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  2. Seems former Secretary of Defence Jim "Mad Dog" Mattis has had enough of the circus......... Meanwhile ex Defense Secretary Mattis has scathing remarks crossing, such as: troops were ordered to provide a bizarre photo opportunity to Trump Trump is dividing America "Trump is the first president in my lifetime who does not try to unite the American people-does not even pretend to try. We are witnessing the consequences of three years without mature leadership." "We can unite without him, drawing on the strengths inherent in our civil society. This will not be easy, as the past few days have shown, but we owe it to our fellow citizens; to past generations that bled to defend our promise." "We must reject and hold accountable those in office who would make a mockery of our Constitution. At the same time, we must remember Lincoln's "better angels," and listen to them, as we work to unite."
  3. Carolina Updated Trading Block: Marian Hossa Peter Mueller Mike Comrie Rostislav Olesz Dominic Moore Brendan Morrison John-Michael Liles Niklas Kronwall Tim Gleason Jimmy Howard Pierre-Marc Bouchard Martin Hanzal Mike Commodore Semyon Varlamov Tom Preissing Continuing to work the phones/DMs for deals.
  4. No worries Dr. Bonnie says kids can't get covid... so at least all our kids are safe at school....... Schools open / kids playgrounds open... idiots out in public refusing to wear free provided masks... Say hello to the second wave of Covid. Humans are stupid.
  5. It's tough not to have at least something of a biased view watching your favorite team particularly if you rarely, or never, watch games with opposing fans. Bruins fans felt the Canucks were dirty and got away with way too much. I watched one game with a friend that's a TO fan who was rooting for the Bruins as he hates the Nucks. He was going nuts on non-calls in favor of the Nucks while of course offering up crickets on non-calls for the B's. Tends to make you more aware of the two way street and fan bias for "your team". But I grew up with three older brothers way back among the original 6 and each of us had our own team. From the eldest it was Habs, Leafs, Hawks and me the Bruins (I was young and liked their Uni the best). But growing up with opposing fans really brought awareness to the two way street on calls and non-calls. Needless to say, being hometown boys, the moment the Nucks joined the league all four of us were instantly die hard Nuck fans with differing O-6 team as our secondary. Because they were my brothers teams though I'd root for any team over the Leafs, Hawks or Habs. It was good natured brotherly rivalry in our household.
  6. To Dallas: Pierre-Marc Bouchard To Carolina: Ryan O’Reilly Stan Kaebal 2012 Dallas 2nd
  7. To Montreal: Mike Commodore To Carolina: Emilien Quessandier
  8. I remember it well, from when I gigged there at the old Galaxy (where the song Chinatown Calculations came from, BTW) back in the mid-80s. The place was wall to wall Roid monkeys.... ....I thought I had somehow stepped into a small wormhole and ended up in Williams Lake....
  9. That's why I posted the quote of Trump using the same term in the Charlotteville quote to white people. Regardless of how people and say how the term has changed Trumps definition on what constitutes as thug hasn't. Why use it? because that's exactly how he defines people who create violence, regardless of race. Also many media outlets have called trump a thug recently, maybe to a select few view is as a racist term. but as I and many others don't connect the two I doubt his hardcore base does either. Not to sound legal, but I would say there is more evidence to show that trumps terminology on what he defines as a thug would suggest that it's not racially charged. I don't view that racist at all. But we're arguing on each others opinion so neither of us really are right/wrong. But we do see it happen all the time, "Worry about your own kids before you tell me how to raise mine." It's like Mike Milbury criticizing Benning on how to GM. No but they were obstructing him, the president from getting where he wanted to go. He also gave them plenty of time to get out of the way, not to mention that half the crowd was white. The same thing would happen with any president would it not? If people obstructed Obama, security and police would use force. We see this all the time with celebrities and there's security details. I'm not sure how this gets lumped into the race thing... The other tweets are all along the same lines. Trump stated many of the illegal boarder crossers were rapists and criminals, which is true and factually backed up. He didn't say ALL mexicans are racist. For the dogs tweet, he stated they were there for anyone that got out of line "The US Secret Service had let the 'protesters' scream [and] rant as much as they wanted" but "whenever someone got too frisky or out of line, they would quickly come down on them, hard — didn’t know what hit them." I honestly don't know enough to comment on Steve Miller. Maybe he is racist, white nationalist or former KKK member if that's the case, that's not good. I do like his music though. Your conclusion is based on what you see, read and hear, mine is based off what I see read and hear. Mine is also based off the anecdotal evidence i have from and I full agree anecdotal evidence is not a great sample size. But if I and countless others (including minorities) don't see the racial connection that the left tries to make it out to be, maybe it's not as obvious as you think it is.
