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  2. So I went out tonight. Food. Drinks. Conversation. Checked in just now. LOL.
  3. Well he did promise that there would be pain. This is a problem that seems to plague Canadian teams, impatient in the team building process. For TO its, Nylander and Tavares. Had they been more patient and built their back end they probably dont need Tavares, but with Taveres on the team they basically had no choice but to go all in and try to win a cup with him on the team. Also naming him captain when he signed as a FA seemed odd to me. An extra year or two of losing would have done them good. By the time they can overcome Boston, Andersen will be a shell of himself. Maybe there is an EA cover curse. For us, its the boat anchor that is Loui Eriksson's contract and the bottom end of our forward group making so much money.
  4. how can you say that? What did Graovac do in his 8 minutes over 2 games to deserves sitting behind Loui? And what have MacEwen and Fanta done in their combined 0 minutes to sit behind Loui and Bear?
  5. Their problem will be solved if Green just pull his head out of his ass and put Boeser with Horvat, Miller with Petterson. And make the lines like this: Miller Petterson Pearson Boeser Horvat Virtanen Baertchi Gaudette Leivo 4th line
  6. 2 things. 1) green travels with these assistant coaches and shares office space and guess over team plans team meals with them. You know that right? theyre literally attached together 2) Gary Bergman is the most successful comissoner in NHL history and people point to lockouts (he works for the owners) the owners totally killed the players he won! Then he grew the game in the states profits are at an all ime hifh as is revenue and merchandise and also he brought a team back to Canada when he didn’t have too.
  7. He really hasn’t been ok. He’s been giving the puck away, taking lazy penalties, missing the net, not using his size, and literally costing us games (remember the 3 on 0 the blues ot winner) anyways I wasn’t going to go on about it but I don’t get it, have people been watching him?
  8. I don’t think we’re ready yet. the biggest problem with that is that the fans are beyond ready. We’re tired of sitting in average to below average, and when we see exciting prospects we can’t help but get ahead of ourselves. Like life this rebuild Is a marathon not a sprint. Our backend is not playoff caliber IMO. I mean maybe if up front everyone produces and our goalies streak us games but only then. It’s my opinion I don’t need to be quoted I’ve already expressed my opinion on myers.
  9. Totally agree. The team has hit the dreaded bump... now try to get some new energy from the younger players. Helped with Gaudette. and change the flipping line combinations for god sake. Its not working at all...
  10. It’s ridiculous to assume we’re going to be cuocontenders in a year or two I mean that just flat out ridiculous. I can buy 3-5 years but that’s not even certain. look at the caps and blues it took them like ten years of competing hard the sharks it took them along time and they almost got there but now have to retool the rangers same as sharks (before they slowed down) we havent won a playoff series since 2011. just because we have a good core doesent make us a cup contender. Lots of teams have amazing upcoming cores. That’s the biggest thing I dislike about this fan base maybe because they make ea games here? People treat the season like a video game and if our team gets better we automatically win and are one of the best. No, the league gets better with us. It’s a dogfight people. All I’m saying is it sets ourselves up for bg time disappointment. Case in point I remember in 2015 everyone in here had us as contenders in 2018 just like injuries, every team is injured or bad calls every team gets bad calls
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  12. You also aren't owed to be able to live in one of the nicest cities in the world and expect to not have to work hard or make much to live there. If you can't find jobs that pay atleast $20/hr your doing something wrong, either find a different career or job or move somewhere until you have the skills to move back and get a job that pays more. No Kingofsurrey has always beat this drum. If it was so easy there wouldn't be so many mom and pop shops closing down left right and center because of rents skyrocketing year over year.
  13. Wow: i got sad sad news for people.... league parity sure has wrecked the meaning of contender. if you mean cup contender there’s no time line on that. You don’t just become one like a video game. look at the leafs they thought they were going further and further and who knows now. look at the sabres and oilers high picks and awesome players but how far are they. theres literally no guarantee if we ever become one with the core we have now. Don’t get me wrong there’s a pretty decent chance we do, but we have to wait and see.
  14. All this Hong Kong stuff is driving Canada Goose's share price down
  15. Last year's slump at this exact point in time cost us the season. We've lost 7 out of our last 8 games. I'd say it's time to get worried.
  16. It's good on the Blues imo, as they promised to find him a fit and he wasn't one in their system.
  17. "or whatever the case might be" why are you omitting the part of the statement where he goes out of his way to include all canadians. Why are you twisting his word to make him seem more racist than he is ? Cherry never brought race up, not even once. that's the truth. re watch the interview in its entirety and watch for yourself. Don said literally nothing wrong, he criticized "you people" he sees in ontario who don't wear poppies seems to be that certain groups of people are immune from criticism based solely off their immigration status or skin color. Remind me again what the definition of racism is? I'm a third generation canadian, do i not enjoy the benefits of canadian heritage and society, am i not also enjoying the milk and honey of our canadian freedoms? Should all our freedoms be scrapped so that noone could possibly be offended by words? is all and any criticism of anything automatically racist, or are people overreacting based on speculation and interpretation? White knighting for virtue signaling points
  18. Im not sure if you'd call Burnaby Joe very smart. Before the Duchesne trade, the fans were basically calling for his head, and was saved by the absolute robbery of that one trade.
  19. Yeah. That's where prospects could come into play. Nevertheless Benning is probably gonna have to sign some people to replace some guys. I have always been an advocate of Gaudette being a top 6 winger which would save a lot of cap early on.
  20. Im not surpised, Leivo is the teacher's pet. Last game against Colorado, the 6th forward with the net empty was Josh Leivo. Green has an affinity for him, Leivo hasn't done much this season
  21. Even assuming that Gaudette becomes defensively responsible enough to be a 3rd line centre, we'd still need a 4th line centre and to replace all those players whose salaries we will be free of and using to pay Boes, Petey, and Hughes.
  22. A couple comments about the replies to this post. 1. I have been unable to find any evidence that Rogers has any ownership of the Canucks, I am aware they have a marketing deal that puts Rogers name on the arena, and the Canucks run ads for tickets on Rogers properties but that is all I have been able to find. Am I missing something? 2 Local radio coverage is controlled by Rogers Sportsnet 650. 3. "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it". FaninMex, a willingness to defend free speech in the face of public opinion is not allowing others to control you, it is refusing to be controlled. That being said you have a right to your opinion, as I have a right to mine and Don Cherry has a right to his. 4. If Rogers owns Telus I would love to see the chain of companies that makes it happen, they come across as bitter rivals. 5. My primary intention was to point out that there is no legitimate way to follow the team without dealing with Rogers, or have someone tell me there was a way that I missed. I am aware of other options, it was more that I was somewhat shocked to discover that there were no legal ways to do so. 6. I honestly had not realized CDC was run by Rogers until now, I had assumed it was run by the Canucks or the NHL. As I see the evidence that you are correct I will be leaving now. And to the moderators, sorry for putting this in the wrong area.
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