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  2. Looks like the fear mongering was just that. The throne speech hinted at spending cuts of less than three per cent over three years. However, the speech said, funding will be maintained or increased for health care, education, community and social services, and children’s services.
  3. But like, if Toffoli doesn't sign, this trade is not worth it! The 2nd rounder could be Malkin 2.0! madden is basically Messier.
  4. The idea that you don't think Dahlin is as good as controlling the game is purely based on the fact that you don't watch him at all. The kid is so slick and see's the ice so well. and guess what he's still only 19 years old. Dahlin does this type of stuff on a daily basis.
  5. also this year, I think he was trying new blades...he sure falls down a lot....maybe he should go back to the other blades...
  6. I have been embracing the inner -VC- and have been waiting patiently.
  7. Yes the police should never have been involved. there are steps that can be taken to avoid her having to ever have to deal with police.
  8. Tanev is wearing shin guards that were specially designed for him. They seem to be working. Other than that, perhaps it's luck that he hasn't taken a puck in the yap or hand so far this year
  9. So shouting out a question starting before JT even left the room he was leaving and then heading down the hallway away from the "reporter" ambushing him with this obvious question is what? This was an obvious media availability or press conference you would have something. This is just a bs hit job for knuckle dragging knuckleheads to fall for.
  10. Dahlin also has a higher PP points per 60 at 6.03 while Hughes has 5.82. Hughes is 2nd in PP ice time while Dahlin is 16th. We draw the most PPs in the league so that makes sense.
  11. AHL is generous after the Muzzin injury. That's basically an ECHL quality defense. Maybe they can sign Ayers; he'd probably be on the first pairing.
  12. I don't think we would need to buy out Sutter. He should be a tradeable asset in the summer, even if we have to retain salary. Retaining 50% of his salary would give us almost the same cap space as buying him out and we don't have the extra year on the books in 2021. As for Baer he could stay one more year in Utica and we would save just over $1 million, if we buy him out we save an extra $700k. So depends on how tight we are against the cap. Remember next summer we need to re-sign Petey and Quinn so buying these guys out may not be the best option as we would have their buyout salary on the books for 2021, when every penny will count.
  13. Nope. Dahlin is not even in the same area code as Huggy Bear.
  14. Copy that. Thanks. Marky will Likely be ready for the playoffs.
  15. I’d love to have both. Each plays pretty much half the game.
  16. I highly doubt it. We are a much better team, especially offensively. 5v5 points per 60 Hughes and Dahlin are almost the same. 1.37 for Hughes and 1.33 for Dahlin. That is despite the fact that Dahlin is on a worse team with worse offense and had a concussion earlier in the year.
  17. Ya, like i said , hard to say how Quinn would look. I honestly tend to think you are correct. Doesnt seem to matter who , how often , or what situations he plays in , he isn't influenced by his surroundings. He is one of those players that pulls everyone up a notch. You can't teach that , and rarely find a generationally skilled d man with this quality IMO. I would still take Hughes at this point, and that honestly isn't because I'm a Canucks fan.
  18. And that’s just another reason why people don’t bet nearly so much on the NHL.
  19. Because the NHL has this archaic injury secrecy thing that goes back decades. In the other 3 leagues you know exactly what kind of injury a player has, when and what kind of surgery/procedure is needed and a fairly accurate timeline, hell you even know the doctor in some cases.
  20. So time for Demko to do what we drafted him to do and the rest of the team to tighten up defensively. Demko's still a better goalie than the trash they have in AHLberta.
  21. Lol. Toronto with an AHL defense. Good luck making the playoffs.
  22. Agreed, so send the kid for counseling, or something like that. Handcuffing and arresting is going to make things worse. This is a six year old. Like you point out, she needs help.
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