  10. Tiger, lion, dog and two cats. All tested positive. All live in NY.
  11. Ian White OTB. 30 points in 60 games. $3.5M x 3
  12. How’d those polls work out in 2016 when they predicted Hillary was 20% ahead?
  13. To Montreal: Kristian Huselius Mike York To Nashville: Shane Doan Rob Niedermayer 2013 Montreal 3rd
  14. Increase of 22 positive cases is the largest single day jump since May 7
  15. To Edmonton: Penguins 2013 2nd To Pittsburgh: Niclas Wallin
  16. Right on. Misses still probably wouldn't be a fan tho. One day I'll snag a dirt patch...
  17. That's funny, I believe in one of the draft floor videos, Benning was talking about targeting speed and skill. But I guess how can you trust the man himself right?
  18. I don't want to win second place. Those kids used to come wreck our Parksville sandcastle weekends. Trying to beat everyone up. Who gives steroids to high schoolers? Then again, they were pretty good at hockey. BTW, Nanoose Bay does not exist. No need for anyone to try to find it. If you come for a visit and turn right after getting off the ferries in Nanaimo, do not stop until you see goats on a roof. Then you should pull over for an ice cream.
  19. He connected the exhaust fan ducting to the hood vent in his kitchen. There's a subtle smell in the condo, but it's not heavy, even in the last weeks of flower.
  20. The people are on the streets now. This is not ending anytime soon. There is no plan and there’s still a pandemic and now thousands of people have been exposed to a virus through this demand for change. The changes people are asking for in America, is incompatible with the end f G’same of this administration. “His people” are being boxed into the Radical Left/ Antifa, and very soon every Democrats and people of colour, as Domestic Terrorists. People have had it down there. I knew there’d be some type of Civil War again in America, maybe even in my lifetime. I just never in my dreams, imagine it would be a Monster Truck mashup TV show wrestling style of MAGA vs ANTIFA involving the military on domestic soil. This is just the beginning.
  21. The bigger team usually wins the cup? Well yes recently St Louis and WSH have. But then what about PIT and CHI? Or the EDM Oilers or MTL dynasties? Sometimes yes they come out on top as Boston did against Vancouver. However I don’t think they dominated the play - rather Vancouver had that advantage- the single most biggest difference came down to goaltending both ways (play wise the ice tilted towards Boston although it was pretty even for the most part). Thomas was otherworldly- a Hasek/Roy like performance. Most saves in a final - check. Most shots against check. Best SP in 7 game final check. And on the flip side Luongo was brilliant some games - mediocre or even bad others. Yes they were the more physical team - but we were more disciplined and their penalty killing beat us too. Those two things (their penalty killing and our crap PP) plus Thomas standing on his head were far more instrumental in their cup win then Chara and the Sedins wilting under pressure (which they absolutely did not - they just couldn’t finish them thanks to Thomas and their PK mostly). I guess everyone has a different take on it. But that’s mine. Luongo wasn’t like he was against Turco otherwise we’d have had a cup. Still he wasn’t terrible either. We lost. I’ve been over it for eight years or so. That said I still can’t stand watching Messier skating around with the cup so I get the first timers that won’t let it go.
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