pack it in or give up so why should we? Went away so I didn't have to engage any further. But here's a player basically saying "happens and you can adjust/learn from it". They did so maybe we should follow their lead.
  17. For one day, y'all need to get over that. He had a goal Greener wanted him to hit, Jake didn't. He got one day with the nobodies. For all we know he just missed the goal that was set for him. He didn't come in like the Pillsbury doughboy. His icetime was not effected nor did he need time to get into shape. Hell he was used quite a bit in preseason and looked pretty good. Pretty sure he even lit it up the very first preseason game with top 6 ice time.
  18. Would any of you wish to join the Church of Jack Rathbone?
  19. Yes, pretty much agree with you about Demko tonight...….My comment was poorly worded, but I think you articulated it much better...…... Probably right about Marky as well
  20. I like the way you think--so far outside the box that the box is no longer relevant. If you exist in higher dimensions, the laws of the lower ones stop to matter. I think this is a likely outcome and would like to change my submission to the same as the quoted. e: actually no, sticking to my guns: 9-7 in a goalie's duel.
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