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  2. Ah, go on then. Friday/Saturday (my time) I'll be barely active, but other than that I have much more time now.
  3. The pbr global cup in Ed yes. It's just Bulls and the Canadian finals have everything Bulls Broncs steer wrestling team roping calf roping and barrel racing but they don't have chucks.
  4. So humans should take no precautions dealing with a total random stranger, ever ?? Or because it’s a human, it becomes objective parameters of interaction ?.
  5. A headache for you, but obviously if the reports are correct,. For Management, one that could offer a potentially better outcome. Even if Lucic has digressed to a Ryan Reaves Level,. That is far better to have than the scarecrow of a man we have in Loui
  6. Isnt that essentially what the edmonton rodeo is or canadian finals rodeo was?
  7. After reading this thread i bought some lamb and the feesh garlic and tomatoes im growing it should be a good meal.
  8. Ridicule? That's a bit steep. I'm just an old fart lamenting the slippage of standards that applied 30 or 40 years ago, pre the instant gratification culture of the internet (and btw, English is my second language too)
  9. Then Eriksson is competing against Ferland,Miller, Leivo or anyone else who can take that side.. Eriksson IS redundant on the 4th line as it is a better situation on this team in the moment to have a prospect up on the team. The opportunity Eriksson should have seized was the one putting him on another NHL club by way of waiving his clauses to get there, ..because there is NO room for him here. He had his last chance, 3 years of being coddled to no productional value,. Press box for a game should have been his wake up call. Instead he created a distraction with his comments about his Coach. Loui created this mess.
  10. I dont see any fit where a team gives an asset for his full cap hit. Benning will have to take a bad contract back or add a significant sweetener to move it. I am personally hoping Benning just adds a good prospect and moves him without taking significant garbage contracts back. Thats just the cost of doing business with a bad contract. Eriksson did the Canucks a favor saying no to a Lucic deal imo. Same headache coming back.
  11. That is the salary cap world. You want to add a 8 mill defenseman willy nilly?
  12. Chip Kelly

    BC Lions

    They could have just kept Chris Rainey... The team is not good enough. They are wasting 3 American roster spots that could be used for the OL to protect Mike Reilly on Duron Carter and the two mediocre American RBs Rutley and especially White. The season is over if they lose next week. Mike Benevides is out there waiting for a second chance with the Lions without Buono hovering. Where is the young talent? Why can't the BC Lions find a John Crockett or William Stanback anymore? Where is the next young exciting player? It will be October before any real changes are made and that will be more for next season.
  13. Fully agree. We will be lucky if anyone gives us any kind of asset for him to be taken to cover their Cap issues.. but even a 7th rounder in 24-2025 is fine. Loui not agreeing to Edmonton is just a total fall from grace,. It’s not a question IF Lucic was coming in return or not.. it was the move that this management wanted to make. . and I support that. Lets be real folks, Marleau is what we could hope Eriksson to have been.. but his distracting words accompanied by less than mediocre play for 3 of 6 seasons with us so far, has him playing hockey or not, far away from the tenacity and bonding I see the Canucks going over the boards this Season.
  14. MG is extremely overhyped and overrated by some, IMO. I find him arrogant and egotistical. I appreciate that he likes to think outside the box but I just don't think he has much talent at being a GM. I remember him being praised on these boards for asking the Aqs to quadruple the scouting budget. Asking for more money somehow makes you a great GM! His drafting record was terrible to boot.
  15. Whether someone’s solution is to use gloves or wait for it to cool, is up to them. Similar to chaperone. You are in no position to urge if it’s lame or not, since it’s a personal, subjective decision.
  16. Lets be truly real though. O'Neill has always had an anti Canuck bend to his analysis. And Ferraro, despite being from BC, regularly shows that he talks through his ass when it comes to the Canucks. I am often left feeling that he doesnt actually watch Canucks games at all. I dont think he hasbeen given a lot of time with either the twins or Petterssen. He needed to show more when he did but its revionist history to pretend he has been given tons of top 6 opportunity in van. And when he was,the coaches really did not try to take advantage of what made him effective in Boston. Most falls on Eriksson, but some falls on the coaches and Benning too.
  17. While I start by saying I voted for Petey, agree with everything you said except about Gretzky knowing talent. His coaching record isn’t exactly stellar and I’m too lazy to find it but believe he went on record saying his brother would be a better hockey player than him. Gretzky wouldn’t say sh!t if he had a mouthful of it.
  18. I am the whole of them, only separate.
  19. Of course, I burned my hand on the stove before, I'm not going to do it again. I learn from that fear of pain. But I'm not afraid to cook in the future.
  20. Got this from Forbes "The current U.S. television deal with NBC pays an average of $187 million a season—the network agreed to pay $2 billion over ten years but handed the league $200 million up front—and is likely to increase more than twofold when the current deal expires after the 2020-21 season. True, regular season viewership was down last season, but ratings were up for the more valuable postseason. A number like $400 million a year is quite possible" So a lot of this does hinge on the new CBA I think but I highly doubt we will see a drop or a less than estimated cap again but a steady push up so if the wind blows in our direct ion as just a steady rise then we should be ok..
  21. Same goes for naive idealism in my books, especially from privileged westerners.
  22. If you call other people’s personal views on a non empiric, personal field as sad, be prepared for judgement. It’s pretty simple.
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