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  2. LE did not come into the Canucks while they were on a rebuild. That was never happening at the time, especially when the Sedins were here. LE was a good player at the time of the trade but that turned to crap when he arrived. I don’t know if he could have made himself more valuable. He was given lots of opportunities and benched only once. The guy got tons of ice time and couldn’t produce.
  3. If you vote me, you’re literally Gudbranson tier in terms of advanced stats for mafia
  4. Lol you're fine. At one point I definitely forgot about 112's claim even though I had already made a big deal about it
  5. Gen editing posts ain't a good look, but as long as he gets pissed off at me that's all I care about
  6. Aiight boys we got a late night here. Let's solve all the mafias in the next hour or two
  7. Meh. Different strokes for different folks. Rereading can make some people prone to over analyzing or fixing in on a false narrative. It can also do the opposite, yes. I'm telling ya. Mafia hangout gotta happen sometime. We'll have more to tease about when we play mafia and we'll just get stronger as a community (probably)
  8. I don't think it's possible if he wants to stay in the NHL. Eriksson would have been paid an average of 9M after bonus payment in July, but the Canucks only had a 6M contract on the books. There will always be doubt that teams could agree at contract signing date to mutually terminate the contract before it's term - it's a way to artificially reduce the cap hit.
  9. Actually I didn't know I was KP until like round 3 lol. Thats when I began upping my play to be more active and involved. I try harder as mafia in a small game. 18 is not small
  10. I was saying you'd be more cautious as a wolf with a power role.
  11. To all those saying we should get this guy. Let me remind you. His last season stats were just 1 goal, 5 assists and minus 21 (67 games). His peak best years were way back in 07/08 with the Flames and has worsened each year! This guy simply does not belong in the NHL anymore. It’s no longer a salary issue.
  12. Post inspired by Stamkos: Given the title, there have to be some form of Lovers in this game right?
  13. Just finished a probability chart for the first ever ???? game of mafia TBH(to be hosted)
  14. Just think about why. ^ I don't mean that in a rude way. But I just can't say.
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