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  2. I’m pretty excited for some Rock‘em Sock‘em Canucks Hockey this year. I’ve been waiting a long time. Love the additions this off-season. Well done JB. Go Canucks Go!
  3. I, personally, do not have a solution. It's beyond my knowledge of border security and immigration law. I find that the RAND Corporation usually has good reading material for potential solutions on their website regarding policies such as these:
  4. It would be very valuable to have a 1st or 2 next year. Centres and Right shot defensemen seem to be the theme of the first round next draft and we could really use some more high quality valuable prospects.
  5. I found this line on the Canucks particularly hilarious. Yet that same logic doesn't apply to Marner? Who's actually eligible for an offersheet unlike Boeser.... Kool-aid is right.
  6. If I die tonight, I would trust these individuals luckylager Qwags milk and honey lewitelli falcon45ca Do not trust: Aladeen Zfetch Time Lord Darth Melvin They are the wolves and the SK.
  7. Totally ridiculous but it's going to happen if Loui is a Canuck come training camp. If burrying him in the AHL is seriously being considered, playing him in a top 6 role praying he'll regain enough value to move him is going to happen first. Whether that just means a few preseason games or a 20 game stint once the season starts, your guess is as good as mine. But if Benning can't unload him before camp, he'll have to play him to try and drum up some interest.
  8. Ya the Harper government signed like 50 free trade deals so I guess you missed that? The cpc allowed more immigrants into Canada than any other government. The cpc never changed any laws regarding womens rights. All Canadas top generals keep quitting so there should be concern. Everything you said is made up garbage because you have no idea about politics. What is this based on?
  9. TYLER MYERS | #57 D | 6' 8" | 229 lb | Age: 29 | Vancouver Canucks Tyler Myers Born: February 1, 1990 Birthplace: Houston, TX, USA Shoots: Right Draft: 2008 BUF, 1st rd, 12th pk (12th overall)
  10. No room on the roster. Perhaps if they moved Tanev or something, but would think Ben could find a bottom-6 role somewhere.
  11. Team was pretty bad for the last 2 years, but Edler's had a resurgence.
  12. I believe that's what he'll look like when he's finally traded.
  13. Stecher has shown me nothing special, to be honest. He is a decent, solid defenseman who is really a 3rd pairing guy on a good defense. He is a little of this and some of that. He has solid advanced stats... better than almost all our blueliners if I recall. But unless he shows more, thats all he is. Maybe with the ability to sub up if need be? Guys like Ferland, Myers (as unsold as I am on his defense) and Miller support play on the ice. These guys are what we sorely needed. We are still underskilled at this point, imo. Bo now has 2nd line winger options - but he can support better wingers. Here's hoping Benning found more gems in the draft. I do love the Ferland signing. If he can stay healthy - this is one of the better signings of JB's tenure. This dude causes HAVOC at one hell of a good price.
  14. Difference between dogs and cattle...a dog has many different purposes and beef cattle have one with what your saying if we didn't eat beef it would become over populated and the wildlife would suffer and if you take cattle right out the picture the crops would suffer cause a lot of farmers use fertilizer from cattle or other animals raised for slaughter... The water no cause I always had a natural source and with rotating grazing you only need I would say 1/2 an acre pure cow calf pair... I see your side but people will always eat meat farm raised or wild and you know how much land you need for a crop to feed 100 people? Why you think farmers markets charge more for their veggies?
  15. 112 Zfetch Alain Vigneault Aladeen falcon45ca Lewitelli Milk and Honey Kryten luckylager Time Lord DarthMelvin Qwags I could see a mafia team of lucky, AV, Qwags/milk
  16. If he was 26 playing the way he did last year, I'm sure he'd get offers of around 7x7.
  17. First off-season where this many big names have gone on waivers.
  18. Funny... I see 'good team, bad team, bad team and becoming a better team again'. So strange how the most key guy in our entire lineup for facing top opposition would struggle with bad teams and no depth around him... Must be a coincidence
  19. Sorry, but if you think Stecher is better than Edler you might want to start following a new sport. Hockey might not be the sport for you.
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