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  2. There's a saying "you can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink"...that saying would apply here.
  3. I don't think the reports are correct. Lucic said that he was never approached by his management about a Vancouver deal. Why would one team ask their player to waive a NTC for a trade and the other player not even know about a possible deal. Sounds like our local media talking out of their butts again and fans accepting their word because of pre-existing bias.
  4. Chip Kelly

    CFL Thread

    XFL will be next to drain the few decent players who are still willing to come up to Canada and play a game where they are paid the same as their off-season jobs. All in the hopes of getting noticed by an NFL team and sticking on a practice squad for the year.
  5. C'mon man. Spaceship all the way
  6. According to Bo Horvat you can put up 27 goals and 61 points with 59 percent of your shifts starting in the Defensive zone.
  7. Chip Kelly

    BC Lions

    Thank the sports gods NFL preseason starts in 2 weeks. Then everyone can forget about the BC Lions and focus on the real deal.
  8. truduea would have preffered peoplehole instead.. did anyone consult him??? disgusting ideology by the left really. constantly going out of their way to change things to culturally suit them. and then try to pass the people reacting to it as the unreasonable ones... LGBTQQQQ++++ to the power of 2 community is going the same way as the 3rd wave feminsts… a powerful lobby group that at first fought a justified battle. but after getting their rights, now the left constantly needs to find new battles for them to find just to justifiy their existence...... that's why we constantly see these absurd harassment from this group of people ... they have already lost the moral high ground and are rapidly losing legitimacy with their ridiculous bully tactics.
  9. who will be the difference makers this season?

  10. Pretty sure the Lucic rumored deal was at the deadline. Once he acquired Miller and Ferland, it seems Lucic was not even a consideration for Benning any longer. According to Lucic, he was not aware of any potential deal to Van anyway. Puljujarvi is an even bigger media whiner abd primadonna than you guys suggest Erikssons comments make him, yet many were happy to accept him as a sweetener to take on lucic and his nmc. Thats why blind player hatred should never be any kind of factor in making a trade.
  11. that is the single most annoying angle they use..... there is a difference between a pet and a random animal. dogs are especially unique in the sense that they have evolved around humans in 1 way or another. and are extremely dependent on them... dogs and their owners also bond in a scientifically proven chemical bond that a person usually shares with their child...….. But.... they are the same as lobsters for people pushing an agenda... this is why vegans are annoying. their holier than thou attitude is disgusting..... im sorri me intelligent vegan friend. mi only have grade 5 education and illiterate. me eat meat. me caveman you soy very much advanced. please lead way soy intelligent man. its funny how you ignore all the insults from other side but get offended by a simple generalization. I am positive that there are many good vegans around. but the issue is the movement as a whole is no longer content on living their own lifestyle. but they have shifted into trying to harass, legislate, and shame others into following their lifestyle. even Canadas new food guide is ideologically driven pro-vegan propaganda. this is a sad story we have seen many times.... its only a matter of time before eating meat becomes taboo for someone in polite society....this is getting out of hand.
  12. Chip Kelly

