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  2. His agent was on a radio show last week saying that he is not 100% and the Sharks knew it. He says Karlsson will need time after the playoffs to get healthy again. It's likely still the groin injury.
  3. I always found it interesting that during the 60's and early 70's, it were the hippies leading the forefront of the era of radical movements, transference of ideas, protesting inequality, etc.... the standard for activism, are now the same seniors that are labelled as the "old, racist white people".
  4. I’ve been impressed with the play of Marcus Johansson in the playoffs with Boston. I think he would be a good fit to play with Elias and Brock. Plus he’s only 28 and shouldn’t cost too much as an UFA. As for defence either Myers or Stralman.
  5. Podkolzin is staying in Russia to play for the next 2 years. Caufield is going to college next year and then probably to the AHL for a year. Who will be the better NHL player by then? My guess is it would be Podkolzin, due to his size, speed and hands. Maybe having Tryamkin here would persuade Podkolzin? My question is: why has Podkolzin's stock dropped lately? Is it because he said he wanted to stay in Russia to play there for the next couple of years?
  6. I'm already shaking a fist at the world and how the boomers messed it up for the next generations.
  7. But I would assume you’d know that none of the KHL teams have a transfer-agreement with any of the headless goat carcass leagues, no?
  8. Well when you basically shut down my opinion you made it sound like you have been watching them all year and my suggestion couldn't even be possible, obviously when he's not injured he's playing better lol, but why, was what I was trying to figure out and taking more hits in his own end could cause that if Sharks have told him to not be out of position as much like he was in Ottawa all the time. That's the reason I wasn't a fan of him he always and I mean always handcuffed Ottawa if he didn't score on his rush, and I really don't think the Sharks wanted him doing that as much. Again I don't follow them either, but I do know through out the year watching highlights of games I didn't see that in his game as much anymore this year, definitely not as much as he used to do in Ottawa he's definitely more defensively minded this year, and obviously now with the injury that's all he can do, that's understandable when injured.
  9. It makes sense especially the finanacials. ill leave it to you to try and get kassian back. man I would be constantly double taking if I saw maroon in the blue and green.
  10. The human race as a whole, needs to stop embracing a sick, unbalanced victim card. No the boogey-white-man didnt take your ability to earn money away, three generations ago. No the boogey-black-man didnt steal your wife and sell your kids drugs. We are the product of our own choices. Us, you and I. Take forking responsibility for the path that you have taken as a person, and learn from the mistakes you have made to find that path. (Sorry if that came across that i was directly responding to you 198, but really i was kinda adding to what you were talking about) We need to take responsibility for our actions, our choices, and more importantly for the world around us. Our conversations, these ones, are the ones that dont get shackled on huffingtonpost. We dont get 25 pages of “What does hermione granger look like today?”. Theres no “This person from bumfork nowhere makes a jillion dollars every week. Click here to find out more” We need to evaluate what is good for the human race, and what is detrimental.
  11. One day you will be a old man too. And shaking a fist at the world.
  12. He's made a few this season, I don't watch the Sharks all that much either but he was noticeably better the first half of the season when healthy.
  13. Oh so before March he was always rushing up like he used to do in Ottawa? I really don't follow their team so not sure at all.
  14. Caufield is absolutely deserving of being a top-10 pick, even at 5'6, but he's just not the guy the Nucks need right now. We simply cannot go through another era where we're considered a 'soft skill' team (unless, say, that team is blisteringly fast), and we're already building around a Skinny Pete and a Mighty Mite Quinn. Podkolzin to me almost makes sense not just as a BPA, but as a fit on the Wing for EP+Boes. He loves to handle the puck and is pretty relentless on the forecheck. EP40 is deadly from anywhere inside the hashmarks, but he sometimes gets plugged up on his zone entries and runs out of space. Podz is great at gaining the zone. Boeser can bury just about any chance you give him, so even if Podz is not known for his point tallies... he plays a style that could free things up for the big boys. Not to mention he can skate and has great hands. I've been watching all of the draft eligible prospects very closely, and this is probably the most difficult draft position the Canucks have held in Benning's tenure. So many great options, with such a small margin for error. We cannot afford to blow this pick. Everybody has their preferences, and hindsight will be 20/20 regardless... but I've got my list down to 1. Boldy 2. Podkolzin 3. Broberg. with much love for Newhook, Seider, Soderstrom. I totally see the bust potential in Broberg that others see, but I also see the unbelievable upside with his skating and puck possession. I like the way he plays a lot, tbh. (PS. Jimbo please get MORE PICKS! Dorofeyev is a freaking WIZARD with the puck, almost Petey-esque, and Hoglander is dripping in finesse. Nicholas Robertson looks like the next Alex Burrows. PICKS!)
  15. But you don't get to 'take' Kane's speed though - he's signed to 2025 - at a 7 million cap hit btw - and would cost you assets comparable to what they spent to get him in the 1st place. What I'm really talking about is a placeholder that brings a number of the elements that line could use - while the team continues to build longer term. The low cost/risk aspect of what he brings is worth thinking about im. Maroon may not have that speed - but he's a 1 yr x 1.75 million expiring contract - and at his age, role and production, that's likely where his market value lies/remains moving forward. Maroon - might not be a terrible stop gap - something I would take that over chasing bigger fish = small, skilled and highly expensive UFAs on the market - who I'd bypass altogether (pass on Panarin, pass on Skinner etc). For me it would be Nelson/Lee midrange type at the higher end of my list of players I pursue, and then a short term Maroon as an admittedly second tier placeholder option, but critically, one that is very low risk, and enables the team to retain all it's cap flexibility moving forward - he simply joins the class of Roussel, Beagle, et al for the time being. I know it's odd to read this coming out of me, but the option is kind of growing on me. It's somewhat similar imo to targetting a guy like Stralman - as opposed to chasing highly costly/risky Karlson types....Stralman at 32 yrs of age - is likely a willing shorter term 'placeholder' at this point - and at this stage, that's something I'd value more than high risks. Both these players would also be potential rental flips who might - like Vanek - if the playoffs are not in the cards here (yet). Neither of them complicate the expansion outlook. Neither of them are necessarily committed to over a terma that would/could get in the way of an emerging young player. That would be my more conservative (than most) 'plan' at this point.
  16. He doesn't do those rushes like he did in Ottawa because he has been playing with a groin injury since March. He is not “injury prone” he is simply currently injured and clearly not 100%
  17. There was a littletheme for this wedding~my little niece got her fingers on the cake XD




  18. I dunno... as soon as people start insulting people for liking a team, it gets a bit weird
  19. I hope Big Nikita comes back and gives things another shot with the Canucks. Too bad his deal wasn't over this summer, make it even more reason to walk about from Edler if you had Hutton, Nikita and Quinn on the left side
  20. You're taking this too far. People can simply be passionate about their sports team without having personal issues.
  21. So some may know EA sports lost the licencing or something to make PGA games anymore, and another company decided to take on the PGA Golf games. I always liked the Tiger Woods games, but never liked them after they removed him from the cover. This year I decided to check out what they had for Golf again, so found out this information and checked out The Golf Club 2019 they were asking like $70 and I said screw it not worth it to try out a new company game. But..... This month the game is free on Xbox One for Gold Members, and it's only like 6GB size, just thought anyone who didn't want to buy it or has forgotten about Golf games here's a good opportunity to try out this new company one and really see going forward if they're worth it or not.
  22. Montreal is not giving up Domi. Domi played great there and fit in really well imo.
  23. does it matter why? Its just a bunch of people using sports as a proxy to hash out their own personal issues.
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