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  2. BTW I stated EDM should not and would not give away Bouchard. They're going to need him ( as much as I personally think he somewhat overrated... but that's another thread). But that that's the +/- value they need to give up if they're going to move Lucic (without taking a similarly bad contract back - which doesn't give them the cap space they also desperately need). And if they don't pay up, they're simply saddled with his anchor holding them back and toiling in mediocrity while their super star (and fan base) grow impatient. Like I said elsewhere, there's no 'win' here for them. The best they can hope for is to limit the damage. I'm sure Holland will do a competent job of minimising the harm. And as for your comments to me re: the article, I don't think you read the article given its laughable premise we'd need to ADD to Eriksson in a swap
  3. We could get Reaves for basically free from Vegas if we just needed someone for that role. Lucic’s contract needs a big add to be palatable.
  4. Lucic had 3 fights last year (same as Guddy) and one of them was with Tanner Glass lol. The real tough guy on the Oilers is Kas, who had 5 fights. The biggest problem is that the NHL doesn't care if their star players get targetted for dangerous hits and head shots.
  5. On top of that, Lucic has a NMC so I believe the Canucks would have to protect him in the expansion draft. NTC kicks in for Loui this summer so again believe he can be exposed.
  6. Then they get to keep him and toil in mediocrity with his anchor dragging then down Point is, nobody is taking on that contract without a HUGE add. Holland may not be willing to pay it, but that doesn't exactly improve their situation. There's no 'win' for Holland here.
  7. Tariff wars: USA vs China. I wonder who wins? All I know is that consumers always lose.
  8. I don't we have to worry about him slapping tariffs on anything that is cooked in grease.
  9. No to Bobby Ryan. The TO trade is okay, but get Nylander, Zaitsev, and Marleau. The offseason can be fun!
  10. They can't and it's almost foolhardy to even try. I know that if I engaged in this discussion, I wouldn't change a single mind. I'm of the stance that since a zygote and embryo are so far removed from human, that abortions during this time period should be universal. I don't care that a mass of cells is aborted regardless of what that mass of cells could've potentially turned into. I don't believe a zygote/embryo has "rights". At the end of the 2nd month, the embryo is an inch long and weighs 1/30th of an ounce. Still a long way to a living, breathing, baby with awareness of its surroundings and consciousness. I get iffy starting in month 3 and think that abortions should probably be refrained to just medically necessary ones starting in month 4. The fetus now is very human-like and can move inside the mom's belly. This is just one person's opinion of an extremely divisive topic that everyone is going to have their own stance on. It's why I think this law in Alabama is stupid, everyone shouldn't be policed just because some think their opinion regarding abortion is correct/moral. Maybe in the future, we will have a society where abortion is unnecessary (aside from medical reasons) because every human is cared for a given a good chance at a decent life. But, right now, babies are left to fend for themselves once they are born by the same people who push for a ban on abortions, which I think is wrong and hypocritical.
  11. I know. I read that and thought “his two years experience watching canucks” and now hes throwing down? Luongo wasnt on the canucks in 17, let alone chubarov.
  12. Big win for Germany, and a big game for Leon. Is Seider still out with a concussion? I didn’t see his name in the lineup.
  13. This is medically and physically impossible. They would have to perform a c-section and then literally kill a living baby (if it wasn’t stillborn)
  14. You're giving up waaaay too much with Juolevi added in...especially considering that Chicago is already stacked with young blueliners. I'm not sure where all of this "Chicago needs a center" talk is coming from. They just traded for 22 year-old Strome, and both Barratt and Kurashev are developing extremely well. Wise and Hakkarainen also have some upside. I suggested 10th + Demko for 3rd + Delia in another thread, but only if management was happy with Markstrom as starter for the next few years. We can't keep both of them through the expansion draft. But I suggested that before DiPietro had his injury, and Demko started killing it at the WCs.
  15. Habs Housecleaing: The following UFA's will not be re-signed ahead of July 1st: The following RFA's will not be issued their qualifying offers: The following RFA's will be offered their qualifying offers (with longer term discussions to commence): The Habs have the following picks in this summer's Entry Draft: 13, 44, 76, 90, 102, 124. The 13th pick is available for discussions. We'd consider moving up into the top-10, and would also consider moving down in the right deals. We're also in the market for a top-4 d-man and a backup goalie, thought those needs could be addressed via free agency. We're prepared to go into next season with the our top-6 as is (Hall, Duchene, Giroux, Galchenyuk, Patrick and Eberle), and our top-3 as is (Matheson, E. Johnson and Savard), as well as King Henrik in the pipes. Past that, anybody else on the roster could be considered "available" in the right deal, including a number of youngsters. We're planning on going for it next year with Claude Giroux and Erik Johnson in the final year of their deals...
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  17. He’s coming back this summer! Yippee! Benning said he needed to fix our D. Big Nikita would be a great start.
  18. well, at least your not claiming that louie, chris and brandon are players that other teams would gladly give us their prizes to own. madden won’t get us wilde but your proposal is closer to reality than many of the others are.
  19. I think, with the current medical understanding, we determined there is a certain period of fetal development where abortions can take place. I also believe that in 100 years future society will believe we were in the Dark Ages aborting any babies. In extreme cases of rape why not abort (put down) the rapist?
  20. This is the key to understanding both sides. At what point is the baby a person? I do not force my views on anyone, but to me "Her body, her choice" seems like a ridiculous argument, because once a baby is born it is no less dependent on others for survival. Do the parents have to feed, clothe, and shelter it? Do they have to go to work and earn money to care for it? Or is that 'their bodies, their choice' too? When a story comes up of a mother killing her baby (which likely involves a mental health issue, among other things), people are shocked and horrified, and with good reason. Does it make a lick of difference if it turns out the baby was a result of incest or rape? Or if the mother didn't have the mental, emotional, or financial resources to care for it appropriately? No, it's still considered a horrible tragedy, and people would expect the government to lay criminal charges against the mother. But why? It's a moral reaction, based on the belief that they baby's life had value, that it deserved to live as much as anyone else. But when did that value start? Simply when it was born? Who draws that line, and what is it based on? Who has the right to determine that for someone else? And then who has the right to enforce that on others? According to estimates, there are more abortions worldwide in 2 years then there were total fatalities from World War 1 and World War 2 combined. To one person, this is the greatest slaughter of human life in the history of mankind. To another, this is a worthy sacrifice to remain "pro-choice". How can these two people really see eye-to-eye?
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