    BC Lions

    This. They have no leadership. They are a mismash of Edmonton and Calgary players mixed with newbs. Gone is the leadership with guys like Lulay and Elimimimian. No Ryan Phillips. Angus Reid, Dante Marsh, and Korey Banks are not walking through that door but they were back when they were still good. Guys who wete true Lions and were loyal to the jersey. They set the tone and culture of the team with their play and leadership and work ethic on and off the field. Also no Jason Arakgi and Rolly Lumbala. Special teams grunts but big character guys. These guys were all respected leaders in their position groups. Coach DeVone maybe needs to fix his hat and be less of a players coach and lay down the law a bit more! Buono was a red ass but he commanded respect with his resume and how he carried himself. I know Devone Clay Brooks aka "Biscuit" is supposed to connect better with the younger generation of 20 something players but,j ust not working out this season too many changes and new personnel all at once no chemistry and no stability. Very diffcult to find good players after mid season when the NFL keeps so many guys on their off-season rosters until after the final pre-season game now. Not like before where you could bring in an airlift after NFL preseason week 2 and have significant personnel changes after labour day still.
  13. Seems like this thread is evidence that anyone who doesn’t share your carefree attitude towards strangers are sad or some other unsubstantiated judgement. And yet I am losing the
  14. Looks like he still gets his haircuts done at Sharkey’s. Wonder if he sits in the fire truck or the spaceship?
  15. Lucic gives a sh*t on the ice. His scoring dropped off but he’s still leading the league in hits and making sure no one takes liberties with his teammates. Not the same headache
  16. I'm going to guess they aren't taking pay cuts.
  17. What? Lol You're losing the plot here. Going to the extreme, nonsensical end of the spectrum like that means this convo is def over.
  18. We could use Tyson Barrie! Don't kid yourself. We just cannot afford what his, as you quoted, $8 to $9 million dollar salary. I think it will be $7.5 mill. @Bert Diesel's point is that while we are paying, i'll use the term premium, contracts for, and ii'll use the terms solid, or useful players like Sutter or Beagle? We cannot afford to go to market for a approaching premium UFA like Tyson Barrie. Fundamentally he is saying we should not have propped up last years team with mid level contracts. Bert is arguing Beagle or Sutter are not worth their contracts. I personally do not agree, do not disagree. My observation is there are a LOT contracts like that in the NHL. Show me a good team that does not have any? Are there bargains? Sure. But usually found in committing a retread money puck signing to a roster spot. Gets lucky with a Euro signing, who does not end up in the minors. Edmonton found one in Chiasson last year. But did he make Edmonton a better team? No. He was just a slightly better than average warm body. This year he makes more than Schaller. OK, maybe they win on that one. More than Jake, more than Leivo, more than Motte. I'd take any of those three. Calgary is paying Frolik what we are paying Sutter. Pitt is paying Brandon Tanev what we are paying Beagle. These contracts are not what kills a team. Every team off the floor has players like these, cost of business IMO. You can argue Sutter's contracts is bad because he's always injured. Same with Tanev. But every team has injuries. They are otherwise usefil, not perfect players. We are paying Lou's recapture penalty, $3 mill. We are paying Spooners buyout, the end result of giving Gagner 3 years, $1 mill. We have a $6 mill cap hit on Eriksson. That is $10 mill for about $2.5 mill, if we're being generous, in production. The worst of which was Gagner, everybody knew he was a slack ass. Eriksson's a disaster, but one many teams were, and are making. He was fit, fast, coming off a 30 goal campaign. One could argue, you should not invest that, for 6 years in a 31 year old athlete. We paid Miller $6 mill. But only for 3 years. Had we done the same with Eriksson, we would have traded him for a 3rd round pick last deadline. And Luongo's contract was $65 million bucks, which should never have been made because he really did not want to be here. But also because it should never have been made! These are the killers! Had we no ''awful'' deals, we would still have flexibility to add a Barrie. By the end of this year, I would still be surprised if there was not a way to move Eriksson's contract. He will not be owed barely any money after next years $ 3mill bonus. $5 mill cash for the last two years. And have a cap hit of $6 mill for a salary cap floor team. And look, it should surprise no one. Not Bert, not CDC. Last year we spent $10 mill on Beagle, Roussel, Schaller. This year we spent $15 mill plus a first on Miller, Myers & Ferland. And poof, suddenly we're competitive! But wont have $10 mill for a premium free agent. NYR's, San Jose & Vegas spent bigger. And they have to dump cap now. If we wanted to spend more, there would be takers for Roussel, Pearson, Baertschi. They are good to very good mid level players. The point , we cannot go big every year UFA! Drop Tanev, and trade Baertschi, give his roster spot to Hogland on an ELC next year? Tanev, Schaller & Leivo ar UFA next summer, $8 mill! So you may very well see Barrie next year! Even without shedding Eriksson... The only really interesting move for next summer? Will we re-sign Markstrom for $5.5 or $6.5 mill? Or will Demko take over. If Demko is ready, we could be very dangerous!
  19. Ah, go on then. Friday/Saturday (my time) I'll be barely active, but other than that I have much more time now.
  20. The pbr global cup in Ed yes. It's just Bulls and the Canadian finals have everything Bulls Broncs steer wrestling team roping calf roping and barrel racing but they don't have chucks.
  21. So humans should take no precautions dealing with a total random stranger, ever ?? Or because it’s a human, it becomes objective parameters of interaction ?.
  22. A headache for you, but obviously if the reports are correct,. For Management, one that could offer a potentially better outcome. Even if Lucic has digressed to a Ryan Reaves Level,. That is far better to have than the scarecrow of a man we have in Loui
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